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Haas NewsWire, January 21, 2003

** Reminder: Sherron Watkins will speak at the Haas School on Thursday, January 30, at 5:00 p.m. in the Arthur Andersen Auditorium.**

Ready, Set, Go: UC Business Plan Competition Starts this Week
Tulin Erdem Named Associate Dean For Academic Affairs
Haas Ranks #15 in 2003 Financial Times MBA Survey
A View From the Dean's Office: Dean Campbell Gives His First Video Report
New Web Calendar Keeps Haas Community Up to Date
Students and Alumni in Nonprofit and Public Management Meet Over Annual Dinner
Student Leaders: Meet the Student Officers for Spring 2003
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It's that time of year again, time to get those entrepreneurial juices flowing and create a business plan for the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition.

In previous years, teams have found that just entering the competition is a great way to get a company off the ground. The tally for investments in previous entrants and winners to the UC Berkeley Business Plan has reached $131 million. ZipRealty, a real estate venture that participated in 1999, just announced that it raised $13 million in its sixth round of fundraising this month.

The first deadline for this year's competition is just around the corner; executive summaries are due Friday, January 24.

For those looking for a little more help before the deadline, the workshop "One-on-One with a VC" takes place Wednesday, January 22, 5 to 7 p.m., Cheit 335. At this workshop a venture capitalist from Techstock Ventures will hold 15-minute one-on-one meetings with entrepreneurs to help refine their business plans. For more information on workshops, contact bplan@haas.berkeley.edu.

The schedule for the competition this spring is:
February 7: semi-finalists announced
March 26: business plans due
April 7: finalists announced
April 22: final judging

While the prize amounts for the competition have yet to be announced, a good number of the previous sponsors returned to support the competition this year, and they have been joined by several new sponsors including ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures, Techstock Ventures, and FT Ventures.

This year judges from ComVentures, Allegis Capital, ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures, Techstock Ventures, FT Ventures, Newbury Ventures, Sevin Rosen, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Mobius Venture Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Hummer Winblad Venture Partners will evaluate the teams.

Teams must register with the competition and have at least one UC Berkeley or UC San Francisco alumnus or student as a member. Please see the competition web site for all rules and regulations for entry at http://bplan.berkeley.edu/.

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Dean Tom Campbell announced Tulin Erdem, associate professor and chair of the Marketing Group, as associate dean for academic affairs for the spring term of 2003.

Erdem previously shared the responsibilities of the associate dean position with Professor Benjamin Hermalin in fall 2002 and with Professor Jonathan Leonard in spring 2002.

Dean Campbell also made several changes to the structure of the associate dean for academic affairs position:


This spring, Michael Katz, the Edward J. and Mollie Arnold Professor of Business Administration, who will return from his post at the Department of Justice this semester, will assist Erdem. Katz will most likely assume the associate dean position in the fall.

"My purpose, at least in part, is to rotate many colleagues through the position of associate dean for the sake of fairness between groups, and to increase the understanding of all of the burdens the job entails, thereby, hopefully, increasing the support for the individual during the time she or he is fulfilling the job," said Campbell.

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The Financial Times ranked the Haas School #15 in the world, tied with Duke University, Fuqua, and #13 among US business schools, according to its latest MBA survey, published Monday, January 20.

For the first time, the Financial Times published a three-year average ranking, which placed the Haas School at #13. Haas ranked #15 in 2002.

Haas placed #2 in the "value for money" ranking, defined as the rate of return for each dollar spent by graduates between the start of the MBA program to three years after graduation.

Haas faculty research ranked #10 this year, a return to the top ten after ranking #23 last year. Haas faculty research tied with MIT's Sloan School for #8 in 2001 and ranked #1 in 2000.

Top 20 business schools according to the Financial Times:


The Financial Times survey is based on an alumni survey of the MBA class of 1999 and data supplied by the business schools, as well as a Financial Times review of faculty research published in 40 academic and practitioner journals (up from 35 last year). Alumni average salaries today and salary percentage increase over the past three years account for 40% of a school's rank. Faculty research accounts for 10% of the rank.

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Since joining the Haas School, Dean Tom Campbell has made communication with the Haas community a priority. He has instituted regular meetings with the students, faculty, and staff and has sent out monthly e-mail updates to everyone at Haas. This week he adds a video component to that communication with the first "View From the Dean's Office" video clip available on the Haas School web site.

The dean's first video report focused on the economy of California and the nation and on current proposals to spur the economic recovery. He also discussed upcoming initiatives and events at Haas.

The video is available on the web at http://haas.berkeley.edu/news/deanvideo.html.

Dean Campbell worked with the Haas Media Services Department and the Web Team of the Marketing and Communications office to make this new feature possible.

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A new events calendar for the Haas School premiered on the Haas Web site just after the first of the year. The new calendar is easy to use for both event organizers and visitors to the Haas web site.

Improved graphics, more options for posting events, and greater technical compatibility with other Haas resources, such as MyHaas and other school databases, make the calendar a significant upgrade over the previous calendar.

The calendar will be used to promote any event sponsored by an official Haas School group, club, alumni chapter, or department. This includes student-run events, seminars, and admissions events held anywhere around the world, as well as Haas-sponsored events held outside the UC Berkeley campus.

View the calendar at http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/calendar/. All postings to the Haas calendar must adhere to the computer usage policies of the University of California, Berkeley (read them at http://itpolicy.berkeley.edu:7015/usepolicy.html).

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Kim Klein, a well-known fundraising trainer and consultant, will give the keynote address on the topic of "Fundraising in Times of Crisis" at the fifth annual Nonprofit and Public Management Student-Alumni dinner. The dinner takes place on Tuesday, February 4, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Room at the Haas School.

Faculty, alumni, students, and staff interested in nonprofit and public management issues have gathered for the past five years for this evening of education and networking.

Klein publishes the Grassroots Fundraising Journal and authored the four books on fundraising: Fundraising for Social Change, Fundraising for the Long Haul, Ask and You Shall Receive: A Fundraising Training Program for Religious Organizations or Projects and Raise More Money: 20 Years of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal.

The cost for the event is $25 for alumni and guests, and $10 per current Haas student or to sponsor a current student. Pre-registration is required at http://www.acteva.com/go/haasnpmdinner. Space is limited, so please register early. For more information, please contact Christine Connett, MBA Candidate 2003 and program coordinator for Nonprofit and Public Management, via e-mail at connett@haas.berkeley.edu.

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At Haas, students play a key role in many aspects of the school, from running major conferences to influencing program offerings and planning social outings. To facilitate this, all six of the academic programs at the Haas School elect officers. For this spring, the officers are:

Haas Business School Association (Undergraduate Program)
President, Hadi Tan
Executive VP, Kinman Tong
VP for Alumni & MBA Relations, Jeff Holiday
VP for Community Building, Yaniv Alfasy
VP for Marketing, Michael Chong
VP for Senatorship, Angela Lui
VP for Student Services, David Wen
VP for Representation & Ethics, Vanessa Kramer
Senior Advisors, Michael Mashintchian & Debbie Yim
Secretary, Amanda Tso
Treasurer, Manisha Patel
Webmaster, Rebecca Song

Full-time MBA Association
President, Alejandro Borgia
VP for Academics, Adam Wolf
VP for Admissions, Alison Bartlett
VP for Alumni, Mark Gervase
VP for Careers, Paul Scarpa
VP for Clubs, Taylor Schreiner
VP for Community Service, Anita Chan
VP for Communications, Matt Weathers
VP for Finance, Wanda Cheung
VP for International, Itay Levi
VP for Social, Rob Ricketts
VP for Technology, Jason Anderson

Evening & Weekend MBA Association
President, Heather Hollick
VP for Finance, Somitra Saxena
VP for Communications, Niko Letunic
Social Chair, Stefan De Raedemaecker
Student Advisory Chairperson, Will Doolittle
Career Center Liaison, Jessica Tong
Co-Alumni Liaison, Venkat Tummalapalli
Co-Alumni Liaison, Steve Hiatt
Weekend Chair, Jen Mayer
Day Program Liaison Co-Chair, Rajiv Sinha
Day Program Liaison Co-Chair, Stella Lin
Corporate Liaison, Shyam Venkatesh

Masters in Financial Engineering Program
President, Marshall Yi

Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program
Class Representative, Alice Quinn
Academic Representative, Jack Russo

Ph.D. Student Association
President, Alex Kapinos
Computer Guru, Jason Snyder

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Michael Katz Returns to the Haas School From Department of Justice Post

Michael Katz, the Edward J. and Mollie Arnold Professor of Business Administration, returns to the Haas School this semester from the Department of Justice where he has served as the deputy assistant attorney general for economic analysis in the Antitrust Division since fall of 2001.

As deputy assistant attorney general, Katz supervised all economic analysis within the Antitrust Division and directed the division's Economic Analysis Group.

Katz will take on added duties this semester, working with Tulin Erdem, associate dean for academic affairs.

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Faye Lawson Named Student Advocate

Beginning today, January 21, 2003, Faye Lawson takes on a new role at the Haas School as the first Student Advocate, Dean Tom Campbell announced.

Lawson will be responsible for keeping Dean Campbell informed of Haas student opinion with regard to the dean's priorities, other administration initiatives, and the operations of the dean's office. She is also expected to facilitate student understanding of, and participation in, schoolwide administrative procedures (e.g., inviting speakers, posting activities to the online calendar) as well as administrative and logistical issues involving the campus and community-based organizations.

Lawson's role is to ease interactions between all Haas students and the dean's office, particularly in the case of planning and conducting major student-led conferences, such as Leading Edge, Women in Leadership, and the Asia Business Conference.

Students with questions specific to their own academic program should continue to work directly with the executive directors and student services officers in their degree program office.

Faye's new office is in C132, across from the HaasWeek office. She can be reached at 510-642-1951 or at lawson@haas.berkeley.edu.

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Haas in the News

Former dean Laura Tyson was featured in the Financial Times on January 21 in an article about the recent trend of British institutions searching for American talent titled "Boardroom Shakeup - US economist leads talent hunt."

Research by Jonathan Berk, the Harold Furst Associate Professor of Management Philosophy and Values, was the subject of an article in The New York Times on January 19 titled, "It's O.K. to Reach for Unreachable Star Managers." The article cited research that Berk conducted with Richard C. Green at Carnegie Mellon University that concluded that consumers who search for mutual fund managers who have consistently beaten the stock market in their fund management choices create a market of portfolio managers that is almost as efficient as the stock market itself.

Cynthia Kroll, senior regional economist at the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, remarked on the transit village under construction near the Fruitvale BART station in the Fruitvale district of Oakland in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 19. Kroll commented that it is more difficult for businesses in the area to cater to the diverse customer base that the transit village will attract than the fairly homogeneous customer base that they currently serve. Read the full article, titled "Neighborhood in Transit," at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2003/01/19/BU213765.DTL.

Kellie McElhaney, executive director of the Center for Responsible Business and John Whitehead Fellow in Corporate Social Responsibility, was mentioned in the Financial Times MBA rankings issue on January 20 in the article, "Morals Rise Up the agenda."

Dean Tom Campbell wrote an opinion piece, titled "Warmongering Without Representation: Where are the Guardians of Liberty in the New War?" for the San Francisco Chronicle on January 15. Read the full article at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2003/01/15/ED57931.DTL&type=printable.

Severin Borenstein, the E.T. Grether Professor in Public Policy and Business Administration, commented on rising gas prices in the San Francisco Chronicle on January 15. Read the full article, titled "Bay Area gas prices jump - highest in 15 months," at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2003/01/15/MN172096.DTL&type=printable.

William F. Cronk, BS 65, president of Dreyer's Ice Cream and new chair of the Haas Advisory Board, was featured in the East Bay Business Times on January 15 in the article "Dreyer's president named Haas board chair." Read the full article at http://eastbay.bizjournals.com/eastbay/stories/2003/01/13/daily38.html.

Jennifer Chatman, the Paul J. Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management, was on KQED's Forum on Tuesday, January 14 discussing the best organizations to work for. Hear the show at http://www.kqed.org/programs/program-archive.jsp? progID=RD19&ResultStart=1&ResultCount=10&type=radio

Janet Yellen, the Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Professor of Business Administration, commented on responses to possible deflation in The Beacon Journal (Ohio) on January 13 in the article, titled "Fearing Deflation, Federal Reserve Changes Policy." Read the full article at http://www.ohio.com/mld/beaconjournal/business/4923831.htm.

Borenstein was quoted on increasing gas prices throughout the US, and especially in the Bay Area, in the Contra Costa Times on January 10. Read the full article, titled "Gas prices poised to rise again," at http://www.bayarea.com/mld/cctimes/4915977.htm.

Benjamin Hermalin, the Willis H. Booth Professor of Banking and Finance, remarked that getting rid of the dividend tax should not be viewed as an economic stimulus in the Oakland Tribune on January 7. Read the full article, titled "Tax-Free Dividends? Bay Area unsure about tax cuts," at http://www.oaklandtribune.com/Stories/0,1413,82%257E10834%257E1094185,00.html.

Solectron Corp. has named Bill Hasler, former dean of the Haas School, chairman of the board according to the Wall Street Journal article, "Solectron Names Cannon Next CEO" on January 7.

Hal Varian, professor in the Operations and Information Technology Management Group, was quoted in InfoWorld on January 3 in an article about the disruptive potential of Web services. Read the full article, titled "The Disruptive Web," at http://www.infoworld.com/articles/ap/xml/03/01/06/030106apapps.xml.

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