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Haas NewsWire, January 19, 1999

Tyson in Sacramento with Chancellor
Undergrads Roll Out Ethics Policy
New Plaques Honor Outstanding Faculty
Facilities Helpdesk
Haas Enquirer: Joan Rex
New Student Store at Haas
Internet Guidebook Penned by Haas Librarian
Brown Bag Lunches with Dan Himelstein
State of the School Reminder
Happening This Week

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In the first of a number of visits planned to Sacramento, Dean Laura Tyson accompanied Chancellor Robert Berdahl, along with several faculty members and campus administrators, to discuss legislative and educational issues. The group talked throughout the day about UC Berkeley's outreach activities and its role in boosting public K-12 education last Wednesday, January 13th. A dinner event at the home of Steve Arditti, UC's director of state governmental relations, provided another forum for the campus contingent to make its legislative agenda is known. Many other distinguished Berkeleyans also attended, including Bruce Cain, associate director of the Institute of Governmental Studies; Anita Madrid, coordinator of the Berkeley Pledge; John Cummins, assistant chancellor; John Cash, interim vice chancellor, university relations; and Matt Lyon, new assistant vice chancellor, public affairs.

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Prevalent cheating over the last several years during undergraduate exams prompted a focused student-led effort last semester to discourage unethical behavior. The effort produced a code of ethics (stated below), which was approved by the undergraduate student club presidents late last semester. All new and continuing Haas undergraduates will receive the new written policy statement either in the admissions package or with class schedules later this month. According to undergraduate program staff, further efforts to prevent cheating, such as a student proctor program and provided blue books, are also planned.

Code of Ethics:
"Neither this school, its students, nor its professional associations will condone cheating, lying, or any other misrepresentations. Moreover, anyone who willingly conceals these activities will be considered accomplices and equally culpable. All undergraduate students are expected to comply with the code of ethics of the Undergraduate Program at the Haas School of Business as stated above. In doing so, we commit ourselves to upholding the standards of honesty, integrity and personal responsibility. Violations of the code of ethics will be referred to the University of California, Berkeley's Office of Student Conduct."

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As you traverse the corridor between the faculty and student services wings, please pause to notice which instructors have been honored in the past for teaching excellence. Students should also begin to think about their nominations for this year's Cheit Awards for Teaching Excellence.

The new wall-mounted plaques list the nine recipients from the Haas School who have received the Berkeley Campus Distinguished Teaching Award (awarded by a campus committee of faculty), and all recipients of the Haas School's Cheit Award for each of the Haas School's four degree programs (awarded annually by committees of students).

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Effective Wednesday, January 13, 1999, roomres@haas is your one-stop-shop for facility-related questions and room reservations for the Wells Fargo Room, Helzel Board Room, Andersen Auditorium, BankAmerica Forum & Courtyard. If e-mail is not your preferred mode of communication, a new facility reservation phone line, 642-3944, has been installed for the Wells Fargo, Helzel Board Room, Andersen Auditorium, and BankAmerica Forum & Courtyard. The helpdesk approach allows both Diana Burke and Corinth de Leon in Facilities to handle your e-mail messages and telephone calls interchangeably, thus providing better service to Haas faculty and staff.

Classrooms at Haas are still reserved through Tina Wong at 642-1402. To reserve classrooms outside the Haas School, call Deirdre Hedrick at 642-9106.

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When Joan Rex first came to Haas in 1993, her name was Joan Kauffman, and she was a bright-eyed MBA student. Her interest in business, her nonprofit background, and her desire to incorporate the two brought her to Haas to study business, where she concentrated on finance and real estate. Joan's pre-MBA experience had her working in development and managing an annual fund for the San Francisco Symphony.

Most of us at Haas know Joan Rex for her work in the development office. She returned to the school in 1996 to become the first director of major gifts. In her position, Joan manages the Haas School portion of the New Century Campaign, a $1.1 billion UC Berkeley-wide fundraising campaign that started in July of 1993 and will last through the end of 2000. So far Haas has made tremendous progress, raising $64 million toward its overall goal of $75 million. Bringing it down to brass tacks, Joan says, "Haas is currently at 85 percent of our goal and 69 percent of the way through the campaign. So we're ahead." Definitely an MBA.

Joan is also a brand-new mom. She just returned to Haas from maternity leave on January 4th after the birth of her first baby, Samuel John. Caring for an infant who is already trying to sit up and even stand in addition to working full-time, is keeping Rex extremely busy. According to Rex, "A baby changes things quite a bit." One of Joan's passions is playing the cello. Until recently, she played in a quartet and was a member of the Redwood Symphony.

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Cal Student Store, formerly known as ASUC's Bear Student Store, is opening a temporary branch at the Haas School of Business today to help students through the book-buying craze of the new semester. The branch will sell books, readers, supplies, and Haas Gear. It is located in the Helzel Board Room and will be open until February 5th.

Cal Student Store also introduced its new name today. The name change is part of a greater strategy by the stores' new management, a partnership between UC Berkeley and Follett College Stores that began in July 1998. In addition to the new name, this strategy entails a $3 million store renovation and stronger relationships with individual campus departments, such as the temporary store arrangement at Haas.

To help educate their customers, Cal Student Store decided to draw on Haas professor and brand management expert David Aaker's branding strategies. "Aaker's ideas tie together what we are trying to do," said store director Russell Markman. "We are changing our name, but our brand still represents the same service and quality of ASUC."

After obtaining permission from Professor Aaker, Markman had all six ASUC windows facing Bancroft Way decorated with excerpts from Aaker's latest book, Building Strong Brands. Said Markman, "We are very grateful to Professor Aaker for allowing us to use his quotes."

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The Haas School's Gary Peete recently published an updated and expanded edition of his guidebook to Internet resources called Business, Government, and Law on the Internet: A Hands-On Workshop. The book is a useful guide for self-instruction and skill development. Early reviews praise the over 250 bookmarks included on a disk. Gary has been active in teaching Internet skills through library workshops, UC Extension, and for the California State Library's InfoPeople Project. The paperback is available for $45.00 from Library Solutions Press or on Amazon.com.

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"Brown Bagging It With The Director" is an opportunity to discuss whatever is on your mind with your fellow students and the undergraduate program director, Dan Himelstein. This semester, Himelstein is going to attempt to eat lunch every Friday in the Haas Courtyard or Undergraduate Lounge Area between the hours of 11:45 am -12:45 pm, depending on his availability. Himelstein says he enjoyed the lunches last semester and looks forward to more student participation this spring.

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Keep February 2nd at 12:30 open for Dean Tyson's State of the School Address to be held in the Bank America Forum. Open to all students, staff, and faculty, the dean will discuss her goals and plans for the Haas School, as well as answer questions from the audience.

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