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Spring 2002
Updated: May 7, 2002

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 4:15-5:45 pm in Room C210 Cheit Hall (except for May 1). These seminars are free and are open to the public.

March 7 Thursday

Armin Schwienbacher (University of Namur, Belgium
and Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley)
Innovation and Venture Capital Exits (pdf file)

March 14 Thursday

Avner Kalay (University of Utah and Tel Aviv University)
The Information Content of the Demand and Supply Schedules of Stocks (with Avi Wohl, Tel Aviv University)

March 21 Thursday

Jack Treynor (Treynor Capital Management, Inc.)
A Theory of Inflation

March 28 Thursday

No Seminar -- BPF

April 4 Thursday

Daniel Wolfenzon (New York University)
External Finance, Internal Capital Markets and the Real Economy (with Heitor Almeida, New York University) (pdf file)

April 11 Thursday

David Frankel (Tel Aviv University)
Adaptive Expectations and Stock Market Crashes (pdf file)

April 18 Thursday

Xavier Gabaix (MIT)
A Simple Theory of the "Cubic" Laws of Stock Market Activity (with P. Gopikrishnan, V. Plerou, and H. E. Stanley, Boston University) (pdf file)

April 25 Thursday

Ron Kaniel (University of Texas)
Mutual Fund Portfolio Choice in the Presence of Dynamic Flows (with Julien Hugonnier, Carnegie Mellon University) (pdf file)

May 1 Wednesday

Joint Stanford-Berkeley Seminar at Berkeley (2:30-5:30 pm, Wells Fargo Room, C420 Cheit Hall)

2:30--Speaker 1: Ming Huang (Stanford), How Much of the Corporate-Treasury Yield Spreads is Due to Credit Risk?: A New Calibration Approach (with Jing-zhi Huang) (pdf file)
3:20-3:35--Discussant: Greg Duffee (Berkeley)
3:35-3:50--General Discussion (moderated by Greg Duffee)
4:10--Speaker 2: Chris Hennessy (Berkeley), Optimal Debt Mix and Priority Structure: The Role of Bargaining Power (with Dirk Hackbarth and Hayne Leland) (pdf file)
5:00-5:15--Discussant: Paul Pfleiderer (Stanford)
5:15-5:30--General Discussion (moderated by Paul Pfleiderer)

May 9 Thursday

David Chapman (University of Texas)
Comparing Multifactor Models of the Term Structure (with Michael Brandt, University of Pennsylvania) (pdf file)

Fall 2001 Finance Seminar Schedule



For more information about the Finance Seminars, please contact June Wong, faculty assistant, at (510)642-1499 or e-mail her:

Faculty Coordinator, Spring Seminars: Professor Jonathan Berk

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