Why Berkeley Haas

Shaped by a Diverse, Dynamic Culture

When the world's most selective organizations seek new, innovative talent, they turn to Berkeley Haas. The Berkeley MBA Program is highly selected, and its graduates are sought after because they demonstrate not only a mastery of powerful quantitative and management tools, but also a solid understanding of best practices for the changing technological, global, and human dimensions of business. Regardless of whether you are looking to hire a recent Berkeley MBA graduate or a seasoned Berkeley Haas alumnus, you will be infusing your organization with talented leaders who will immediately contribute a high level of proficiency, creativity, and innovation.

A Distinct Culture

As part of a world-renowned university, we are inspired and expected to achieve excellence in all that we do. Guided by four defining leadership principles, the distinctive Berkeley Haas culture is integral to shaping our students as they learn how to be innovative leaders:

A Diversity of Experiences

Diversity is a deliberate cornerstone of the Berkeley Haas culture. Berkeley Haas students represent a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations. Differences in thought, too, are a Berkeley hallmark—students are members of a close-knit, supportive community that draws on both shared experiences and diversity of ideas. Understanding different perspectives is essential to developing leaders who can think and act broadly in today's global business world.

Dynamic Collaborators

Berkeley Haas is home to a vibrant community marked by a nonstop schedule of activities developed by and for students. The reason for this has to do with the personalities of the students the school attracts and the cooperative, team-oriented environment the school fosters. As a complement to their coursework, students get involved in clubs and community service. They organize major conferences, put together panels of executives, and assemble trips. Students take advantage of the university's wide range of public lectures, exhibitions, concerts, and conferences. In addition, UC Berkeley has a long tradition of social responsibility and a commitment to creating a better world. In keeping with that spirit, Berkeley MBA students get involved in charity and mentorship programs. When you hire a Berkeley Haas graduate, you're not just getting ambition and drive, you'll also discover a deep sense of purpose and commitment.