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A Step Closer to New Staff Hires for Haas Career Center
Former EPA Administrator to Give Business Ethics Lecture on March 17
East Bay Teens Compete for Venture Capital
Launch of Center for Marketing and Technology Enhances High-Tech Emphasis at Haas
Haas Gives Most Creative Presentation at USC
C4C Auction
Professor Emeritus John P. Carter Dies
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Interviews have been completed and hiring decisions are near for three newly created industry account manager positions in the Haas Career Center, according to Jay Stowsky, associate dean for school affairs and initiatives. The new positions have been set up to increase the number of firms that recruit Haas students, thus providing students more potential job opportunities to choose from.

The account managers are scheduled to be hired and on the job by April, if all goes well. The team interviewing the slate of candidates included Stowsky; Evelyn Goodfriend, MBA 00, MBAA vice president for career services; Laura Brehm, assistant dean for development and alumni relations; and Rich Kurovsky, executive director for marketing and communications. The new account mangers will have a dotted line reporting relationship to Brehm and Kurovsky as part of the Haas School's efforts to improve the breadth and depth of its links with the business community.

The new account managers will report directly to the soon-to-be-hired executive director for MBA admissions and career services. According to Stowsky, the campus personnel office last week recommended approval of his request to classify the executive director position at a level that resembles market-rate salary. As he explains in today's HaasWeek column, "This suggests we've successfully convinced the campus that professional staff positions at Haas need to be compared to counterparts at other top business schools, not just to positions in other departments on this campus or other schools within the UC system. This is a significant advance!"

The Career Center also hired a new career advisor to serve the evening MBA program and Haas alums. The new advisor, John Morel, who started on March 1st, will devote a quarter of his time to developing and providing career services for Haas alumni and the rest on evening student career management and development.

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William Reilly, former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will discuss corporate responsibility and environmental protection at the Haas School on March 17 in a lecture titled "Public Enterprises and Public Obligations: Achieving Sustainable Development in an Era of Expanding Corporate Power."

Reilly was head of the EPA ten years ago when the Exxon Valdez ran into Bligh Reef in Alaska, spilling 11.2 million gallons of crude oil into the sea, on March 24, 1989. Serving under President George Bush, Reilly played a pivotal role in crafting and securing passage of a new Clean Air bill in 1990, breaking a 10-year stalemate in reauthorizing the Clean Air Act.

Reilly is currently a principal with the Texas Pacific Group, an investment partnership based in Fort Worth and San Francisco, which invests in environmental, airline, banking, and other companies in the United States, Latin America, and Asia. He is the founder and CEO of Aqua International Partners, a $300 million equity fund which finances water supply and wastewater treatment in developing countries. He is also a visiting professor at Stanford's Institute for International Studies.

Reilly's lecture is part of the Rudolph Peterson Program in Business Ethics, which hosts an annual lecture and student programs on business ethics every year.

The lecture will take place at the Haas School's Andersen Auditorium at 4 pm and will be followed by a reception. The event is open to all Berkeley faculty, students, and staff. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Approximately 25 enterprising East Bay inner city high school youths will present their own business plans and compete for funding in front of a venture capital board at the Haas School on Saturday, March 13. The teens are participants of the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH) program at the East Bay Outreach Project, which teaches business skills and fosters entrepreneurship among at-risk and educationally disadvantaged youth in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, and Emeryville.

The venture capital board presentations mark the culmination of the year-long YEAH program, which starts in summer with an intensive business camp and continues in the fall with business plan development with help from MBA student mentors. After the venture board presentations, the young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to implement their business ideas with continued support from their MBA mentors and - hopefully - a little seed funding.

"This year's business plan concepts range from graphic design and recording studios to imports, athletic shoe sales, and retirement homes," said Roberta Joyner, director of the East Bay Outreach Project. The teens will compete for up to $500 in venture capital or up to $200 to defray college application expenses. The presentations will be judged by a venture capital board comprised of alumni, faculty, MBA students, local business owners, and professionals.

The event is open to the public (please RSVP in advance to Leon Monroe at 510-643-0923) and will take place from 9 am to 1 pm in the Wells Fargo Room. Faculty, students, alumni, and staff are cordially invited to attend.

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A Center for Marketing & Technology has been formed at the Haas School to support research in the marketing of high-technology products and the impact of information technology on the practice of marketing management, according to Haas Marketing Professors Russell Winer, Rashi Glazer, and Peter Sealey. Glazer and Sealey serve as co-directors of the center.

"Marketing and technology are becoming linked as never before and the center aims to confront the cutting-edge issues affecting today's industries by bringing together both providers and users of technology," said Glazer. "Our goal is to help businesses, more of whom now consider themselves in some way to be technologically related, in acquiring the research tools to negotiate the next millennium."

Primary research interests for 1998-99 include brand equity, channels in technology-intensive markets, creating a sustainable competitive advantage in high-technology or electronic commerce, mass customization, and forecasting new product acceptance in technology-based markets.

Sponsor members include: Audits & Surveys Worldwide, Carlson Leisure & Travel, Cellular One, Driscoll's Strawberry Associates, IBM, RBI Communications Inc., Round Table Pizza, SBC Communications Inc., United Parcel Service, Visa U.S.A., and Young & Rubicam Inc. The center's member sponsors all hold board member positions and help govern and shape the center's focus. "These generous and forward-thinking companies are helping to found and shape the new dialogue between marketing and technology, becoming key players in a unique and productive collaboration between business and the Academy," said Sealey, co-director and adjunct professor.

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The undergraduate team representing the Haas School of Business was awarded Most Creative Presentation at USC's Marshall School of Business 1999 International Case Competition in Los Angeles on Friday, February 26th. Congratulations are in order for Rebecca Booth, Tonja Reid, Theresa Schmidt, Sergio Teixeira (the team) and David Robinson (the faculty advisor) for their accomplishment, dedication, and hard work.

Haas is the only school whose undergraduate teams finished in the top three of all case competitions they had entered this year.

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About 300 people are expected this Friday, March 12th, when Haas hosts the 16th Annual Challenge for Charity (C4C) Auction at the International House. If you have never been to a live auction, this is a great opportunity to experience the fast and frenzied pace of the open floor auctioneer, not to mention a great chance to support the Special Olympics. Each year, the C4C auction is the largest source of money raised at Haas for Bay Area Special Olympics.

Competitive bidding starts at 8:15 pm, but come early for full enjoyment of complimentary food and drink. The admission donation at the door is $35 or $25 in advance. About 300 items will go up for bid including three nights in a condo in Palm Springs, dinner with the dean, sailboat cruises, dinners and lunches, golf lessons, squash lessons, self-defense lessons, tennis lessons, massages, haircuts, wine, wine, and more wine.

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Research by Haas accounting professors Reuven Lehavy and Brett Trueman was featured by the Financial Times in the February 22 edition of Companies and Markets. The recent study suggests that the common and often criticized practice of rating stocks by highly paid analysts may have validity as an indicator of future stock performance. In a working paper submitted to the Journal of Finance entitled "Can Investors Profit from the Prophets?" Lehavy, along with Trueman, constructed portfolios based on analysts' recommendations and tracked performance controlling for various factors. The paper concludes that although analysts' predictions do add some value in terms of predicting returns, garnering the benefits requires active, and costly, trading transactions. A copy of the article is posted on the Haas in the News board between the student lounges and the Computer Center.

Haas Professor Robert Cole's new book, Quality Fads: How American Business Learned to Play the Quality Game, is reviving the buzz about quality movements in management that started with quality circles in the late 70's and faded with business process re-engineering twenty years later. The business section of the San Francisco Chronicle last Friday, March 5th, featured Cole's book and detailed his assertion that the so called fads continue make lasting and positive impacts on business success. To read the article on-line, click here. A copy of the article is posted on the Haas in the News board between the student lounges and the Computer Center.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Trudy Kehret-Ward, a lecturer in marketing at Haas, in a March 2nd article on online advertising. Kehret-Ward said that because of the ease of jumping from one site to the next, online advertisers are trying to duplicate their counterparts on television with "rapid scene changes, high color contrasts and constant motion." To read the article on-line, click here.

A March 2nd Washington Post article reports how Haas Professor Michael Katz and Professor Emeritus Robert Harris are on opposing sides of the proposed SBC-Ameritech merger. Katz, former FCC chief economist, is a proponent of what has come to be known as the "big footprint" theory, which asserts that a merged SBC-Ameritech will have a strong incentive to deny competitors access to local phone lines. Harris, who consults for SBC, said that he "[doesn't] get the big footprint theory," and that the regulators and SBC's and Ameritech's competitors would keep the merged company in check. To read the article on-line, click here.

Autoweb.com, the consumer automotive e-commerce site, recently named Professor Peter Sealey to its board of directors. In a March 4 press release, Frank Zamani, co-founder and chairman of the board of Autoweb.com, stated that "Dr. Peter Sealey brings a wide range of business, marketing, and management experience to Autoweb.com...As we prepare to take the company to the next level, Sealey will be an asset to the future and direction of our business." Before taking his current position at Haas, Sealey served in a variety of senior management positions at The Coca-Cola Co. -- including senior vice president for global marketing -- where he was responsible for several famous advertising and marketing campaigns. To read the article on-line, click here.

Jerome Engel, director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Haas, was a featured speaker at the American Electronics Association's (AEA) Venture and Capital Expansion Conference. In a recent Electronic Buyers' News article on the conference, dated March 9th, Engel is quoted as saying that although "one of the greatest resources in technology development is in the universities [and] in national laboratories...They have all this technology that ends up dying on the shelves." To read the article on-line, click here.

Professor Severin Borenstein was interviewed about the economic impact of the decision to close the Tosco oil refinery in Martinez for two months following its fatal fire on February 23. "This is going to show up in higher gasoline prices in the state. It'll probably start happening this week," Borenstein said to the San Francisco Examiner. Borenstein also was interviewed by the Sacramento Bee and by KCBS radio regarding the price of gasoline in light of the disastrous Tosco refinery fire and outage.

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Professor Emeritus John P. Carter died of congestive heart failure on March 3rd, after a long illness. Carter began his career at the Haas School in 1946 as a lecturer, received his Ph.D. in Economics from Berkeley in 1947, and joined the regular faculty at Haas in 1948. He was a member of the Finance Group and the Business and Public Policy Group with a strong focus in the area of transportation. He retired in 1978 but was recalled several times to teach in the Haas School. He received many honors and awards for his work and actively participated in the school's initiatives. Professor Carter will be missed.

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