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What's the buzz at Haas? Conferences and extracurricular activity. Here's a quick look at what's on tap in February and March.

Cisco Chairman
"Empowering the Internet Generation" is the subject this Friday from 1:00-2:00 pm, when Haas welcomes John Morgridge, chairman of Cisco Systems. Morgridge, former president and CEO of Silicon Valley-based Cisco, will talk about the company's rise from a hi-tech start-up to the world's largest provider of networking technology and explain the impact of Cisco's products on the Internet economy. He looks forward to questions from the audience. The room for the event will be announced next week via email. Let's welcome him with a full house.

MBA Symposium
Do you feel fully prepared to be a leader in the information age? Class is suspended on Wednesday, February 24th and 25th, to ready Haas MBAs for inevitable and exciting changes ahead. Students don't miss the Sea Change Spring Symposium, "Mastering the Information Domain: How to Shape the Business of Tomorrow," featuring Arun Sarin, president and COO of Airtouch Communications. For more information, click here.

E-Commerce Convergence
Leading experts will discuss the risks and opportunities of the $13 billion market of electronic commerce on Friday, March 5th and 6th. The Legal and Policy Framework for Global Electronic Commerce: A Progress Report on the Magaziner Report Two Years Out is presented by the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology and The Berkeley Technology Law Journal. Topics to be covered by expert panels include, privacy, e-payments, global law and intellectual property, telecommunications infrastructure, standards, and the uncertain future. For more information on this Andersen Auditorium event, click here.

Online Journalism
New Media Journalism Comes of Age on Wednesday, March 10th, during an all-day conference at the Graduate School of Journalism in North Gate Hall. Co-sponsored by the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communication and the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, this event features panels on e-commerce and the economics of online publishing; online publishing in the post PC era; reestablishing editorial credibility; creating community and interactivity online; and quality journalism in new media.

Business Ethics
Wednesday, March 17th, the Haas School hosts William Reilly, head of the Environmental Protection Agency during the Bush administration, to talk about the role of business in improving and promoting environmental protection. The second annual Peterson Lecture on Business Ethics will be held at 4 pm in the Andersen Auditorium and be followed by a reception in the Helzel Boardroom.

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Richard Henderson of the Haas Computer Center has been selected to receive a 1997-98 Staff Distinguished Service Team Award for his work as a member of the Scalable Network Funding Task Force. Henderson and his teammates will be honored at a reception of the 1998 DSA team awards on February 16th at the Faculty Club.

Vice Chancellor James Hyatt wrote that the award for the group was recommended on the basis of the task force's ability to fulfill its original goals in an accelerated period of time. Vice Chancellor Hyatt felt that what made the team so outstanding was its ability to go beyond the scope of the charge and provide a detailed and clear description of an extremely technical subject in a way that provided campus administrators with a clear and basic understanding of the problems before them.

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A distinguishing factor of the Haas MBA program is the outstanding integration of the core curriculum. In the first semester, Haas MBAs learn how to tackle business problems from an integrated perspective. First-year MBAs see business issues not as discrete problems within the narrow confines of a single discipline, but in the same broad context that business leaders see them.

Haas professors meet regularly to pull together core curriculum perspectives from accounting, finance, micro-economics, statistics, and organizational behavior. Each year this effort is led by the faculty chair of the fall core. This year's chair was Jonathan Leonard.

For students, the fall semester culminates in the capstone project. Each capstone analysis is read by four professors in accounting, finance, micro-economics, and organizational behavior. Three outstanding capstone papers are chosen by consensus of the faculty based on their strengths in analyzing real world business problems. Please join the fall core faculty in congratulating the outstanding teams.

Remedy Corporation

Pedro Abreu
Andrea Bates
Atsushi Sakahara
Nick Sturiale
Jeanne Washington


J.B. Galan
Jay Livnat
Laura Mytels
Kim Nguyen
Robin Taylor


Jim Brady
Aey Karnasuta
Mindy Macauley
Greg Patterson
Mauricio Quiroga

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In a prepared statement released early last week, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Berdahl expressed profound sadness at the tragic death of Malcolm Russell Hart, a UC Berkeley senior majoring in Italian. Four young people, three of them UC Berkeley undergraduates, were buried under several feet of snow after a Sierra avalanche on February 6th. Hart was the only fatality.

Haas School senior Harry Eichelberger narrowly survived the avalanche. Showing great courage, Eichelberger dug himself out and found he was unable to extricate his companions. He then sought help at a nearby cabin where he encountered skilled and caring rescuers who immediately uncovered the avalanche victims. To all who came to the assistance of these young people -- their rescuers and the medical staff -- the campus community sends its heartfelt thanks.

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Thanks to a $15 million donation from Donald Bren, chairman of the Irvine Company, a new emphasis in Corporate Environmental Management will be available to students at all five UC campuses with MBA programs beginning with the 1999-2000 academic year.

The purpose of the program is to stimulate the integration of environmental science and engineering, law, and business across the University of California system of nine campuses. Head quartered at UCSB's Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Engineering (renamed the in consideration of the gift), various initiatives to integrate the degree programs, research, and continuing education in a multi-campus setting are under way.

The five business schools within the UC System are Berkeley (Haas), UCLA (Anderson), Irvine, Davis and Riverside. Participating students are expected to arrange for their own transportation to Santa Barbara, but it is anticipated that some financial assistance for this purpose will be made available to Berkeley and Davis students.

Applications are due by March 1st and should be submitted through each school's MBA program office. Students will be notified of their selection by April 15. For more information about the program, courses, and requirements, please contact David Downes, director of the MBA program at Haas.

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Andy Shogun, associate dean for instruction, announced the faculty members who made what's known at Haas as "Club 6" last Monday. Club membership requires a median student evaluation rating of at least 6 on a scale of 1 to 7. David Aaker and Terry Marsh both received at least a 6 rating in three courses across three degree programs. The full list:

David Aaker
Salvador Aceves
Vinod Aggarwal
Alice Agogino
Sara Beckman
Stanley Breitbard
Tyler Comann
Glenn Carroll
Alan Cerf
Stephen Chamberlin
Susan Chamberlin
Jenny Chatman
George Cluff
Tyler Comann
John Danner
Timothy Dayonot
Rui de Figueiredo
Peter DeMarzo
Diane Dimeff
Louis Drapeau
Greg Duffee
Sunil Dutta
Jerry Engel
Nancy Euske
John Freeman
Victor Garlin
Stuart Gould
Richard Grant
Amir Hartman
Ken Kasa
Reuven Lehavy
Hayne Leland
Jonathan Leonard
David Levine
Terry Marsh
Gary McBride
Tom McCullough
David Mowery
Albert Muniz
Terry Pearce
Arturo Perez-Reyes
Jack Phillips
John Quigley
Priya Raghubir
David Robinson
Karlene Roberts
David Robinson
Samuel Salkin
Holly Schroth
George Shanthikumar
Andy Shogan
Bill Sonnenschein
Victor Stango
Vic Stanton
Richard Stanton
Ron Star
David Teece
Peter Thigpen
Paul Tiffany
Ralph Tolson
Brett Trueman
Fran Van Loo
Miguel Villas-Boas
David Vogel
Nancy Wallace
Oliver Williamson
Nicholas Ziegler

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