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Haas NewsWire, May 6, 2002

Giving Campaigns Challenge Students to Help Support Haas
Successful Faculty Recruiting Effort Attracts Six Top Professors
Celebrate at the Dean's End-of-the-Year Party on Friday, May 10
Get in the Last Word: Attend the MBA Debriefing
Faculty and Staff Triumph Over MBA Students in Softball
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The annual Haas School student fundraising campaigns are off and running, racing towards their big finale at this Friday's End-of-the-Year party (when the results of the campaigns will be announced). For the first time this year, both the undergraduate and the MBA students are asking for five-year pledges from their classmates.

The undergraduate students' Feed the Bear and the MBA 101% Lifelong Giving campaigns focus on educating students about the importance and benefits of maintaining a lifelong connection to Haas, a connection that can be very meaningful for future generations of Haas students and the Haas School. Private support continues to be a key component of the financial strength of UC Berkeley. The new five-year commitment will help form a solid foundation of support for Haas.

A group of Haas seniors lead the 2002 undergraduate Feed the Bear effort aided by the campaign mascot, Haaski. Bryan Cheng, Allen Finci, Jared Herzikoff-Cornell, Amanda Holt, and Jane Knop chair the campaign. The online pledge form can be found at www.haas.berkeley.edu/alumni/feedhaaski.

The MBA 101% Lifelong Giving campaign kicked off at the annual Students vs. Faculty-Staff Softball Game on Friday, May 3. The 101% campaign is led by Hans Grande, Teresa Hegdahl, Peddy Khatami, and Phil Robinson. The online pledge form can be found at www.haas.berkeley.edu/alumni/lifelonggiving.

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The Haas School has completed one of its most successful faculty-recruiting seasons ever, attracting six first-rate new faculty members who will begin in the fall, according to Benjamin Hermalin, interim dean.

"Recruiting these new faculty members, despite the ever-increasing competition by the elite business schools for top faculty talent, is a real coup for the school," said Hermalin.

"Our success this year in recruiting new faculty is vital to maintaining excellence at Haas," said Hermalin. "As we add to the offerings in existing programs and expand into new areas, such as the new weekend cohort and executive MBA program, maintaining a strong faculty is key."

Search committees at Haas spent innumerable hours working to recruit new faculty to Haas.

Each of these new faculty members will be profiled at length in Haas NewsWire in the fall.

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This Friday the faculty, staff, and students of the Haas School are invited to come together and celebrate the end of the school year at the dean's End-of-the-Year Party from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Haas courtyard.

In addition to the celebrating, the party is also a chance to recognize much of the hard work of faculty, staff, and students. At the party the Cheit Teaching Award, the GSI Award, the MBA Service Award, the Ph.D. Hayase Award, and the Outstanding Staff Award winners will be announced. The students leading the MBA 2002 Lifelong Giving 101% and the undergraduate Feed the Bear campaign will announce their results as well.

The musical group "Backpages" will play songs from the 60s before and after the awards ceremony (check them out at www.thebackpages.net). The event will be catered, with beer provided by Golden Pacific Brewing.

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Second-year Berkeley MBA students are invited and encouraged to attend the MBA debriefing on Tuesday, May 7, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Room. Interim Dean Ben Hermalin will be on hand to discuss all aspects of the Berkeley MBA experience.

The goal of the session is to gather opinions from the graduating class, positive and negative, of their experience at Haas. This valuable feedback allows the Haas School to continually improve upon the academic offerings and student services in the Berkeley MBA program. Hermalin will preside at the annual debriefing, and asks a series of open-ended questions about the students' experiences in the program.

Bring ideas and suggestions for change and also be prepared to tell the dean about what you liked about your time at Haas. This input will help strengthen the school for future generations of students and will enhance the long-term value of the Berkeley degree. Refreshments will be served.

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The faculty-staff team beat the MBA student team 10 to 5 at the annual softball game last Friday, May 3. This is the first time in the four-year history of this game that the faculty-staff team has won. The MBA students won the first two annual games and last year the game was rained out.

The members of this year's winning faculty-staff team were:

Eric Anderson, David Distad, Dave Downes, Steve Etter, Mark Friedfeld, Ben Hermalin, Pete Johnson, Rich Lyons, Laura Pliska, Jeff Rhode, Mark Seasholes, John Skeels, Dan Sullivan, Sebastian Teunissen, Christine Whitfield, and Florian Zettelmeyer.

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Paul Gertler, faculty director in the Graduate Program in Health Services Management, was quoted in The New York Times' Economic Scene section on May 2 in the article "A Model for Evaluating the Use of Development Dollars, South of the Border." Gertler said that Progresa, a successful economic development program in Mexico, has a positive impact on the health of participants, both young children and adults.

Severin Borenstein, the E.T. Grether Professor in Public Policy and Business Administration, was quoted in Reuters English News Service on May 2 in the article "BP Advances Switch to Ethanol in California Gasoline." Commenting on BP's decision to switch from using MTBE to ethanol as a fuel additive ahead of the state's deadline, Borenstein said that the gasoline companies are in business to make money and that their views on public policy issues are financially motivated.

Reuven Lehavy, assistant professor in the Haas Accounting group, was quoted in Reuters English News Service on May 1 in the article titled "House Bill Would Rein in Accounting Standards Body." He said that the ever-changing and complex business environment of today demands that the Financial Accounting Standards Board move faster.

Gertler was quoted in The Wall Street Journal on April 30 in an article titled "FTC Cracks Down on Antitrust Issue in Health-Care Area." Gertler said that antitrust authorities should examine the "strategic relationships" between hospitals and physicians, which tend to result in increased hospital prices.

Gertler was also quoted on the same topic in The Wall Street Journal Europe on April 30 in an article titled "Political Capital: Antitrust Enforcers Are Now Targeting Doctors, Hospitals."

Regale Corporation, winner of the 2002 National Social Venture Competition, appeared in the M2 Presswire on April 29 in the article "Straw-fiber Packaging Within Grasp Soon." The company is collaborating with Agricultural Research Service chemist William J. Orts to replace molded polystyrene forms of packaging with biodegradable inserts.

Richard Lyons, professor in the Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group, was quoted in The Observer on April 28 in an article titled "Suddenly the Sun Shines on the Euro." He said that macro models of nominal exchange rates perform poorly and they do not explain monthly exchange rates, and that foreign exchange traders are strongly influenced by patterns of buying and selling.

The Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at Haas was mentioned in the Contra Costa Times on April 28 in the calendar. There will be a Fisher Center Real Estate Conference on May 13 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. To register call 510-643-6109.

Borenstein was quoted in the Contra Costa Times on April 28 in the article titled "State's Recut Power Deals Seen as Less than Radical." He said that the new energy deals didn't fundamentally change things. Read the full story at http://www.bayarea.com/mld/cctimes/3155080.htm.

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