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The Haas School is bubbling with activity this week as the new school year begins and incoming classes of students in four degree programs settle into their new routines. In keeping with tradition, the Undergraduate, Evening MBA, MBA, and Ph.D. programs have worked hard to admit select groups of students.

"I am thrilled with the outstanding students we have admitted for this fall's entering class," says Pete Johnson, acting co-director of admissions for the full-time MBA program. "They are a talented and diverse group of people who bring a wealth of experiences with them to Haas."

The full-time MBA class of 2003 includes 238 students, selected from an applicant pool of 3,259. Thirty-five percent of the new first-years are international students, representing 31 different countries. Seventy-four percent are bilingual and 62% are trilingual.

On average, the members of the new MBA class have 5 years of professional work experience, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Haas community. The class includes a producer from Fox Sports and NBC TV, a freelance director of plays and musicals, a design engineer from Porsche, and a former writer for "Let's Go" travel books. On the extracurricular side, the class includes members of the Peruvian National Rowing Team; the Kyoto University Ballroom Dancing Team; the 1994 National Taekwondo Champion; a four-time state cycling champion; and the winner of a 1999 New York Film Festival producer award for best drama.

The new Evening MBA students distinguish themselves by their strong educational backgrounds. The Evening MBA class of 116 students represents 13 countries and the students have, on average, 7.1 years of post-university work experience. Thirty-five percent of the students hold Masters degrees and 9% have Ph.D.s. Thirty-three percent of the class is bilingual and 25% is trilingual.

"This was a particularly competitive applicant pool, with a 60% increase in applications from last year," says Diane Dimeff, executive director of the Evening MBA Program. "We broke our previous record for applications by 30%, so we are especially excited about this group of new students and the depth and breadth of experience they bring to the classroom."

The Evening MBA class includes a former submarine officer; the chief of Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat specialist) at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco; a California water resources manager; an associate treasury program manager for the state of California; a researcher who helped establish a clinical program to provide experimental medicine for a viral liver disease; a competitive swimmer; a student who helped pay his way through school by fighting forest fires for two summers; and a student who interned in a high-pressure French restaurant in Paris.

As one of the most popular undergraduate majors on campus, the Haas Undergraduate program always attracts the cream of the crop of continuing Cal and incoming transfer students. This year, off the 1,150 applicants to the Undergraduate Program, 214 have enrolled. Seventy-nine of the students transferred to UC Berkeley. For the UC Berkeley admits, the average GPA was 3.59.

In the Ph.D. program 467 people applied to the program, but only 39 were admitted. Sixteen new Ph.D. students were enrolled, bringing the total for the program to 80. The average GMAT for the students is 730 and the average GPA is 3.82. There are 11 men and six women in the class. Ten of the students are international, hailing from eight different countries. "We have students from Asia, Europe, South America, New Zealand, and the US," says Jan Price Greenough, associate director of the Ph.D. Program. "They have compiled an impressive scholastic and professional record. We are very excited about their potential and promise and look forward to a very good class."

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When Dean Laura Tyson announced that she would resign on December 31, 2001, Chancellor Robert Berdahl immediately announced that he would appoint Ben Hermalin as interim dean while the university runs a national search for a new dean of the Haas School.

Associate Dean Ben Hermalin has been an integral part of Dean Tyson's administration at Haas since he was appointed associate dean in 1999. "Ben has worked closely with me and the rest of the Dean's Office on all of our initiatives, from the Pilot Program to the new degree programs, " says Tyson. "He has won the loyalty and support of both faculty and staff through his unique combination of boundless energy, fairness, attention to detail, intelligence, and good humor. He is committed to the well-being of the Haas School and has been an effective advocate for its interests on the campus."

Hermalin, 39, is the Willis H. Booth Professor of Banking and Finance and has been with the Haas School since 1988. He has a joint appointment with the Department of Economics and is a co-founder and director of the private online academic publishing company Bepress.

As associate dean Hermalin overseas all faculty recruitment and retention as well as merit raises and promotions for the Haas faculty. Working with Dean Tyson, Hermalin has helped to get permission from the campus administration to recruit more faculty members in a given year than is normally allowed and to meet competitive offers to current faculty. "Dean Tyson has built a good team, a strong organization, and an excellent staff. I hope to provide continuity and continue the school's initiatives," says Hermalin of his future role as interim dean.

"Haas is very fortunate to have someone of Ben's stature, experience, and dedication willing to serve as interim dean," says Michael Katz, the Edward J. and Mollie Arnold Professor of Business Administration. "His ability to be equally comfortable in a three-piece suit and a Hawaiian shirt makes him ideally suited to face the diverse challenges of leading the school."

His recent research has focused on telecom pricing with Katz. This fall he will teach a Ph.D. course in the economics department called, "Mechanism Design and Agency Theory." Hermalin holds a BA in Economics from Princeton and a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also on the Editorial Board for the American Economic Review and is co-editor of the Berkeley Electronic Journals in Economic Analysis & Policy.

"Ben is an excellent squash player," says Dwight Jaffee, professor of banking and finance. "My hope is that his deanly duties will slow him down so that I can win more often."

Tyson and Hermalin will work together throughout the fall with Andy Shogan, Jay Stowsky, and the school's professional staff to make the 2001-2002 academic year a successful one for the Haas School.

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In another sign of continuing success for the Young Entrepreneurs At Haas (YEAH) program all ten of the 2001 graduating high school seniors from the Young Entrepreneurs Program are continuing their education.

"Our YEP students have taken to heart the principles and real-life lessons of entrepreneurship and finance, and followed their interest toward higher education," says Oscar Wolters-Duran, director of YEAH. "It's a real testimony to the quality of our Haas MBA mentors and the YEAH staff that so many of these youth, who often come from severely under-served schools, continue on to college. We are very pleased with the success of our students."

The success of the Young Entrepreneurs Program and its sister program Business, Economics, Technology Achievement (BETA), is due in large part to the commitment and diligence of MBA and undergraduate students who work with the YEAH participants. Both YEP and BETA are primarily aimed at building strong academic habits and encouraging students to continue on to college by providing a clear link between entrepreneurial success and academic skills, achievement, and advancement.

The 84 students in the 2001 YEP class hail from over 20 schools across the Oakland, Berkeley, and West Contra Costa school districts. YEP, which was founded in 1989, teaches basic business skills to 9th and 10th graders, and is supported by more than forty Haas MBA volunteer mentors/business coaches. YEAH is also creating an alumni network to support students through their last years of high school and the college admissions process.

The BETA program, which began as a pilot program in 2000 serving five school sites/programs, will serve ten sites/programs in 2001 - 2002 and reach over 200 students. In BETA, the undergraduates encourage middle- and high-school students to research and plan for future careers, act as role models for aspirants to higher education, and help students see the relevance of their math coursework through business projects involving sales tax, tracking stock prices, and using area/perimeter to identify possible business sites.

Undergraduate students who would like to work (and get paid) for the BETA program should contact Tanya Fraley at 510-643-4622. MBA students who would like to volunteer for the YEP Program should contact Ajuah Helton at 510-643-8906. For more information on all of YEAH's programs, visit http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/yeah/.

Ten high school seniors participated in YEP 2000 - 2001:

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The Haas School of Business maintains its commitment to excellence with the addition of six new members to its faculty. After successfully concluding a nine-month search and conducting more than 400 interviews, the Haas ladder-track faculty now has 70 members, or roughly 64 full-time equivalents.

The new faculty members are:

Over the next few months, the Haas NewsWire will introduce each new faculty member with a short profile.

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Jeff Rhode joins the Haas School development team as the new assistant director for Major Gifts and Corporate Relations. He has been working as an intern in the development office since earlier this summer. Prior to joining Haas, he worked as a sports writer for ESPN.com and ZuluSports.com. Rhode's communication, research, and writing skills make him a valuable addition to the school.

Working on campus is a homecoming for Rhode as he earned an undergraduate degree in history and a Masters in education from UC Berkeley. He also holds a Masters in Sports and Fitness Management from the University of San Francisco.

Currently, Jeff lives in San Francisco with his wife, Nada, who is also a Cal graduate. His phone number is 642-1907, his e-mail is rhode@haas.berkeley.edu, and his cubicle is in the dean's suite.


Mark Friedfeld comes to Haas from the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business. Friedfeld is the new account manager for financial services recruitment. He will be working closely with MBA and MFE students and building and maintaining contacts with companies across the finance industry. Prior to his work at the Smith School, Mark spent a few years as the director of marketing at the Princeton Review. His office is in the Recruitment Center on the 3rd floor. His phone number is 642-6588 and his e-mail address is friedfel@haas.berkeley.edu.

Christine Blaine is the new office manager for Career Services. She was previously the general manager at Beth's Desserts. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of operations, staffing, and budget management. Christine is located on the fourth floor in the Career Center. Her phone number is 643-7802 and her e-mail address is blaine@haas.berkeley.edu.

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Hal Varian, dean of the School of Information Management and Systems and Haas professor, commented on President Bush's Administration's lack of interest in technology in Los Angeles Times on Aug. 27. Read the full article here: http://latimes.com/templates/misc/printstory.jsp?slug=la%2D000069457aug27

Russ Winer, the J. Gary Shansby Professor of Marketing Strategy and the chair of the Marketing Group, was quoted extensively in The Industry Standard Online on Aug. 27 on the right metrics to use to measure the effectiveness of banner ads. Read the full article here: http://www.thestandard.com/article/0,1902,28813,00.html

Severin Borenstein, E.T. Grether Professor in Public Policy and Business Administration, in the San Jose Mercury on Aug. 26 that the mild weather contributed more to California avoiding rolling blackouts, than conservation did. Read the full article at: http://www0.mercurycenter.com/premium/front/docs/summerend26.htm

The Management of Technology program was mentioned in Electronic Buyer's News on Aug. 27 in connection with NEC support of the program.

The study of market analyst's performance for the year 2000, which was co-authored by Brett Trueman, the Donald and Ruth Seiler Professor of Public Accounting and chair of the Haas Accounting Group, and Reuven Lehavy, assistant professor in the Haas Accounting Group, appeared in The American Enterprise Online on their September issue. Read the full article here: http://www.taemag.com/taesep01b.htm

The Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH) program was mentioned in the San Jose Mercury on Aug. 24 in the article titled "2 east bay schools send most frosh to UC Berkeley." Read the complete article here: http://www0.mercurycenter.com/premium/local/docs/cal24.htm

Severin Borenstein commented in the LA Times on Aug. 24 that the state should not run public power. Read more here: http://latimes.com/templates/misc/printstory.jsp?slug=la%2D000068605aug24

Hal Varian and the book "Information Rules" which he co-wrote with Carl Shapiro were mentioned an article about the changing intellectual property of businesses and its effects on the economy in the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 23.

On Aug. 23 the LA Times quoted David Vogel, George Quist Professor of Business Ethics, regarding the Microsoft lawsuit in the article "Lobbyists Tied to Microsoft Wrote Citizens' Letters." Read the full story here http://latimes.com/news/printedition/la-000068380aug23.story

Janet Yellen, the Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Professor of Business Administration, was quoted in the Sacramento Bee on Aug. 22 and expressed her agreement with the Fed's recent short-term interest rate cut. Read more on this story here http://www.sacbee.com/ib/news/ib_news01.html

Borenstein appeared in the Washington Post on Aug. 21 in an article about California deregulation. Read the article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A37193-2001Aug20.html

Borenstein also commented on the California energy crisis in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Aug. 20.

Tyson appeared on CNN: Inside Politics on Aug. 20 and made remarks on how the Fed will behave in the future. Read the transcript at http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0108/20/ip.00.html

Dwight Jaffee, professor of banking and finance, was mentioned in San Francisco Chronicle on Aug. 19 and offered remarks on the accuracy of forecasts offered by technology research companies. For the full text see http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/08/19/BU138607.DTL

The article "Some Funds to Read Your Mind," in the New York Times mentioned Terrance Odean, assistant professor of finance, in an article about behavioral economics on Aug. 19.

Borenstein was once again quoted in regards to the California power crisis on Aug. 19 in the Contra Costa Times. Read the complete article here

The LA Times quoted John Myers, Professor Emeritus of the Haas Marketing Group, on Aug. 17 in an article about the safety of the free toys given by fast-food restaurants. Read more on this topic here: http://latimes.com/business/la-000066664aug17.story

Trueman, appeared in CBS Marketwatch on Aug. 15, in the article "Beware of tech earnings 'dead zone'". Read the full article: http://cbs.marketwatch.com/news/story.asp? siteID=mktw&guid=%7BF4F96E1B%2D798B%2D4276%2D8CE1%2D3FA7C324CC6B%7D

Ken Rosen, Haas Real Estate professor and Chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on Aug. 12 in the article "Housing Prices Stay Hot." Read more here: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2001/08/12/BU194539.DTL

"Foundations for Success in the Knowledge Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in New Zealand," a lecture by David J. Teece, professor of international business and finance and director of the Institute of Management, Innovation, and Organization, was delivered live for 30 minutes on Sky TV on August 3, 2001, at the Knowledge Wave Conference.

Teece also appeared on Testra Business (Channel 2) and his lecture was condensed and printed in the Christchurch Press, the Dominion, Radio New Zealand, and many other media outlets.

Dean Laura Tyson's announcement about her resignation as dean was covered by the following papers below from Aug. 13-18.

New York Times on Aug. 13 http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/business/AP-Business-Dean-Resigns.html?searchpv=aponline&pagewanted=print
San Francisco Chronicle on Aug. 14 http://www.sfgate.com/cgibin/article.cgi? file=/chronicle/archive/2001/08/14/BU119475.DTL
San Jose Mercury News on Aug. 14 http://www0.mercurycenter.com/business/top/084361.htm
Oakland Tribune on Aug. 14
Contra Costa Times on Aug. 14 http://www.contracostatimes.com/cgibin/emailfriend/emailfriend.cgi? mode=print&doc=http://www.contracostatimes.com/news/stories_news/tyson_20010814.htm
Business Week Online on Aug.15 http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/content/aug2001/bs20010814_174.htm
Daily Californian on Aug. 15 http://www.dailycal.org/article.asp?id=5891
The Berkeleyan on Aug. 16
San Francisco Business Times on Aug. 17 http://sanfrancisco.bcentral.com/sanfrancisco/stories/2001/08/20/weekinbiz.html?t=printable
The Economist on Aug. 18
The Independent of London on Aug. 21 http://www.independent.co.uk/story.jsp?story=89771.

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