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Haas NewsWire, November 6, 1998

Haas Career Center Director Resigns
International Financial Times Journalist to Speak
Teach-In Announced
Supply Chain Initiative Kicks Off
Staff Encounter: Pat Murphy
Activities, Awards & Achievements
CMR Publishes New Issue
Student UC Regent Needed, Apply Now
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Laura Tyler, director of Chetkovich Career Center at the Haas School of Business for the past three years, has decided to leave her position and pursue a career in private industry, according to Jay Stowsky, associate dean of school affairs and initiatives. Tyler and the Career Center report to Stowsky.

Tyler will remain as director of the center, managing day-to-day affairs, at least through the beginning of the new year. Other staff members in the center will assist Tyler in managing operations, and some may take on increased responsibilities, temporarily, as necessary, to ensure that a high level of service is maintained. Stowsky said a top priority is ensuring the smooth operation of the center during the leadership transition.

An additional priority is the search for a new director, which will commence immediately, according to Stowsky. Details of the search effort will be announced soon.

Until a new director is selected, Stowsky will oversee several new initiatives of the Career Center. The initiatives, which were announced recently, are part of a major restructuring effort to improve the Center's services for MBA students and to enhance its outreach and marketing efforts aimed at firms that recruit and hire MBA students.

For example, Stowsky will lead a team that will begin hiring three new account representatives to manage relationships with companies that recruit Haas students. Other members of the team doing the hiring will include Laura Brehm, assistant dean for development and alumni relations, and Richard Kurovsky, executive director of marketing and communications.

Tyler's position at Haas was her first in the non-profit sector. Her background includes working for over 22 years in human resources management and recruiting for Bechtel, BASF, and other technical organizations. Tyler holds a BA degree from UCLA and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

"Laura Tyler has made important contributions to the development of the Career Center at Haas during her time here," said Stowsky. "We wish her well in her new endeavors."

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Every aspiring businessperson should build a network of contacts, and that network should include a few big-name business journalists. Here is your chance.

Peter Martin, a leading British business journalist, will speak on Tuesday, November 10, in the library of the School of Journalism (North Gate Hall -- a short walk down the hill from Haas). Martin, a regular columnist and editor of the International Editions of the Financial Times (London), will speak on how one of the world's leading financial newspapers is covering the global economic crisis. He will also take questions from the audience.

In his capacity as an editor, he is responsible for editions printed in France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Japan, Hong Kong and Italy, with daily circulation of 180,000, or 50% of the Financial Times's total sales. He writes a column each week on a variety of business, economic and finance issues. Prior to joining the Financial Times in 1988, he worked for The Economist in a number of senior positions, including chief of the magazine's New York City Bureau and managing director of The Economist Intelligence Unit.

The talk is jointly sponsored by the Haas School of Business and the School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, and will be held at 3:30 p.m. Haas undergraduate and graduate students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

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On Friday afternoon November 20, 1998, Dean Laura Tyson is suspending regular classes at the Haas School and holding a special "Teach-In" for Haas Students on the Global Financial Crisis. The program will consist of a series of small panel discussions, examining the effects of the crisis on the United States in the high-technology, real estate, consulting services, and banking/venture finance sectors. This event will be held at the International House auditorium from 1:00-5:00 p.m.

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The Supply Chain Management Initiative (SCMI) held an all-day conference on Thursday that brought together Haas and other UC Berkeley faculty with users and providers of supply chain management solutions. Industry leaders from Oracle, SAP, IBM, i2 Technologies, HP, and ILOG each gave presentations on their areas of supply chain expertise. Supply Chain Management, broadly defined, seeks to find new tools and techniques for managing the varied yet related activities of complex businesses, particularly in the management of a global enterprise.

Thursday's well-attended conference, focused on high-tech industries. Future events will explore themes that matched the interest of industry and academia as expressed by conference attendees. A conference focusing specifically on problems of logistics in the management of a complex multi-national supply chain is planned for the spring, said professor Dorit Hochbaum, the SCMI director, who is involved in multiple research projects on SCMI topics, as is assistant professor Jayashankar Swaminathan. Contact Professor Hochbaum directly for more information at hochbaum@haas.berkeley.edu, or consult the UC Berkeley Supply Chain Initiative home page at http://groups.haas.berkeley.edu/scmi/.

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The new book Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy, by Haas professors Hal Varian and Carl Shapiro, is making quite a splash. Information Rules has been a top five best nonfiction seller at Amazon.com since its release in early November, and continues to receive extensive media attention. Reviews by the San Francisco Chronicle (October 24), Business 2.0 (November), InfoWorld (October 24), and Fast Company (November) hail Information Rules as a definitive guide to the economics of technology. The book is also exerpted in the Harvard Business Review (November-December), CIO (October 15), The Industry Standard (November 2), and Wired (October). Quotes from the book also appear in The New Yorker (September 21), and The Atlantic Monthly (September).

Professor Jerry Engel, the Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Haas was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about the challenges of funding an entrepreneurial enterprise. The article should appear in the Journal in mid-November.

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Pat Murphy, a multi-talented force behind the multi-faceted Institute of Management, Innovation, & Organization (IMIO), won't take a lot of credit for the accomplishments of the Institute, which supports the activities of six research centers and seven programs, and an academic journal. Although she's "involved in everything you can imagine," she credits IMIO Director David Teece: "He's the innovator, but I actually try and stay a step ahead of him because he moves so fast." Murphy has been assisting with the direction of IMIO since 1991, but she has been with the Haas School for "many years."

Having taken most of the MBA core classes, Pat is well qualified to pilot IMIO administration. One of her responsibilities is raising funds. Pat has assisted and co-written several grant proposals since 1989 that have helped to fund IMIO in excess of $15 million. UC Berkeley faculty and Haas PhDs are supported with funds from the various grants that IMIO has received; thus far this academic year, PhD support has reached $147,000.

Pat commutes from Fairfield with her daughter Jennifer, a ninth-grader at Bentley High School in Lafayette. Although there isn't much time to spare after coordinating Jennifer's many activities, Pat travels extensively. She went to Russia, China and Japan this past summer.

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Former undergraduate director Mike Thompson and his wife Kayo have a new baby boy, Ken Michael. Ken was born Saturday, October 31st at 8:48 p.m. (Japan time).

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The just published fall issue of the Haas School's management journal, California Management Review, contains three articles by Haas students and faculty. Robert Cole's article, "Learning from the Quality Movement: What Did and Didn't Happen and Why," draws on material that will appear in his forthcoming book, Managing Quality Fads. "Reversal of Fortune? The Recovery of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry," is co-authored by David Mowery and Jeffery Macher, a Ph.D student in Business and Public Policy. Rose Marie Ham, who is also a doctoral student in Business and Public Policy, is a co-author of "The Evolving Role of Semiconductor Consortia in the U.S. and Japan."

Complimentary copies of California Management Review are now available for Haas students in the MBA Lounge (in front of the mailboxes). Faculty and doctoral students are encouraged to submit practitioner-oriented research for publication in CMR; please contact professor David Vogel, CMR's editor.

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Did you know that a student sits on the Board of Regents for the University of California? Did you know that the Student Regent helps to make policy decisions on issues that affect students on all nine campuses such a student fees, UC investments, and affirmative action? Did you know that all University fees and tuition are waived during the Student Regent's academic year of service?

The deadline to apply is 12:00 noon, Friday, November 13, 1998. Applications must be submitted in person to the Chancellor's Office, 200 California Hall. Applications and more information are available at Student Activities and Services, 102 Sproul Hall, 9-4 pm. Contact Susan ten Bosch Paull, Student Regent Recruitment Coordinator, 642-7507, tenpaull@uclink4.berkeley.edu. Applications are also available at the UC Regents Web site at http://www.ucop.edu/regents (click on Regents icon).

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(free and open to interested students and faculty)


The activities of our globe-trotting alumni network have been added this week. If you find yourself in one of the chapter cities listed, please join the extended Haas family.

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