Walter A. Haas School of Business
U.C. Berkeley
Fall, 1998

BA238C: Doctoral Seminar in Finance

Empirical Topics

Professor Terry A. Marsh

Office:   Faculty Wing F651

Phone:   (510) 642-1651

Course Description:

The course provides an introduction to empirical research in finance, heavily skewed toward "capital markets." (If you want to pursue empirical corporate finance research, please see me for references in that area). The course is discussion-oriented. A paper, which is to be original research or a critical review of an area, is required.

Last Revised: August 21, 1998

ã Terry A. Marsh, 1998


1. Structure in Asset Returns

1.1 Predictability of Asset Returns

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1.2 "Behaviorial Finance" Models

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1.3 Event Studies

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1.4 Time Series Models for Asset Returns-ARCH, GARCH, etc.

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1.4 Non-ARCH/GARCH Models for Volatility

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1.5 Multivariate Variance-Covariance Estimation

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1.6 Time Deformation & Subordination

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1.7 Time Series Models for Asset Returns--General

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1.8 Extreme Values in Stock Price Changes

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1.9 Implied Stock Price Volatilities, Distributions, Binomial Trees

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1.10 High Frequency Data

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1.11 Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks

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1.12 Empirical Analysis in Finance---Selection and Survivorship Biases

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2. Topics

2.1 Asset Return Factor Models

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2.2 Factor Analysis Techniques

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2.3 International Factor Models

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2.4 Asset Pricing--Overview

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2.6 Asset Pricing Tests

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2.11 Term Structure--Arbitrage-Free Restrictions and Calibration

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2.15 Exchange Rate Behavior

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2.17 Portfolio & Asset Allocation---Performance Assessment

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