Shansby Marketing Seminar Series

Marketing Group

The Shansby Marketing Seminar Series Spring 2016

Seminars will be held on Mondays from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in C220 Haas.

January 25

Steve Tadelis (UC Berkeley)
"The Limits of Reputation in Platform Markets: An Empirical Analysis and Field Experiment"

February 1

Kaifu Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)
"Bad Greenwashing, Good Greenwashing: Large A Model of Corporate Social Responsibility under Mixed Motives"(Abstract)

February 8

Dana Carney (UC Berkeley)
"Ordinary People can Catch a Liar - The Role of Supply and Demand"

February 22

Wiebke Bleidorn (UC Davis)
"Cracking the Plaster - Personality Trait Changes in Adulthood"

February 29

Carolyn Yoon (Michigan Ross)
"Neural prediction of crowdfunding decisions"

March 7

John Clithero (Pomona)
"Applications of the Drift-Diffusion Model in Simple Economic Choice" (Abstract)

March 14

Elisabeth Honka (UCLA)
“Word-Of-Mouth, Observational Learning, and Product Adoption: Evidence from an Anime Network”

March 21

No Seminar - Spring Break

March 28

Roger Ratcliff (Ohio State University)
"Assessing Sources of Noise in Decision-Making Using Behavioral and EEG Measures" (Abstract)

April 4

Yogesh Joshi (University of Maryland)
"Word of Mouth Bias and Advertising as a Signal of Quality" (Abstract)

April 11

Neil Malhotra (Stanford University)

April 18

Ali Yurukoglu (Stanford University)

April 25

Alessandro Bonatti (MIT Sloan)
"Dynamic Oligopoly with Incomplete Information"

May 2

Avi Goldfarb (University of Toronto)

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