SICS - Summer Institute in Competitive Strategy

Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley


Sponsored by the

Institute for Business Innovation (IBI)
and the Gilbert Center , University of California Berkeley

Zsolt Katona (University of California, Berkeley)
Harikesh Nair (Stanford University)


Monday, June 25, 2018


Reception, Faculty Club

Tuesday, June 26


"Heterogeneous Treatment Effects and Optimal Targeting Policy Evaluation"

Günter Hitsch (University of Chicago) and Sanjog Misra (University of Chicago)


Discussant: Susan Athey (Stanford University)


"Learning in Search Advertising"

W. Jason Choi (Columbia University) and Amin Sayedi (University of Washington)


Discussant: Ron Berman (University of Pennsylvania)


"Estimation of Preference Heterogeneity in Markets with Costly Search"

Xiaojing Dong (Santa Clara University), Ilya Morozov (Stanford Univeristy), Stephan Seiler (Stanford Univeristy) and Liwen Hou (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy)


Discussant: Elizabeth Honka (University of California, Los Angeles)


"Consumer Attention Allocation and Firm Information Design"

Kinshuk Jerath (Columbia University) and Qitian Ren (Columbia University)


Discussant: Matthew Selove (University of Florida)

Wednesday, June 27


"Prelaunch Demand Estimation"

Xinyu Cao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Juanjuan Zhang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Discussant: Caio Waisman (Northwestern University)


"Diffusion, Seeding, and the Value of Network Information"

Mohammad Akbarpour (Stanford University), Suraj Malladi (Stanford University) and Amin Saberi (Stanford University)


Discussant: Tuan Phan (National University of Singapore)


"Can Non-Tiered Customer Loyalty Programs be Profitable?"

Arun Gopalakrishnan (Washington University in St. Louis), Zhenling Jiang (Washington University in St. Louis), Yulia Nevskaya (Washington University in St. Louis) and Raphael Thomadsen (Washington University in St. Louis)


Discussant: Wesley Hartmann (Stanford University)


"Ratings, Reviews, and the Marketing of New Products"

Itay Fainmesser (Johns Hopkins University), Dominique Lauga (University of Cambridge) and Elie Ofek (Harvard University)


Discussant: David Godes (University of Maryland)

Thursday, June 28


"Irrelevant Advertising: How More Consumer Tracking can Make Ads Less Effective"

Arslan Aziz (Carnegie Mellon University) and Rahul Telang (Carnegie Mellon University)


Discussant: Anthony Dukes (University of Southern California)


"Aiming for the Goal: Ccontribution Dynamics of Crowdfunding"

Joyee Deb (Yale University), Aniko Őry (Yale University) and Kevin Williams (Yale University)


Discussant: Tony Ke (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


"Why Customer Service Frustrates Consumers: Using a Tiered Organizational Structure to Exploit Hassle Costs"

Anthony Dukes (University of Southern California) and Yi Zhu (University of Minnesota)


Discussant: Steven Shugan (University of Florida)


"Search Duration"

Raluca Ursu (New York University), Qingliang Wang (Xi'an Jiaotong University) and Pradeep Chintagunta (University of Chicago)


Discussant: Babur De los Santos (Clemson University)


Conference Dinner

Chou Hall 6th floor (Spieker Forum N640+N670)

Friday, June 29


"Technology, Incentives, and Service Quality: the Case of Taxis and Uber"

Meng Liu (Washington University in St. Louis), Erik Brynjolfsson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NBER) and Jason Dowlatabadi (Uber Technologies)


Discussant: Keith Chen (University of California, Los Angeles)


"The Efficiency of A Dynamic Decentralized Two-sided Matching Market

Tracy Liu (Tsinghua University), Zhixi Wan (University of Oregon) and Chenyu Yang (University of Rochester)


Discussant: Nick Buchholz (Princeton University)


"Learning to set prices in the Washington State liquor"

Yufeng Huang (University of Rochester), Paul Ellickson (University of Rochester) and Mitchell Lovett (University of Rochester)


Discussant: Xiliang Lin (


Drinks at the Faculty Club

Saturday, June 30

Special Session: Data Analytics & Marketing

Sponsored by

Fisher Center for Business Analytics, Haas School of Business

Przemyslaw Jeziorski (University of California, Berkeley)
Andrew Sweeting (University of Maryland)


"Effect of Sponsored Listings on Online Marketplaces: The Role of Information Asymmetry"

Siddhartha Sharma (Carnegie Mellon University) and Vibhanshu Abhishek (Carnegie Mellon University)


Discussant: Andrei Simonov (Columbia University)


"The McMansion Curse: Housing Size Inequality, Status Competition and House Valuation in American Suburbs"

Clément Bellet (INSEAD)


Discussant: Perdro Gardete (Stanford University)


"What Do Consumers Consider Before They Choose? Identification from Asymmetric Demand Responses"

Jason Abaluck (Yale University) and Abi Adams (University of Oxford)


Discussant: Giovanni Compiani (Yale University)


"Temporal Sequencing of Ads in Mobile In-App Advertising"

Omid Rafieian (University of Washington) and Hema Yoganarasimhan (University of Washington)


Discussant: Ryan Dew (University of Pennsylvania)


"Dynamic Competition in the Era of Big Data"

Patrick Kehoe (Stanford University), Brad Larsen (Stanford University) and Elena Pastorino (Stanford University)


Discussant: Sarah Moshari (University of Pennsylvania)