Finance Group

Finance Seminars (PhDBA 239S)

Spring 2015

Updated: February 26, 2015

The seminars are scheduled every Thursday from 11:10 am-12:30 pm in room C220 Cheit Hall (except for April 2). These seminars are free and are open to the public.

Faculty Coordinator, Spring Seminars:  Professor Adair Morse

February 5 Thursday

Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)
Diagnosing the Italian Disease (with Bruno Pellegrino, University of California-Los Angeles)  (pdf)

February12 Thursday

Luigi Pistaferri (Stanford University)
Back to Background Risk? (with Andreas Fagereng, Statistics Norway; and Luigi Guiso, EIEF)  (pdf)

February 19 Thursday

No Seminar

February 26 Thursday

Giorgia Piacentino (Washington University, St. Louis)
Bank Capital, Bank Credit and Unemployment (with Jason Donaldson and Anjan Thakor, Washington University, St. Louis)  (pdf)

March 5 Thursday

Christine Dobridge (University of Pennsylvania)
Fiscal Stimulus and Firms: A Tale of Two Recessions

March 12 Thursday

Juhani Linnainmaa (University of Chicago)
Topic TBA

March 19 Thursday

Viktor Todorov (Northwestern University)
Topic TBA

March 26 Thursday

No Seminar - Spring Break

April 2 Thursday

Joint Berkeley-Stanford Finance Seminar at Stanford
Approximately 1:00-6:00 pm

April 9 Thursday

No Seminar - Spring NBER date

April 16 Thursday

Bernard Herskovic (New York University)
Networks in Production: Asset Pricing Implications (paper link); paper will be updated

April 23

Sylvain Chassang (Princeton University)
Topic TBA

April 30 Thursday

Itamar Drechsler (New York University)
Topic TBA

May 7 Thursday

Victoria Ivashina (Harvard University)
Topic TBA

For more information about the Finance Seminars, please contact June Wong, faculty assistant, at (510)642-1499 or e-mail her: