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Haas NewsWire, October 11, 1999

McGinn to Inaugurate Lucent Lecture Series at Haas
Haas Ranked for Social and Environmental Stewardship
Haas Undergrad Competes in E-commerce Case Competition
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Richard McGinn, chairman and CEO of Lucent Technologies, will speak at Haas to inaugurate the Management of Technology's new Lucent Technologies Communications Networking Lectures on November 2. The talk, titled "The Race to Build Next-Generation Networks," will begin at 4:00 pm in the Wells Fargo Room with an introduction by Dean Laura Tyson.

Lucent Technologies made a $100,000 endowment to the Management of Technology, a program administered jointly by the Haas School and the College of Engineering, to fund an annual lecture series on communications and networking technologies and a three-year Ph.D. fellowship in this field. McGinn will announce the first winner of the Lucent Fellowship on November 2.

McGinn entered the communications networking industry in 1969 at Illinois Bell and joined AT&T in 1978. After holding executive positions in AT&T's International and Computer Systems Groups, he moved to Network Systems, serving as CEO before helping to launch Lucent Technologies. Lucent is a spin-off of Bell Laboratories.

McGinn serves on the Board of Directors of Lucent Technologies Inc., Oracle Corporation, and American Express Company.

He is a member of The Business Council, the Executive Committee of the Council on Competitiveness, and The Business Roundtable.

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Social and environmental responsibility are a growing concern among MBA students. The World Resource Institute and the Initiative for Social Innovation through Business (a program of the Aspen Institute) have captured business schools' commitment to environmental and social stewardship in a recent report, titled "Beyond Grey Pinstripes: Preparing MBAs for Social and Environmental Stewardship."

The report, which is based on responses from 110 business schools, ranked schools according to their levels of activity in these two areas. Haas ranked with "significant activities" in social, and "moderate activities" in environmental stewardship.

The environmental ranking is based on institutional support, courses with environmental content, professors' publications in the area, and how each school puts all three elements together for the best overall program. The social ranking is based on institutional support, professors' publications, and strongest overall coverage of societal-business issues. The details of the report can be found at http://www.wri.org/bschools/html/01Forwrd.htm.

Haas students have shown significant interest in these two areas through clubs and initiatives such as the Socially Responsible Business Club and the Students for Students Fund, which supports students accepting low-paying nonprofit internships. The Haas administration complements their efforts from the curriculum side. The Corporate Environmental Management emphasis brings students together from five UC business schools for a joint study in environmental management. The Public and Nonprofit Management Program prepares students for careers with public companies or companies with links to nonprofits through training in marketing and fundraising, financial management, and other strategic courses. Finally, the Peterson Program in Business Ethics features ethics-related lectures and student activities.

To promote social and environmental initiatives at Haas, the school recently accepted a proposal to institute a Socially Responsible Business Leadership Program. This program would integrate the programs and courses currently offered in these areas at Haas into one program. The Haas NewsWire will provide more information on this program as it develops.

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Diana Rothschild, who was recently admitted to the Haas undergraduate program, has been selected to attend the Roland Berger & Partners "topics '99" International Consulting Case Competition in Lucerne, Switzerland. Rothschild is one of two students from California to be selected (the other is from Stanford.) This three-day event begins October 15. An international team of 80 students and 20 consultants from Roland Berger & Partners will attend the forum that focuses on e-commerce. Roland Berger & Partners plan to hold a "topics" session annually.

The case study session will take place on Saturday, when the attendees will develop strategies and discuss the impact of e-commerce on a real company. The case will be about a leading transportation firm that is a Roland Berger & Partners client. A member of the firm's board will attend to hear the results.

After the event, the results of the discussion will be posted on the Roland Berger & Partners homepage (http://www.rolandberger.com/meet/rifu/01.htm). For more information contact Monika Benecke, recruiting coordinator, Human Resources, Roland Berger & Partners at monika_benecke@de.rolandberger.com.

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The Daily Cal featured the Haas School's East Bay Outreach Project on its October 11 front page. The article describes the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas program in great detail. To view it go to http://www.dailycal.com/article.asp?id=545&ref=news.

The 1999 Women in Leadership Conference was given extensive coverage in the San Francisco Examiner on October 10. In the article titled, "The World Wide Women's Web" can be found at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/examiner/hotnews/stories/10/Beisenberg_sun.dtl.

The Haas School of Business was mentioned in the article "E-Commerce: From Buzzword to B-School" about the rise of e-commerce courses at prominent business schools in the October 5 issue of Intelligent Enterprise Magazine. The article can be found at http://www.intelligententerprise.com/990510/news2.shtml.

The research of professors Reuven Lehavy and Brett M. Trueman was mentioned in the October 4 issue of BusinessWeek Online. "Do Brokers' Picks Matter? Yes, but less than you might think" was about Lehavy and Trueman's research (with professor Brad M. Barber from UC Davis) on the effect of broker's choices on the long-term returns of their clients portfolios.

Professor Jonathan Berk was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 2. The article, "Bay Area Bulls Still Running," analyzed the third-quarter stock performance of over 400 Bay Area companies. Find the article at http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/1999/10/02/BU73815.DTL.

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