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Haas NewsWire, May 24, 1999

Hermalin Named Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Financial Times Ranks Haas Executive Programs Among Top 20 in the US
Berkeley Business Plan Competition Announces Its Winners
Undergrads Win National Advertising Competition
Two of EBOP's Young Entrepreneurs Start Cal on Full Scholarships
IBD Teams on Their Way to In-Country Projects
Haas Interactive Tour Wins Three Web Awards
Haas Celebrates End of the Year at Dean's Party
Student Campaigns Boost Annual Fund
MBA 94 Class Reunites at Haas
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Professor Ben Hermalin has agreed to serve as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Hermalin has spent the past year teaching at Cornell University. He will return to Haas to begin his new position in early July.

Hermalin will succeed Russell Winer, who served as acting associate dean for the past year while the school was looking to fill the position. Winer will return his attention to teaching and chairing the marketing group.

Professors Stefan Reichelstein and Glenn Carroll have agreed to assist Hermalin in administering faculty affairs as members of the new "Performance Assessment Committee."

At Berkeley since 1988, Hermalin is professor in the economic analysis & policy group at Haas, and holds a joint appointment with the Department of Economics.

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The Financial Times ranked the Haas School's executive programs 15th in the US and 25th worldwide. The London daily published the results of its survey last Monday.

"The Financial Times survey is a good benchmark and underscores the important initiatives that are already underway to increase custom programs and to involve more Haas faculty in executive development, two areas where we did not score well," said Executive Director Paul Stames. The rankings were based on courses held before Stames joined the Center for Executive Development last September.

A breakdown of the rankings showed that the Haas School's open enrollment programs were judged 16th best. Furthermore, Haas was one of only four schools preferred by women, and its longer programs, lasting more than three weeks, ranked seventh in international diversity.

Haas was effectively not ranked on its customized programs, which ranked 30th, because their customer response rate was too small for statistical accuracy. The ranking is based on customer surveys of executive development participants.

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The first-ever Berkeley Business Plan Competition announced its winners at a special event on May 8 at the Haas School of Business. Timbre Technologies, which offers a software solution to a hardware problem in semiconductor manufacturing, won first prize. Second prize went to Alloptic, a low-cost fiber optic system addressing the bandwidth bottleneck. MuNetix, a manufacturer of ultra-small power supplies, won the third-place People's Choice Award.

Timbre Technologies has the potential of saving semiconductor companies billions of dollars and months in production time, according to Neil Weintraut of 21st Century Internet Venture Partners and a competition judge. Timbre Technologies beat out seven other ventures that included business, engineering, and life sciences students and alumni. The groups presented business plans to a prestigious panel of Silicon Valley venture capitalists and high-tech professionals during the competition. In applauding the efforts of the competition's MBA student organizers, Mark Gorenberg of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, also a competition judge, said, "What these students did in their first-year debut was nothing short of miraculous." Gorenberg judges the business plan competitions at Stanford, Harvard, Texas, and MIT.

The judges were looking for plans that addressed significant customer needs and large markets, and could develop into major operations. As the No. 1 plan, Timbre received $8,000 of the total $10,000 prize money provided by sponsor Sevin Rosen Funds.

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The undergraduate team representing the Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley during the year-long National Student Advertising Competition brought home the 1998/99 Title for District 14, representing Northern California & Northern Nevada, for the second year in a row. The team also placed second, behind Hawaii, for Combined Districts 13 (Hawaii) and 14.

This year's advertising case involved developing a comprehensive marketing & communications campaign for the launch of a new car, Toyota Echo, to replace the Toyota Tercel. The Echo was designed specifically for Echo Boomers and Generation X, and the campaign was supposed to take a "non-traditional" direction.

Trudy Kehret-Ward served as the faculty advisor of the team, which consisted of Alice Chi, Judy Tsue, Connie Young, Sandy Cho, Tammy Qualls, Sharon Bakcht, Vineeta Durani, Tracy Sway, Sarah Hill, Amy Tsay, Louisa Wong, Laura Lau, Melissa Wang, Elaine Ko, Beau Wada,, Alan Siu, Quang Hong, George Leng, Nancy Darma, Marilee Chan, Jared Souter, Steven Au, Sanford Ng, Gene Oh, and Kevin Chang.

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Two graduates of the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas Program (YEAH) at the East Bay Outreach Project have been selected to attend UC Berkeley on scholarships this fall. Michael Turner and Jesus Monroe, who attended YEAH in 1998/99, are the first graduates of the program to receive full, four-year scholarships to attend the university.

Michael Turner, who is graduating from Kennedy High School in Richmond, plans to study computer, electrical, and music engineering at Cal. Michael hopes to be the CEO of his own recording studio some day soon. He developed a business plan for this venture with his mentor, Greg Hoffman, MBA 99, during his year in the Young Entrepreneurs program.

Jesus Monroe is already operating his wholesale business importing leather boots from Mexico to California, which he developed into a business plan at YEAH with guidance from his mentor, Roberto Matus, MBA 99. Roberto tutored Jesus on calculus during his year at Haas. Jesus also participated in Math, Engineering, & Sciences Achievement (MESA) at the university, a program training high school seniors in skills that are critical for acceptance into the College of Engineering.

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On Saturday, 53 MBAs, nearly a quarter of the first-year class, ventured out to 17 destinations around the world for the three-week in-country consulting portion of the International Business Development course.

"The students, in 13 teams, will work in locations as varied as a game preserve in Zimbabwe, an agricultural research institute in Cairo, and bars in Acapulco," said Director of International Affairs Sebastian Teunissen, who develops the client projects and teaches the course. "Some teams will split up to cover multiple locations during the next three weeks."

During the spring semester, the teams prepared for their assignments and worked closely with their clients, developing detailed work plans. They also worked with mentors assigned to them by Andersen Consulting and the Mitchell Madison Group. The teams will present their final recommendations, based on their in-country research, to their clients in June and do follow-up research in the fall semester.

This year's student teams consult for clients based in Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as the US, and will work on-site in Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, and Zimbabwe.

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The Haas Interactive Tour (HIT) won three web awards this month. HIT is a virtual tour of the Haas School and its MBA program geared toward giving prospective applicants who can't come to visit Haas a virtual tour. The Médaille d'Or (gold medal) for Web Site Excellence has awarded Haas with a gold medal. The Médaille d'Or web site praised HIT as a highly effective site that "provides an interactive tour of the Haas School of Business in California for potential MBA students, and comes close to providing a true online prospectus."

The Otakou Peninsula web site in New Zealand offered HIT an award for creative design. Critical Mass, an Internet information resource guide, gave HIT a Critical Mass Award for its useful content, good design and presentation, and easy navigation.

The Haas Interactive Tour, which is published on the Haas School's web site, was conceived by MBA students in 1994 and has been produced by MBAs with input from Haas staff ever since. The tour was originally published in CD ROM format and distributed inside the MBA catalog to prospective applicants. To save costs, the tour moved to the Haas web site (http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/hit/) last fall, where it is accessible by all virtual Haas visitors.

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The Haas School enjoyed a sunny and lively Dean's End-of-the-Year Party on May 7, at which Dean Tyson and colleagues announced the winners of several teaching and service awards for 1998/99, as well as the results of the undergraduate and MBA student campaigns.

Cheit Awards for Excellence in Teaching
Undergraduate Program: Clancy Houghton
Daytime MBA Program: Andy Rose
Evening MBA Program: Rich Lyons
Ph.D. Program: Rui de Figueiredo

Undergraduate Outstanding GSI Award Winner: Frank Flynn
MBA Outstanding GSI Award Winner: Jeff Macher

Berkeley Campus Outstanding GSI Awards:

Joao Alexandre Adao,
John Timothy Giles,
Nilmini Irene Gunaratne,
David Michael Katz,
Oren Jacob Katzeff,
Kristin Anderson,
Dimitry Rtishcev,
Christian Schin,
Joshua Skov

Cohort Community Service Competition: This year's winner is Cohort Blue.

Outstanding MBA Student Service Awards: Leslie Stephens, James Cook, Whitney Wheeless, Carla De Santos
Miles Case Competition: Brooks Mendell, Amy Dickerson
Price Fellowships in Entrepreneurship: Andrea Bates
David Gerster

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Representatives of the MBA and undergraduate student campaigns -- Giving 101% and Feed the Bear -- reached new levels of commitment from their graduating classmates to pledge a percentage of their starting salaries. The student campaigns help build participation in the Haas School Annual Fund, which provides flexible resources to the administration to ensure the school's continued excellence in business education and research.

The MBA's Giving 101% campaign reached 94% participation and pledged $68,028 this year. Oski won the cohort competition, reaching 100% participation from their cohort members. The average participation for the Giving 101% was 69%.

The undergraduate Feed the Bear campaign reached 84% participation and pledged $16,838. An anonymous donor's pledge of $7,838 raised the total to $24,676, which is nearly three times the amount of last year's total. A special thanks also to Martha Kariv, associate director of the annual fund, for her leadership in directing and staffing the activities of these 59 dedicated students.

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Over 70 members of the MBA Class of 1994 celebrated their five-year reunion at Haas on the first weekend of May. The reunion, organized by Emma Rosen, MBA 94, and fellow classmates, started with a dinner in the Wells Fargo Room on Friday evening and drew several Haas faculty and staff, including David Downes, Michael Katz, Faye Lawson, and Brett Trueman. The evening's program included a computerized presentation of photos sent in by classmates, awards and gifts, and a raffle to encourage support of the Annual Fund. John Foraker contributed party favors and gift packs of gourmet oils and marinades from his firm, Napa Valley Kitchens, where he is president and CEO. During the weekend, reunion members enjoyed a bonfire & pub crawl, a barbecue, a golf game, and a bike ride through Tilden Park.

Reunions are currently being organized for the classes of 1994, 1989, 1984, 1979, 1974, and 1969 for Homecoming & Reunion weekend on September 25, 1999, at the Haas School. Details will be mailed this summer. For more information now, please contact Ginger Lubkowitz at 1-510-642-6860 or ginger@haas.berkeley.edu.

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All articles are posted on the "Haas in the News" bulletin board between the student lounges and the Computer Center on the third floor.

The Financial Times (London) mentioned Dean Laura Tyson on March 29th in an article, "Rarities in a Male World: Women's Deans." In the story, two other women running top-ranked business schools examine the reasons why female deans are so rare.

Severin Borenstein was quoted on May 1st in a San Francisco Chronicle article, "Internet-Fueled Gas Boycott Fizzles Around Bay Area." The article reported on a boycott against rising gasoline prices that was promoted via the Internet. The boycott called on patrons to refrain from buying gas for one day.

One of our accounting Ph.D. students, John Briginshaw, was recently interviewed by Tech Week magazine at Silicon Valley for his research on Internet stock valuation. The article is titled "Stock Trends are Measured in Internet Time," and ran in Tech Week's May 3rd issue; it is also available on http://www.techweek.com/articles/5-3-99/stockwat.htm.

Edupage, the web site of an international nonprofit dedicated to information technologies in education, wrote an article on the four E-commerce courses launched at the Haas School this semester. The article quoted Arturo Perez-Reyes saying that E-commerce is "the single greatest change to business since the invention of money."

Laura Tyson appeared on CNN's Trading Places on May 13th. Tyson commented on the resignation of Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and on the economy.

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