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Haas NewsWire, September 27, 1999

BFS Brings Accounting to Every Desktop
Nyassa Love Leaves for Hayward State
Haas Team Competes in the NBMBAA Case Competition
The National Science Foundation Funds an Intellectual Property Rights Study
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System and personnel changes are underway in the office of Accounting and Personnel Services. The new campus-wide PeopleSoft Accounts Payable and Purchasing System portion of the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) went online in June and Haas staff is in the process of learning the new system.

This new system dramatically transforms how invoices and purchase orders are processed at Haas. BFS allows Haas staff to track payments right from their desks. There have been a few bumps in the transition, most notably the late payment of some of the invoices that were "in process" when the system changed over. Things seem to be working much more smoothly now, and new invoices and purchase requisitions seem to be flowing promptly through the system.

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After nine dedicated years of service at the Haas School, Accounting Manager Nyassa Love will be leaving Haas on September 30 to take on the role of General Accounting and Financial Reporting Manager at Cal State University, Hayward. In her new position, Love will be responsible for implementing a PeopleSoft financial system, which is scheduled to go live at Cal State Hayward in 22 months. She will also oversee financial reporting and play a role in both GAAP and state audits. Love's experience working with PeopleSoft implementing BFS and her years of experience in higher education helped her land this new position. Here at Haas, Love commented, "BFS will eventually be a system no one will be able to live without."

There will be a best wishes gathering in honor of Nyassa on Thursday, September 30th at 9:30 a.m. in F580, the fifth floor Faculty Lounge.

Nyassa leaves behind her a terrific accounting and personnel team in Helen Choi, Patricia Lavow, and Carol Zalon. Each of these accounting representatives serves as a primary point of contact for accounting and personnel-related questions or concerns. While the school conducts a search for a new accounting manager, Carol Zalon will serve in the role of acting manager of Haas Accounting and Personnel Services.

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A team of three Haas second-year students, Lauren Buggs, Natascha Cadet, and Jeanne Washington, competed in the National Black MBA Association's National Conference Student Case Competition over the weekend of September 18. "It was a phenomenal experience--not just the case competition, but the conference as a whole--the experience of seeing 5000 African-American MBAs in one place at one time," commented Washington.

Thirty teams representing graduate business programs from across the country converged on Anaheim, California, for the competition. All of the teams were given the same case of an auto parts company that was inherited by two brothers. One wanted to take the company global and the other wanted to focus on personal attention. The teams were asked to play the role of an outside financial analyst making recommendations to the company. Each team gave a 20-minute presentation and defended the presentation in a 10-minute question-and-answer session before a three-member panel of corporate representatives. In addition to researching the industry, the Haas team consulted with Haas professors Joydeep Srivastava and Bill Sonnenschein for advice on their presentation.

While the Haas team didn't place, the team members were excited for having been in the competition. "We just really wanted to represent the school to show that Haas is out there and that there are African-American students at Haas. I am really hoping to get first years to enter next year," said Washington.

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Hal Varian, dean of the School of Information Management and Systems and a Haas professor, is the principal investigator on a study entitled "The Economic, Legal and Technical Dimensions of Rights Management", which just received $940,000 in funding from The National Science Foundation. This study was funded as part of the NSF's program on knowledge and distributed intelligence. Varian explained that managing copyrighted material involves three aspects:

1) What are the technologically feasible means for controlling access and use of intellectual property?

2) What are the legal constraints put on the ways in which the intellectual property can be managed?

3) What terms and conditions maximize the value of the intellectual property?

"The first question is a technological question, the second is a legal question, and the third is an economics question," said Varian.

Professors Doug Tygar (SIMS and computer science) and Pam Samuelson (SIMS and law) are co-principal investigators on this project.

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The Washington Post quoted Dean Laura Tyson in the article, "How Much Room In the Fat Pipe?" The piece, which was published on September 19, covered the battle over broadband access to consumers' homes. The article can be found at http://search.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-09/19/079l-091999-idx.html.

On September 20, Mediaplex announced that the addition of four members to its Board of Directors. One of these members was adjunct professor of marketing Peter Sealy. The company said that the new board members "will help guide the company as it continues to develop end-to-end eBusiness marketing solutions." Mediaplex is an eBusiness marketing and technology provider. The full announcement can be found at http://www.mediaplex.com/mp/news.html#september-002.

On September 20, Silicon Valley Bank announced the promotion of Haas alum Dan Aguilar to senior vice president and team leader. He will be working in a new branch that has opened in San Rosa to better serve its growing portfolio of premium winery clients. Dan Aguilar graduated from the MBA program in 1987.

David Levine was quoted on Wednesday, September 22, in the San Francisco Chronicle in an article titled "Hope Fades for Social Security Reform." The article was about the need to overhaul Social Security for it to remain solvent when the Baby Boomers retire. The article can be found at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/09/22/BU34354.DTL.

Wired news quoted Dan Sullivan in its article, "Auctioning Off Class Struggles," on September 23. The story reported that "e" courses are the most popular courses in MBA programs. Bidding systems for popular courses are in place at most of the top business schools. The story can be found at http://www.wired.com/news/news/business/story/21887.html.

The Daily Californian covered the Leading Edge Conference in the September 20 issue. Keynote speakers Mark Breier and John Scully were quoted, as was conference organizer Gary Lai. The article can be found at http://www.dailycal.org/article.asp?id=328&ref=search.

The October issue of Business 2.0 contains a full-page story on Haas, focusing on the entrepreneurial edge that Haas gives its students. Dean Laura Tyson and Jerry Engel, executive director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, were both quoted.

The Swedish magazine, Shortcut (number 3, 1999), included a piece about Haas in a section about the value of getting an MBA. In "School for the Elite: Over There Only the Best are Allowed", Richard Kurovsky is quoted extensively on the school's proximity to Silicon Valley and recent graduates involvement in the new economy. The article (in Swedish) can be found at http://www.shortcut.nu/index.asp?t=menytop1.html&m=artiklar.html.

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