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Haas NewsWire, October 25, 1999

Hot New Classes This Spring: E-health and Leadership
Undergraduate Application Goes On-line
New Positions for Two Haas Staff Members
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Haas launches E-Health Course This Spring

In keeping with Haas' commitment to cutting-edge classes, this spring the topic of the seminar in Health Services Management taught by Professor Paul J. Gertler will be e-health and information technology. "This is one of the first classes ever to do a comprehensive analysis of information technology and e-health," says Gertler.

Why is e-health such a hot topic? Gertler explained that health related sites receive the second largest number of hits on the web. In the expanding area of e-health, consumers are finding advice, ratings of physicians, prescriptions, information, and supplies. With this flood of services and information online, there are also big problems, like ensuring quality and security, which are among the areas the seminar participants will explore. On the information technology side of the equation, information technology provides an opportunity to vastly improve the flow of information for providers of health services. Better utilization of IT could help with clinical decision-making, the availability of medical records, and managing billing and supplies.

The seminar will look at all aspects of e-health and IT in the health services industry. "We are going to bring in people from the provider side -- health plans, pharmacies, and hospitals. We will see if the demands of the providers are being met from the e-side -- what the IT and web companies are offering. The class will take this research and publish a white paper on e-health," says Gertler.

This seminar is part of the Program in Health Management that offers both a 3-year joint MBA/MPH degree and a Certificate in Health Management within the MBA program.

Learning Leadership At Haas

"What is the true value added of leadership?" This is the primary question Professor Jennifer Chatman poses when she is teaching leadership skills to students. This spring, Chatman will be offering a course in leadership in both the day and evening MBA programs for the first time titled "Leading Change and Leveraging Culture." For this course, Chatman is following a very similar framework to the one she uses for her popular executive development program course of the same title.

The leadership course will consist of four components. First, each class member will complete a self-assessment of their leadership skills, as well as asking current and former co-workers and managers for an assessment. "Students will use this as a way to identify their specific strengths and areas for improvement that they face," says Chatman. Second, Professor Chatman will bring in outside speakers, many of whom will present a real case to the class based on a situation they face in their role as a leader. Third, the students will participate in exercises to learn the effective behavioral approaches to leading others. As Chatman puts it, "leadership is about creating the opportunity to allow everybody else to do their best work." Finally, students will work in teams to analyze a real business leader's successes and failures for a semester long team project.

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The undergraduate office has had great success this semester making their application available online to prospective Haas students.

In the past, students could pick up the application from the Undergraduate Program office only during the fourth week of classes. While they could pick them up Monday through Friday, the application had to be returned exactly two weeks from the day that it was picked it up. A great deal of staff time was taken to track each applicant as they picked up and turned in their application. This process, as well as the cost of printing paper applications, inspired the change to an online application.

For the spring semester, all interested students were given instructions on how to access the on-line application. "So if a student wanted to pick up the application at midnight, they could just go to the web," said Annie Lai, director of admissions and assistant director for the Undergraduate Program office. Once the application was completed and printed out, the student simply had to drop it off at the Undergraduate Program office. There were about 140 applicants for the spring 2000 class.

The application is still available on-line for future applicants. Each semester the business essay topics will change.

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Chelsea Valdes has recently moved into the Haas Development Office. She is the new development assistant in Major Gifts and Corporate Relations. Chelsea formerly worked as the assistant in Haas Alumni Relations office. In her new position, Chelsea will research and help prepare special acknowledgements, briefings, prospect strategies, and proposals. She will assist with the work of the New Century Campaign Committee and maintain the major donor prospects lists and ratings. In addition, Chelsea will help organize and manage a stewardship program ensuring that donors receive appropriate recognition and regular contact from the school. Chelsea can now be reached at 2-1907.

Linda Coffee is the new assistant in the Haas Alumni Relations office. She formerly worked with the Haas School's Chetkovich Career Center where she was the main receptionist. Linda will assist Tenny Frost and Trish Ordonez with the wide range of special Alumni Relations events, programs, and online services. She will be the primary contact for the on-line community services. Linda can be reached at 2-7790.

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The November 1 issue of Fortune featured rankings of the 200 hottest small companies. Among these companies was Advent Software, which ranked number 69 (up from 129th last year). Advent was founded by Haas grad Stephanie DiMarco, BS 79, who continues to serve as its CEO and chairman.

The article, "The Young and the Loaded", in the September 27 issue of Fortune magazine, features Eric Brewer as one of America's 40 richest people under 40. He founded Inktomi with Haas alum Kevin Brown. In the same issue, "Valley of the Dollars" features Haas alum Michael Levine who works at eBay and is trying to maintain a balance between work and family life.

Professor Severin Borenstein was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on October 20. The article, "Bay Area Gas Drops 7 cents in Past 4 Weeks," covered the decrease in gas prices now that the summer driving season is over. Borenstein explained that the lower gas prices were also a result of a decrease in oil prices after OPEC members exceeded production limits they set in March.

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UC Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum

Latin American Business Speakers Series

(Open to all interested students and faculty)


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