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Haas NewsWire, October 16, 1998

Career Center to Improve Services; Enhance Outreach to Recruiters
New Global Concentration Approved for Undergraduates
Ned Spieker to Receive Business Leader of the Year Award at Annual Dinner
New Faces this Fall
Awards & Achievements
Harsanyi Recovering Well After Back Sugery
Early Sign-Up for Halloween Ball=Free Admission
Haas Library Extends Hours
Register by October 19th for Ethics Seminar
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The Chetkovitch Career Center at the Haas School will undergo a major restructuring to improve its services for MBA students and to enhance its outreach and marketing efforts aimed at firms that recruit and hire MBA students, according to Jay Stowsky, Haas School associate dean for school affairs and special initiatives.

Among the enhancements will be the creation of three new account manager positions, which will have responsibility for developing solid relationships with current and prospective recruiting companies around the world. The Center will also actively work to increase the number of firms interviewing at Haas this year, start a career coaches program staffed by students, and launch new efforts to help MBA students be better prepared for interviews. Other enhancements include seeking more effective ways of getting student feedback on career services, increasing services for Evening MBA students and Haas alumni, and changing the physical layout of the Career Center offices to accommodate a higher level and quality of service.

Stowsky said that many of the improvements will be launched immediately, while others, such as hiring of new staff, will likely take a little longer to put into place. Specific details of the changes will be announced via the Career Center over the next several weeks.

"The essence of this plan is the creation of a highly pro-active, outward looking Career Center that is finely attuned and responsive to the needs of its chief clients: the MBA students and the corporate recruiting community," Stowsky said. "Our philosophy should center on listening to the customer: If what we are doing doesn't work, we'll change it. If there's a better way to do things, we want to know about it and want to implement it quickly."

Launching and managing of the restructuring plan will be the responsibility of CCC Director Laura Tyler, with the support of the Career Center staff. Tyler, who reports to Stowsky, said: "The entire staff is excited about the changes we'll be implementing. In particular, the new Account Managers will enable the school to strengthen our relationships with existing on-campus recruiters, as well as to market our students to additional employers. Also, more connection between the Career Center and students, through the career coaches program and a student advisory group, will allow us to quickly identify and meet student career needs."

Stowsky said the Career Center is committed to provide all Haas students with superb preparation for the interview process, and to work diligently in bringing world-class firms to Haas to recruit. He added, however, that it remains the responsibility of individual students to land their own job offers.

The Career Center is also dedicated to continuing to serve Haas undergraduate students, in collaboration with the campus career center, Stowsky noted.

The restructuring plans have been in development by Stowsky, Tyler and others since the summer, after Laura Tyson assumed the deanship of the Haas School. Stowsky emphasized that the changes are not quick reaction to Business Week, which last week listed the school's career center as the worst of the top 25 schools in its new ranking of business schools.

"For a long time, MBA students have been loud and clear that they want new and different approaches in this area," he said. "We really didn't need the magazine to identify this as a place in which to invest more time, effort, and resources. These changes were on the way already."

Dean Tyson called the plan "A very high priority for the school. One of our main goals is to be known world-wide for the quality, depth, and substance of our connections with the business community. Because these connections typically begin with the recruiting of our students, we must ensure that this is a productive experience for the firms and the students."

The new enhancements and improvements include:

Stowsky and Tyler emphasized their interest in getting student reactions to the restructuring, both now and as the changes are implemented over the coming weeks and months. "We need and want constructive feedback at every step of the way," said Stowsky. "This will succeed if students become partners in the effort, including getting involved in these activities."

Stowsky said other members of the Haas administration who regularly interact with companies will also be involved in the Career Center outreach effort.

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Further strengthening the school's commitment to one of its three key themes -- global management -- Haas faculty unanimously approved a proposal to implement the Global Management Concentration at the undergraduate level. This important step toward making international business a vital part of the undergraduate program now awaits final approval by the Academic Senate. "Based on the benchmarking we've done, we think this is the most rigorous program in the country at the undergraduate level," said Dan Himelstein, director of the Undergraduate Program. Himelstein is hopeful that the Academic Senate will approve the new concentration in time to implement it in Fall 1999.

Under the Global Management Concentration, Haas undergraduates dedicated to pursuing an internationally oriented education can supplement their core business work with courses in international business, language, and area studies. Students will also have the opportunity to further enhance their global perspective during a semester or two of study abroad.

For more information, contact the Undergraduate Office at 1-510-642-1421.

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Bay Area real estate executive Warren "Ned" Spieker, BS 66, will be recognized at the 1998 Alumni Celebration Dinner this Friday, October 23rd at 6 pm in the Wells Fargo Room at the Haas School. Spieker is a Haas advisory board member and a long-time participant in the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics (FCREUE). Spieker and his wife, Carol, BA 66 (political science), have also recently established an endowed chair in leadership at the school.

Spieker has been in the real estate business for over thirty years, building a real estate organization that many industry analysts consider one of the best in the business. Since going public in 1993, Spieker Properties has become one of the largest real estate investment trusts in the nation, and the largest west of the Mississippi. The company now owns and operates over 40 million square feet of office space in California and the Pacific Northwest, and has a total capitalization of approximately $5 billion.

The Haas School presents the Business Leader of the Year Award annually to an individual whose contributions to the school, to the profession, and to the community demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. The award presentation event is sold out.

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Corinth de Leon joined administrative services to assist Diana Burke with keys, textbooks, and course readers. Corinth, (pronounced Coreen) a San Francisco native, comes to Haas for a new challenge after thirteen years with KQED Television.

Robin Drouin is the new Associate Director of Admissions in the MBA Office. A Stanford MBA with an investment banking and consulting background, Robin is pursuing a longtime interest in higher education at the Haas School.

Michael Hildenbrand will be answering our calls to Helpdesk as the new resource specialist in the Computer Center. Michael has 15 years of experience with AT&T as well as a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from Berkeley.

Rose Ellen May has accepted the Major Gifts and Corporate Relations development assistant position. Rose Ellen has extensive experience in fundraising and development. Rose Ellen also has an M.S. in Rahabilitation Administration & Services.

Michael Roy recently joined the Media Services Team at the Computer Center as an Assistant Producer Director. Michael is an audio visual expert with nine years of experience on the Berkeley campus in various departments.

Jennifer Smith, who goes by 'Jenn,' is the new receptionist in the Dean's Suite. An Ohio native, Jenn joins us after serving in AmeriCorps, where she helped low income people find jobs in Madison, Wisconsin.

Michael Tunick started in student services in the Undergraduate Office after graduating from Berkeley with a BA in Economics. He is an openly-enthusiastic Cal fan with plans to go to graduate school, possibly at the Haas School.

Chelsea Valdes joined the Development and Alumni Offices as an Administrative Assistant. Chelsea comes to Haas from Houston, Texas, where she received her BA in Spanish Language and Linguistics from Rice University. Chelsea also worked at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

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Laura Tyson, a regular in the national business and economic media spotlight has made serveral recent appearances.

9/29/98: CNN Financial News, a live interview with Jan Hopkins.

9/29/98: PBS The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, a panelist discussing Fed's interest rate cut.

10/1/98: PBS Nightly Business Report, monthly commentary.

10/26/98: Business Week magazine, Economic Viewpoints Column explores the causes and remedies to the Asian financial crisis.

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Joan Rex, director of major gifts and corporate relations, gave birth to a son, Samuel John on October 2,1998.

Assistant professors Sunil Dutta and Rui de Figueiredo, were voted by the Appointments Committee to be Schwabacher Fellows for the academic year 1998-99. The Schwabacher is given annually to the assistant professors who show the greatest promise in their research potential and ultimate contribution to the Haas School.

Chris Barton, MBA 00, was selected to join several MBAA officers as a delegate to the UC Graduate Assembly, which represents UC graduate students to the University and the community.

Haas runners and supporters of the Bridge to Bridge run raised an astounding $1,192 for C4C and Special Olympics.

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Professor emeritus and Nobel laureate John Harsanyi thanks everyone for their get-well wishes and reports that his back surgery appears to have been very successful. He is already able to walk again and is continuing physical therapy before returning home.

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Tickets to the Halloween Bash at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt are free for C4C (Challenge for Charity) members if acquired in advance. Tickets are $20 for friends, family, staff, but only until Oct. 24th. After October 24th tickets are $25. All proceeds benefit the Special Olympics. Transportation between Berkeley and the Hyatt is available for $5. There are a limited number of tickets for the Ball and even fewer spots available on the Berkeley-SF party shuttle, so buy early. Tickets on sale in the court yard at luch time or drop off a check -- payable to "Challenge for Charity" -- to Stephanie Fischel's 1st year mailbox.

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Monday-Thursday: 7:45 am-10:00 pm

Friday: 7:45 am-5:00 pm

Saturday: 12 noon-5:00 pm (1 hour earlier)

Sunday: 12 noon-8:00 pm (1 hour earlier & 3 hours later)

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Registration is limited to 50 people for The Essence of Leadership in Business, a thought-provoking and reflective discussion on the ethical and moral issues we face in daily in our personal, career and community lives. Saturday, October 31 from 8 am to 3 pm in the B of A Forum. To register, send email to Andrea Cu at acu@haas.berkeley.edu.

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Ph.D. Seminars:

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