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Haas NewsWire, September 20, 1999

EBOP Enters New Era with Advisory Board
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The Haas School's East Bay Outreach Project (EBOP) has garnered the support and expertise of Haas alumni and business leaders to help guide its strategic decisions. The newly formed advisory board will help guide EBOP's expansion efforts over the next several years. "They really play an active role in helping us shape the program," said EBOP Director Roberta Joyner.

As a result of a grant from the UC's Office of the President through statewide MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement), EBOP is currently developing a pilot business and economics pre-college model called BETA (Business, Economics, Technology Achievement) patterned around EBOP's ten-year-old entrepreneurs program serving high school youth. Through the first phase of BETA, EBOP will be working closely with statewide MESA to foster students' academic achievement and college preparation.

EBOP provides entrepreneurial and academic training for youth who have traditionally been underrepresented at the university and for youth from economically disadvantaged East Bay high schools. Next year EBOP will double the number of youths served, offering business forums for high school teachers, and expanding its existing mentoring and entrepreneurial training programs at high school and middle school sites. "With the new funding from the Office of the President we are able to work more closely with seventh through twelfth graders who are interested in business and want to go to college," said Joyner.

Members of the advisory board will serve as a resource to the youth and their mentors. Board members will host site visits, connect EBOP to funding sources, and also lend their business expertise to next spring's venture capital board day activities when high school students pitch their business ideas for grants up to $500. Joyner describes the board members as bringing to the board a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a commitment to diversity, and an appreciation of how a diverse work force contributes to a healthy overall economy.

The ten business advisory board members are Steve Davenport, BS 54, MBA55, founder of D/A Financial Group of California; Ed Bartlett, BS 52, retired chairman of Sun Valley Ford-Connell Auto Center; Paul Chandler, BS 83, MBA 89, founder and president of The Property Sciences Group, Inc.; Richard Dumke, BS 60, Consultant of SAI International; David Eckles, MBA 73, executive vice president, Helm Financial Group; Thomas Frainier, BS 79, MBA 81, owner of Semi-Freddi's Bakery; Stephen Evans, MBA 91, partner, Pickler, Evans and Rollings; David Ruegg, BS 61, vice president, Rue-Ell Enterprises, Inc.; Audrey Rice Oliver, EBOP-Fast Trac alumna, and founder, president, and CEO of Integrated Business Solutions; and Sally Hammond, D/A Financial Group of California.

Playing a key board role throughout EBOP's expansion and planning phase is Professor Emeritus Raymond Miles, joined by EBOP's faculty advisors, Associate Professor Jennifer Chatman and Associate Professor Richard Lyons.

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The first Haas Dance Class is taking place in the I-House Auditorium this Tuesday, September 21, from 8:00 pm until 9:30 pm. The classes are scheduled weekly through October 12 and will continue into November. The entire series of classes will be taught by first-year Heidi Gilman and second-year Stephan Menzel.

Missing a class won't affect your final grade since one or two different dances will be taught each week. C4C and the Entertainment Business Association are offering this series of classes for free to faculty and staff. All you need to do is RSVP to menzel@hass.berkeley.edu. No partner is necessary; the organizers promise to mix up the attendees. However, spouses, significant others, and friends are welcome.

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New Manager of Special Projects at the Center for Executive Development

Angela Petras Johnson joined the Center for Executive Development in June. Johnson was a management consultant at Andersen Consulting, where she traveled to different locations in the United States to provide consulting services in organizational change. Johnson then started her own consultancy, which took her to projects in Turkey and Italy, where she lived and worked for over two years. She has experience in business process reengineering, electronic education, and strategic planning. Johnson has a BS in business finance from Providence College. Originally from Rhode Island, Johnson is married and lives in San Francisco. Johnson likes to swim, cycle, and spend time with her husband, who's in law school studying international law. You can reach her at 643-5504 or at ajohnson@haas.berkeley.edu. Her office is located at S-475.

New Marketing Assistant at the Center for Executive Development

Marketing assistant Sonja Johnson transferred to Haas from UCSF a month ago. At UCSF she was a principal word processing specialist in the Department of Pediatrics and Genetics. She can be reached at 642-9764 or at sjohnson@haas.berkeley.edu. Her office is located at S-475.

New Marketing and Publishing Coordinator

Sarah Benson is the newest member of the marketing and communications staff at Haas. Her primary responsibilities include editing CalBusiness and the Haas NewsWire. In addition, Benson will work on special marketing and communications projects.

As the new editor of the Haas NewsWire, she is very interested in hearing from the Haas community. Story ideas, news items, and events that would be appropriate to the NewsWire are very welcome and should be sent to benson@haas.berkeley.edu.

Benson is a native Californian and received her BA in politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her experience includes five years in Ithaca, New York, working as a reporter and then as the publications coordinator for the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University. Her most recent move has been from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she was a freelance writer. She now lives in Oakland with her husband and son. She can be reached at benson@haas.berkeley.edu. Her phone number is 642-2734.

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On September 10, Business Week Online published an article titled "ZipRealty.com Goes Live and the Process Nearly Kills Us." The article was written by co-founder, Scott Kucirek, and described a hectic reworking of the ZipRealty.com site while trying to meet the advertised launch date. The web design and development team undertook a major overhaul of the site in order to make it cleaner and easier to use. The article can be found at http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/bschnews.htm.

On Tuesday night (Sept. 13) Godwin Wong, who has taught classes for the Haas School's Manufacturing and Information Technology group, appeared on Newshour with Jim Lehrer. He discussed the economic recovery of the Asian-Pacific region. Wong focused on the Japanese banking system as a specific area of concern. He said that restructuring the banking system is necessary in order to avoid further problems that might hinder the recovery of the region.

Berkeley resident Aaron Walburg wrote to the Daily Californian (Sept. 16) in response to the suit filed against the Haas School of Business and the UC Regents by Katherine Zimmerman. His letter can be found at http://www.dailycal.com/article.asp?id=303&ref=search.

On Friday (Sept. 17) KRON Channel 4 News interviewed economics professor Joe Farrell about the recent ruling on phone code overlays and the potential implementation of 11-digit phone numbers. Farrell is the director of the Competition Policy Center, a new initiative of the Haas School's Institute of Business and Economics Research.

On the National Public Radio program TechNation on Sunday, Sept. 19, guest John Browning, a contributing editor of Wired Magazine, called Information Rules by Haas professors Carl Shapiro and Hal Varian the best economics guide to the New Economy of any he has read.

Hal Varian, dean of the School of Information Management and Systems and Haas professor, was quoted extensively on the demand for knowledge workers in the new economy in the Sunday, Sept. 19, TechWatch column in the San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle.

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