Shansby Marketing Seminar Series

Marketing Group

The Shansby Marketing Seminar Series

Fall 2017

Seminars will be held on Mondays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Cheit 325 Haas

August 28

Jason Dana (Yale School of Management)<
""Exposure to random anchors improves judgments "

September 4

No Seminar ~ Holiday

September 11

Nan Chen (Haas School of Business)
" Estimating Airlines' Dynamic Price Competition"

September 18

Diana Tamir (Princeton)
"Making predictions in the social world"

September 25

Daniel Effron (London Business School)
"How Alternative Pasts and Possible Futures Excuse Ethically Questionable Behavior "

October 9

Eddie Ning (Haas School of Business)
"How to make an offer? A stochastic model of the sales proces "

October 30

Sudeep Bhatia (Penn Arts & Sciences)
"Knowledge Representation in Decision Making "

November 20

Brett Hollenbeck (UCLA)
"TBD "

November 27

Dina Mayzlin ( University of Southern California)
"TBD "

  December 4

Anthony Dukes ( University of Southern California)
"TBD "

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