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Haas NewsWire, April 12, 1999

Business Research Dialog Presents David Hale
Brooks Mendell Wins Haas Competition
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Few people are as knowledgeable about the global economy as David Hale, global chief economist for the Zurich Insurance Group. Hale advises the group's domestic and global fund management operations on the economic outlook and a wide range of public policy issues.

Hale will speak at Haas on Wednesday, April 14, at 4:00 pm in the Andersen Auditorium. His talk will conclude the 1998/99 series of the Haas Business Faculty Research Dialog, titled "Is There a New Economy," which was inaugurated last September by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Hale writes on a wide range of economic topics. His articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Far Eastern Economic Review, The Financial Times of London, The New York Times, the Nihon Kezai Shimbun, The Financial Analyst Journal, the Harvard Business Review, Foreign Policy, and other publications. He is a member of the National Association of Business Economists and the New York Society of Security Analysts, and consults with several domestic and international economic research and government organizations. Since 1990 he has been a consultant to the US Department of Defense on how changes in the global economy are affecting US security relationships.

Please join Dean Tyson in welcoming David Hale to the Haas School. A reception in the BankAmerica Forum will follow the event.

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Courtesy of Haas Week

Over 150 people attended the 20th annual Haas Competition last Tuesday at the Levi Strauss Plaza in San Francisco to hear finalists J.B. Galan, Brooks Mendell, and Nancy Reiter compete for the top speech on the question whether corporate managers have responsibility to their business partners in times of regional economic crisis or natural disaster.

All three finalists argued that companies must invest in their communities and respond with aid in times of crisis, as long as future profitability can be established in these areas. They fielded a wide range of questions from the judges, who included Harold Brooks, CEO of American Red Cross of the Bay Area; Warren Hashagan, senior vice president and CFO of the GAP; Satish Rishi, assistant treasurer of Intel; Luis Valencia, president of Schwab International at Charles Schwab; and Jane Wales, president and CEO of the World Affairs Council. The judges awarded Brooks Mendell first prize, Nancy Reiter second prize, and J.B. Galan third prize. The prizes carry $2,000, $1,500, and $1,000 awards, respectively. In his speech, Brooks advised companies to make sure they are out of harm's way before looking into helping the victims. Nancy cited the three E's--economics, ethics, and the environment--as a framework for responsible decision-making and demonstrated that being involved in the community will ultimately lend a company the competitive advantage that will lead to profitability. J.B. built his arguments on the wisdom of Sir Isaac Newton, claiming that companies must watch where and how hard they strike because they may experience an equal and opposite reaction long-term.

The prestigious Haas Competition is sponsored by the Business and Public Policy Group and funded by a grant from the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. Its purpose is to dramatize the attention the Haas School's MBA Program gives to the social and ethical dimensions of management by giving students the opportunity to share their views on a current social and ethical issue facing corporate managers. The students are judged on the quality of their viewpoints as well as their public speaking abilities. There are three rounds of competition leading up to the final event held at Levi's Plaza. Professors Christine Rosen and Michael Gerlach organized the event with the help of MBA coordinators Karen Zelmar and Jennifer Kern, and Anita Patterson in IMIO. Dean Laura Tyson presided over the event.

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Fortune China featured the Haas School as the top US business school for Asian MBAs. The story was based on Fortune Asia's October 12 cover story "The Best US Schools for Asian MBAs."

The San Francisco Chronicle quoted Dean Laura Tyson in Mark Veverka's column "American Investors Are Barely Fazed by NATO's Bombing Blitz" on March 29. Tyson attributed the lack of response by the market to the fact that NATO bombings have no immediate impact on the US or global economy.

Severin Borenstein appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle twice in one week. On March 26, he was quoted in an article titled "Gas Prices Will Rise Even More," which put the Chevron refinery fire in Richmond in perspective with recent price increases. On March 31, Borenstein was quoted in a front-page business section story on "Power Deregulation A Year Later" article about the challenges of electricity deregulation.

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