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Haas NewsWire, October 4, 1999

Haas MBA '99ers' Startups Get Funded
World Bank President to Speak at Haas
Assistant Professor Priya Raghubir Named Schwabacher Fellow
Associate Dean Stowsky Published on Defense Conversion Policy
Upcoming Conferences at Haas
Happening at Haas

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The Haas '99ers are at it again. Five of the seventeen startup companies founded by or with the help of the MBA class of '99 have raised funding over the summer.

Rich Roberts and Mitchel Harad founded GetRelevant (www.getrelevant.com) in March of this year. GetRelevant just closed a venture capital-led seed financing round in June and will soon finish a $5,000,000 Series B offering. GetRelevant distributes hundreds of promotional offers (like two free months of leading magazines or discounts at leading retailers) across a diverse and wide reaching network of popular web sites.

Senior Marketing Director Gleb Budman at kendara said that they received $7 million in funding early this summer. With their business plan still under wraps, all he could say is that kendara is creating tools to enhance community on the internet.

Chuck Kao, director of marketing at Portal Wave, announced that they have received seed round financing from an early-stage venture fund and are growing quickly. Portal Wave is working quickly to define the next-generation enterprise portal, so look for more developments soon.

In addition, Alan Knitowski of Vovida said his company raised a second round of funding this summer. Knitowski said that they have raised "more than a couple million in private funds from various sources we can't disclose."

Over at zipRealty.com, which raised approximately $2,000,000 earlier this summer, online broker Ken Koenen announced that the first online real estate offer was completed this past week. zipRealty.com launched its website in the Bay Area on August 29th, and expects to go national within a year.

The latest on funding for 99er startups.

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James D. Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank Group, will be the first speaker for this year's Annual Business Faculty Research Dialogue Series, "Toward a New International Financial Architecture."

Wolfensohn joined the World Bank in 1995, and has since shaken up the organization by moving executives closer to the areas they serve and sending others back to executive development programs to sharpen their skills. This major reform, called The Strategic Compact, is meant to bring the bank closer to the clients through decentralization and remake the bank into a "Knowledge Bank" to share its storehouse of knowledge and experience with its clients and partners.

In his recent address at the annual meeting of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund Wolfensohn stated, "We need a new international development architecture to parallel the new global financial architecture." Wolfensohn outlined the need for reforms and coalition building on an international level to create a system capable of addressing social and financial development needs around the globe.

Wolfensohn will speak on Friday, October 22, 1999, at 4:00 pm in Andersen Auditorium.

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Congratulations to Assistant Professor Priya Raghubir who was selected as the Schwabacher Fellow for 2000-2001 in recognition of her distinction in research and promise as a teacher. This award for junior faculty is among the highest accolades the Haas faculty can bestow upon an assistant professor.

Raghubir is in the Marketing Group at Haas and will be teaching "Marketing Organization and Management" and a "Marketing Seminar" in the spring.

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The Council on Foreign Relations has published "The History and Politics of the Pentagon's Dual-Use Strategy" by Jay Stowsky, associate dean for school affairs and initiatives. The study is included in a new book, "Arming the Future: A Defense Industry for the 21st Century," edited by Ann Markusen and Sean Costigan.

In his article, Stowsky analyzes the creation, operation, and demise of the Clinton Adminstration's Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) which used competitive grants to encourage commercial industry and defense contractors to develop both civilian and military applications of advanced technologies. In addition to serving as our associate dean, Stowsky is a senior research fellow with the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE). This Spring, Stowsky will teach "International Trade and Competition in High-Technology Industry," an elective in the Management of Technology (MOT) Program.

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There are several important conferences this month at the Haas School of Business.


Building Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge Economy: The Third Annual UC Berkeley Knowledge Forum on Knowledge and the Firm will take place in the Andersen Auditorium on October 15.

Dean Laura Tyson will give a keynote address titled, "Old Economic Logic in the New Economy." Professor Ikujiro Nonaka, the first Xerox distinguished professor of knowledge at Haas will speak on a panel titled "Organizational Enablers of Knowledge Creation." Joseph E. Stiglitz, chief economist and senior vice president at the World Bank, will speak on the economics of information.

The forum registration fee is $100 and includes lunch and a copy of the California Management Review, Spring 1998, Special Issue on Knowledge and the Firm.


Audrey Rice Oliver, president and CEO of Integrated Business Solutions, will be the featured lunchtime speaker for the Fourth Annual Women in Leadership (WIL) Conference, "New Designs on Life." Oliver has been recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners as Entrepreneur of the Year and by the State of California as having the Best Woman-Owned Business.

The WIL conference is Saturday, October 16, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Tickets ($35/general and $29/students) are available at the WIL table in the courtyard every Tuesday at lunch, online at http://haas.berkeley.edu/~wwil/conf99.htm or from Cheryl Proctor. This event sells out every year, so buy tickets early.


The Workshop on Collaboration and Standardization in Supply Chain Management will take place at Haas on October 25 and 26, 1999. Sponsored by the UC Berkeley Supply Chain Management Initiative, under the direction of Haas Professor Dorit Hochbaum, the workshop will feature a variety of speakers from industry and academia. Four main topics will be covered; supply chain partnerships, internet and information sharing, supply chain synchronization, and introducing uniform standards. The program for the workshop is available at http://groups.haas.berkeley.edu/scmi.

There are a limited number of spaces available for Haas faculty and graduate students. Send requests for spaces to scmi@haas. Final space availability information will be sent out on October 20.

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A San Francisco Chronicle article on Saturday, Oct. 2, on the 3rd quarter report, titled "Bay Area Bulls Still Running: Small tech upstarts are behind strong stock performances in third quarter" quoted Professor Jonathan Berk. In the article Berk warns that Bay Area tech startups are overvalued and will not continue to outpace major indexes forever.

Haas professor David Levine was quoted in "Captive Work Force Filling Labor Gaps" in the Sept. 22 issue of the Los Angeles Times. The article was about California's use of prison labor and covered both successes and failures in the program. Professor Levine was quoted on the ethical questions raised by the program.

Dean Laura Tyson wrote "A Massive Tax Cut: A Leap of Faith We Can't Afford" for her regular column in Business Week. Tyson argues against the tax-cut proposed by the Republican Congress citing several economic and political flaws in the plan. The column appeared on Sept. 20.

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