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Haas NewsWire, October 18, 1999

New Haas Faculty Directory Goes Live
Big Names Lined Up for the 1999-2000 Business Faculty Research Dialogue
Supply Chain Management and the New Economy: Collaboration and Standardization
Second Years Dine and Dish with Dean Tyson
New Librarian at Long Library
One-Stop Shopping for Haas Events Information
Happening at Haas

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The Marketing & Communications Office will be linking the new Faculty Directory to the Haas homepage within a matter of days. The Faculty Directory will eventually feature a total of 171 biographies with photos by alphabetical listing and by academic department. The goal of this site is to provide a consistent, accurate, and up-to-date biographical summary of all Haas faculty and senior administration officials. In the absence of a printed media guide, the Faculty Directory on the web serves as the central source of faculty information for internal and external audiences, including the media.

Due to its enormous size and constant need for updates, this Faculty Directory is a work in progress. In order to avoid a further delay in making it a public site, the Marketing & Communications Office has decided to post the Faculty Directory while several photos and biographies are yet to be completed. These items will be completed over the next two months.

In the future, the Faculty Directory will be updated regularly by the Marketing & Communications Office. Changes in titles, appointments, office hours, etc. will be updated once a semester. Once a year, during the summer, the Marketing & Communications Office will actively seek content updates from faculty and senior administration officials regarding new publications, research interests, etc. For updates that have to be made during the semester, please send requests to Debra Goldentyer, the web editor. She will post changes within two weeks of receiving the request.

Debra Goldentyer can be reached at goldenty@haas.berkeley.edu or at 643-3847.

The current look of the Faculty Directory is temporary. The web team of the Marketing & Communications Office, in collaboration with an outside design firm, will change the organization and the look and feel of the entire Haas School web site over the course of this fall. The Faculty Directory will be part of this redesign. The objective of this redesign is to provide a better structure for the myriad Haas web pages and to allow for more user-friendly navigation of the site. The long-term goal is to make the Haas Faculty Directory a searchable and interactive database. The Haas NewsWire will keep you posted on this initiative.

In the meantime, the Marketing & Communications Office thanks the faculty for their enthusiastic response during the last round of reviews and for their patience as we continue to improve and update the Faculty Directory.

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This year's Business Faculty Research Dialogue will once again bring world-class speakers to Haas. Not only is the head of the World Bank coming to speak, but also scheduled are the Secretary of the Treasury and Haas' very first Distinguished Global Visiting Professor, Richard Portes.

Richard Portes, professor of economics at the London Business School and Haas' distinguished global visiting professor will speak on March 3, 2000. The date for Lawrence H. Summers, secretary of the treasury, is yet to be determined. James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank Group will speak this Friday, October 22, at 4:00 pm. Wolfensohn will be speaking in the Andersen Auditorium. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis to those who have not RSVP'd.

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Supply chain management may not sound like the most glamorous of pursuits, but in the ever-changing world of e-commerce it is becoming a hot topic. A number of Haas faculty in the Manufacturing and Information Technology group research aspects of supply chain management. Two of these professors, Dorit Hochbaum and Jayashankar Swaminathan, have helped to organize a workshop on Collaboration and Standardization in Supply Chain Management on October 25 and 26 for the UC Berkeley Supply Chain Management Initiative.

Swaminathan explains that supply chain management is, "looking at end-to-end processes -- right from the time a product is designed to when it is delivered. That is -- design, procurement, production, and delivery." Swaminathan's research focuses on how firms can cope with the new demands for mass customization while keeping cost under control. "It is good for the customer, but it puts a lot of demand on the supply chain," said Swaminathan.

The workshop will focus on how firms could share information and collaborate with each other using the Internet and world wide web. "With the advent of e-commerce, information within the supply chain is more readily available," says Swaminathan.

With this potential sharing and collaboration, there also needs to be standardization, the second major topic of the workshop. Attendees from both industry and academia will spend two days discussing these issues and searching for solutions.

There are a limited number of spaces available for Haas faculty and graduate students at the workshop. Send requests for spaces to scmi@haas. Final space availability information will be sent out on October 20.

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Dean Laura Tyson has invited the entire MBA class of 2000 to lunch on Wednesday. Pizza, soft drinks, and chatting with the dean will start at 12:30 pm on the Fisher Steps (the stairs on the west side of Haas leading up to the Fisher gate). Dean Tyson will also give a short overview of the major projects the Haas administration is pursuing.

Dean Tyson will introduce Ilse Evans, the new executive director of MBA admissions and the career center. Also attending will be Jay Stowsky, associate dean for affairs and initiatives, Andy Shogan, associate dean of Instruction, and David Downes, director of the MBA program.

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Rebecca Lhermite joined the staff of the Long Business & Economics Library on October 14. Becky, as she likes to be called, will be working half-time as a reference and instruction librarian. She comes to Long Library with an impressive career of library service at the University of California. Becky worked for many years as the librarian in the Office of the President, and has contributed her excellent reference skills at the School of Law Library, the Education/Psychology Library, and the Government and Social Sciences Information Service. She will continue as head of the library at the California Continuing Education of the Bar, a half- time position. Becky will work afternoons Monday to Friday.

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The Haas web site (www.haas.berkeley.edu) once again offers a one-stop shop to find a listing of all Haas events. You'll find academic calendar deadlines, executive education events, club events, social functions, seminars, and other upcoming events for the Haas community. If you're publicizing events, this is the place to post them. If you're looking for events, this is the place to look for them. You'll find the link to the events calendar on the front page of the web site. For information on how to post events, contact the web editor, Debra Goldentyer, at goldenty@haas or 643-3847.

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Dean Tyson's column, Economic Viewpoint, in Business Week (October 25) analyzed the factors behind the Clinton Administration's decisions to bailout some countries (Mexico) and not others (Ecuador). Tyson reasons that the decision not to offer a bailout package to Ecuador sends a message to investors to be more prudent when investing in emerging-market economies.

Hal Varian, professor at Haas and dean at the School of Information Management Systems, was quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (October 18). The article dealt with whether the Internet has halted inflation. It also gives examples of the Internet forcing retailers to reduce prices for consumer goods as well as allowing some retailers to raise prices for certain goods.

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