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Haas NewsWire, July 10, 2000

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Haas MBA Students are E-Linked with Michigan and Darden
E-Commerce Will Affect the Future of Commercial Real Estate According to Haas Study
Haas MBA Student Selected to Intern at Garage.com
UC Berkeley to Observe Veterans Day
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The Haas School is partnering with the University of Michigan Business School and the Darden School at the University of Virginia to offer classes to each other's students using full motion video and Internet technology.

Building upon the business model of strategic alliances that bring together companies with complementary strengths, each school will offer cutting-edge course material in a specific area of expertise to students from all three schools. Class preparation materials and research will be distributed over the Internet and students will communicate during class with each other and with faculty via videoconference and Internet chat rooms.

This fall, Darden will offer a course on e-business innovations featuring current business cases that involve the Internet. Later in the year, Haas will teach a course on financial issues in the Internet sector, including valuation of high-technology companies, and Michigan will teach a course on understanding and strategically applying Internet technologies, which will have a significant hands-on component.

"New distance learning technologies are forcing business schools to rethink how they best can serve the needs of students, and this effort is a great example of the innovations now possible," said Dean Laura Tyson. "These joint courses may be a window into the future of management education -- a future in which schools regularly team or co-brand to offer their best courses to students and executives who are located at multiple sites around the world and who need and want such training now."

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While brick-and-mortar stores will continue to attract shoppers in the future, successful physical stores will incorporate the Internet into their overall retail strategy, according to a study by Ken Rosen, the Haas School's California State Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics, and Amanda Howard, senior analyst at the consulting firm RCG.

"There will be an opportunity for investors to win and to lose," said Professor Rosen, who co-chairs the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (FCREUE) at the Haas School.

The popularity of the Internet will continue to increase, according to data by eMarketer, one of the sources of data for the study. The number of Internet users in the United States has doubled since 1997 and is expected to double again by 2002. For those retailers taking this into account, e-retail has the potential to increase brand awareness, direct customers to physical retail stores, enhance the in-store retail shopping experience, and generate demand for return, delivery, showroom, and service - and experience-oriented retail sites.

With retail expansion - online and offline - having peaked, the authors expect retail sales growth to slow with or without a recession or stock market decline. However, they also found that retailers with e-commerce capability are increasing their brick-and-mortar presence at an above-average rate, while retailers without e-commerce capability are closing stores at an above-average rate.

To request a reprint of the study published in the California Management Review, please contact the CMR at 520-642-7159, cmr@haas.berkeley.edu, or at www.haas.berkeley.edu/news/cmr/.

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Joseph Del Callar, MBA 01, has been selected for the JumpStart 2000 program at Garage.com, an online venture capital company that helps entrepreneurs and investors create, build, and fund promising early-stage technology companies. He and four other candidates will spend twelve weeks with a Garage.com Portfolio company. Each will have an opportunity to play an instrumental role in the development of a fast-growing high-tech startup.

The other students are from University of Washington Business School, the University of Texas at Austin's Graduate School of Business, and the Yale School of Management. Garage.com chose the five MBA candidates from a pool of over 300 applicants. Selection was based upon previous work experience, past startup experience, and entrepreneurial drive.

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Beginning this academic year, UC Berkeley will observe Veterans Day as an official holiday. This year the holiday falls on Saturday, November 11, so it will be observed on Friday, November 10. Classes will not be held, and faculty and staff will have the day off. A revised version of the academic calendar can be found at http://www.chance.berkeley.edu/planning/calendar.html.

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The Haas School has hired four new assistant professors for fall semester: Jacob Sagi (Finance), Mark S. Seasholes (Finance), Catherine D. Wolfram (Economic Analysis and Policy), and Ganesh Iyer (Marketing). The Haas NewsWire will profile each of the new faculty members in the fall.

In addition, the Haas School is saying goodbye to two of its faculty. Professor Stephan Penman will stay at Columbia University, and Associate Professor Mathew Spiegel will stay at Yale

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The Masters of Financial Engineering program has hired John O'Brien as the executive director as of July 1. O'Brien comes to Haas with over three decades of experience in finance. Most recently he was managing director of the Client Service Group at Credit Suisse Asset Management and helped launch CSAM's entry into e-commerce. In the early 80s, he co-founded Leland O'Brien Rubinstein Associates, Inc., with Haas finance professors Hayne Leland and Mark Rubinstein. He served as chairman and CEO until 1997. O'Brien's office is F482, and he can be reached at 643-1396 or via e-mail at jobrien@haas.berkeley.edu.


The Evening MBA Program Office is happy to welcome Roger Kim as a program assistant. Kim graduated from Cal's history department in 1999 and spent a year working at the Marin Country Day School. He will be helping out with student services and general administration for the program. When he is not at Haas, Kim lives in Richmond and likes to bake. He can be reached at 642-1406 or via e-mail at rkim@haas.berkeley.edu.

In addition, the Evening MBA Office has two long-term temporary employees helping out with the program. Claire Kennedy-Wilkins, who has been with the Evening MBA Office since February, is working in the admissions area. She will continue in this role until she starts law school at Hastings in mid-August. She can be reached at 643-3258 or via e-mail at clairek@haas.berkeley.edu. Nicole Joyner recently joined the office, working in student services. She can be reached at 643-0435 or via e-mail at njoyner@haas.berkeley.edu.


Bette Evans has just been promoted to office manager in MBA Admissions. Evans has been an admissions adviser at Haas for the last six years. Please join the Admissions Office in congratulating Bette on her new position. She can be reached at bette@haas.berkeley.edu or 643-2555.


The Young Entrepreneurs at Haas Program (YEAH) welcomed a new assistant director, Geneva Jones, last month. Jones will be managing the operations side of the outreach programs. She comes to the Haas School from UC Admissions and will help YEAH through changes in the newly revised academic enrichment program for underrepresented youth. YEAH is the new name for the East Bay Outreach Project (EBOP).

Jones' experience managing accounts, the BFS system, and UC admissions' administrative operations will help YEAH reach expanded academic preparation goals set by YEAH's financial supporters, UC's Office of the President, and State of California outreach funds. Jones can be reached via e-mail at geneva@haas.berkeley.edu and her phone number is 643-0923.

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Andrew Rose, the Bernard T. Rocca Jr. Professor of International Trade, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 6. In the article, "President-Elect Fox Promises Higher Wages," Rose contends that higher wages in Mexico would result in greater demand for US products.

Hal Varian is one of four regular contributors to a weekly column called "Economic Scene" for The New York Times, which appears on Thursdays on page C2. Varian will author the column once a month. His most recent column appeared on July 6, and was titled "Forecasting an election; at Iowa You Can Even Bet on It."

The Social Venture Business Plan Competition was mentioned in an Associated Press article on July 5. The article chronicled the work of the team of Cornell students that proposed creating a co-op of farmers in Virginia that would help the farmers move from growing tobacco to growing wine grapes.

David Vogel, the George Quist Professor of Business Ethics, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 5. The article, "Independent Institute Says It's Not a Microsoftie," was about Oakland's Independent Institute and its potential ties to Microsoft.

The Haas School's new partnership with University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and the University of Michigan's School of Business was featured in the Financial Times on July 3 in the Inside Track Column. "Virtual Classrooms" quotes Dean Laura Tyson and others on the plan to link the three schools via three-way video conferencing to share curriculum.

"B-Schools Give Students a New Way to Connect," from Business Week Online on June 30, detailed the new Haas/Darden/University of Michigan partnership. Read the full text at http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/originals/bs00630.htm.

The Darden/Michigan/Haas collaboration was also featured in Wired News on June 29. The full text of the article, "Top Business Schools E-Align," can be found at http://www.wired.com/news/print/0,1294,37220,00.html.

The Haas School incubator was featured in an article posted on wsj.com on June 28.

The full text of the article can be found at http://college.wsj.com/n/SB961696620894642580-starting-company.html.

An article in the British paper, the Guardian, mentions a report by Andrew Rose, the Bernard T. Rocca Jr. Professor of International Trade, that is being used by members of the British cabinet to argue in favor of adopting the euro as British currency. The full text of the article, which appeared on June 26, can be found at http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4033553,00.html.

The Haas School hosted the Nasdaq Biotech Summit on Monday, June 26. The event and announcement regarding the human genome project were covered by several media outlets.

The San Jose Mercury News mentioned the Biotech Summit in their article, "Genome Project Ends in Triumph," on June 26. The full text of the article can be found at http://www.sjmercury.com/local/center/gen0627.htm.

Dbusiness.com mentioned the Biotech Summit in "Human Genome: A trillion dollars in new wealth." Read the full text of the article at http://www.dbusiness.com/Story/0,1118,SFO_201673,00.html.

The Associated Press released a story on June 27 titled, "Online Health Care has Promise, but Roadblocks Remain" which quoted Dean Tyson on the potential for the Internet to improve the quality of health care in the future.

Asia Pulse ran an article on June 27, "Human Genome Genetic Mapping Draft Completed," that quoted Randy Scott, one of the presenters at the Biotech Summit.

Dean Tyson's regular column in Business Week for the June 26 issue was titled, "Social Security is Working Just Fine, Thank You." Tyson critiques plans to divert a portion of payroll taxes into private accounts, and instead suggests that only a special reserve set aside to fund the retirement of baby boomers be invested more aggressively.

The Social Venture Business Plan Competition is mentioned in "Six Degrees of Co-optation" in the Industry Standard on June 26. Sara Olsen, MBA 01, a member of the organizing committee for the competition, is quoted on the future of socially responsible business. The full text of the article can be found at http://www.thestandard.com/article/display/0,1151,16192,00.html.

An article on the Haas School's partnership with Darden and Michigan ran in the San Francisco Chronicle on June 22. Read the full text here http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2000/06/22/MN49891.DTL.

The Haas Founders Forum was mentioned in an article on wsj.com on June 21. The article quotes Rich Roberts, MBA 99, of GetRelevant on the importance on maintaining contact with his classmates. Read the full text of the article at http://college.wsj.com/n/SB958162107671562243-mba-news.html.

An interview with Severin Borenstein, professor and director of the University of California Energy Institute, was the cover story for the June issue of California Monthly. Borenstein discussed the intricacies of the California gasoline market.

Professor Borenstein was on KQED's Forum on June 20. He discussed both the California gasoline and electricity markets.

Ilse Evans, executive director for MBA admissions and career services, was quoted in an article on the need for recruiting and the inefficiencies of the process in an article titled, "Recruit or Die" in the June 15 edition of Internet World.

Professor Borenstein was on Minnesota Public Radio on June 14, on an hour-long talk show called Midmorning, discussing gasoline prices in the Midwest. The streaming audio of the show is at http://news.mpr.org/programs/midmorning/rafiles/wed_midmorn1.ram

David Levine was quoted in the June 11 edition of The New York Times on the logistics of dividing Microsoft in "From Experts, Advice on an Amicable Split."

Ken Rosen, California State Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics, was quoted in the San Francisco Examiner on June 8. Rosen commented on the death of Paul Wendt, a former Haas professor who helped found the real estate program.

Brett Trueman, the Donald and Ruth Seiler Professor of Public Accounting, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on June 6. "Day Trading takes Guts, Quick Fingers" was about the risks involved in day trading.

The Center for Executive Development's Venture Capital Program was written up in the Financial Times on May 29. The article mentioned the goals of the program and the dates which is it offered.

The appearance of Rodrigo Rato, deputy prime minister of Spain, at the Haas School commencement this year received international coverage. Articles appeared on the Spanish Newswire Service on both May 18 and May 21.

John Gough, MBA 99, headlined Commercial Property News in the May 2000 issue for his work in developing LoopLender.com, the Internet's leading marketplace for commercial real estate debt origination. Gough was also featured in the February 2000 issue of Mortgage Banking magazine in the article "E-Commerce Goes Commercial" and quoted in the Dallas Business Journal regarding the recently created partnership between Wells Fargo Bank and LoopLender.com.

Richard Kurovsky, executive director of Marketing and Communications, explained how the Haas School has integrated e-commerce into the MBA curriculum, rather than offering it as a separate degree, to CBS MarketWatch. The article "Introducing the E-Commerce Major, was posted in the spring. Read the full article at http://mcob.usouthal.edu/ec/CBSMarketwatch.html.

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Haas Summer Welcome Parties

Join Haas alumni, new graduates, current MBA students, and newly admitted MBA students at one of the events being held around the world this summer. These events will bring together members of the Haas Alumni Network in a unique and casual setting. If your business or personal travel takes you near to where one of these events is taking place, we'd welcome your participation.

Please RSVP directly to the alumni contact at least 7 days prior to the event. For additional information, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 1-520-642-7790 or alumni@haas.berkeley.edu.

Friday, July 14
8:00 p.m.
HU'U BAR, Singapore Art Museum
71 Bras Basah Orad, Singapore, 189555
RSVP to Dirk Hofer, MBA 92, at dirk@strategytools.com or Ken Yeo, MBA 96, at kyeo@axarosenberg.com.

Monday, July 10
6:30 p.m. (Arrive before 8:00 p.m. as the group may migrate to a restaurant.)
All Bar One, Ludgate Hill (right off Ludgate Circus). Nearest tube stations are at Blackfriars or St Pauls.
As much Haas gear as office casual permits (baseball caps). Nothing red.
RSVP to Charles Winward, MBA 01, at charleswinward@hotmail.com.

Thursday, July 20
9:00 p.m.
Place TBD (call Marco a few days before for exact location +39 348 2815918)
RSVP to Marco Zambianchi, MBA 97, at marco_zambianchi@mckinsey.com.

Saturday, July 22
Noon to 3:00 p.m.
BBQ party at the home of Sandy Hopkins, MBA 86, 718 Marion Ave., Palo Alto, CA
RSVP to Wayne Lefkowitz, MBA 95, at waynelefkowitz@sprynet.com or call the South Bay Hotline at 408-235-9363.

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