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Haas NewsWire, November 13, 2000

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Masters of Financial Engineering Degree Offered by the Haas School
Second Annual Nation-Wide Social Venture Business Plan Competition Launches
The Second E-Business Seminar Series: "Stuck in The Bozo Filter"
Patricof Gives Second Business Faculty Research Dialogue
The Future of Communications Networking from the President Of Bell Labs
New Staff
Haas in the News
Happening at Haas

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As many in the Haas community have heard, the Haas School has established a new one-year Masters of Financial Engineering (MFE) degree program aimed at preparing candidates with superior analytical skills for a growing niche of quantitative finance careers. Berkeley's MFE is the first such degree program in the US offered entirely under the auspices of a business school.

Taught by finance faculty from UC Berkeley's Haas School and UCLA's Anderson School of Management, the MFE Program will prepare students for jobs as risk managers, investment bankers, asset managers, derivatives traders, and developers of specialized securities at the world's leading commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, and corporate and public treasury departments.

"Haas is training a new generation of financial engineers who will be in strong demand in the modern finance marketplace," said Haas School Dean Laura Tyson. "The program will also offer students the distinct advantage of being part of a world-class business school with its first-rate career services, practical internships, and alumni network."

The inaugural MFE class, the Class of '02, will begin taking courses at the Haas School on the Berkeley campus in April 2001 and will graduate in March 2002. Forty-five MFE students have been admitted into the first class. It is the first US program to offer its students a three-month internship at a top financial firm as part of the learning experience. Its leading-edge curriculum will balance teaching the latest financial theory with practical applications of financial modeling concepts.

The MFE program is taught by Haas School faculty Jonathan Berk, Greg Duffee, Nils Hakansson, Dwight Jaffee, Hayne Leland, Richard Lyons, Terry Marsh, John O'Brien, Mark Rubinstein, Miguel Simon-Cantillo, Domingo Tavella, and Nancy Wallace, as well as Francis Longstaff and Rossen Valkanov from UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

"We're seeing tremendous interest among talented individuals coming from technical backgrounds, such as nuclear physicists, mathematicians, and engineers who are in narrow jobs and are keen to transition to a brand new career where opportunities are abundant and continue to grow," says MFE Executive Director John O'Brien. O'Brien came to Haas after having served as managing director at Credit Suisse Asset Management (CSAM), a multi-billion dollar asset management company.

Students will have the option of earning both an MBA and MFE degree concurrently from the Haas School over two years. The MFE program will be a self-sufficient program funded by student fees and industry sponsorships. The tuition for the MFE degree is $32,000. Students in the concurrent degree will pay the MFE fee in addition to regular MBA fees.

Founding sponsors include some of the world's top financial firms, namely AIG Inc., Barclays Global Investors, BARRA Inc., Gifford Fong Associates, Goldman Sachs and Co., KMV LLC, MBIA Inc., Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Quantal International Inc., and The Dean Witter Foundation. Sponsoring firms will be accepting interns from the programs.

For further information on the MFE visit the MFE web site at http://mfe.haas.berkeley.edu.

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On November 20, the second Haas Social Venture Business Plan Competition will launch with an event in the Wells Fargo room at 6:00 p.m. The event will include information about social ventures and rules for the competition. It will be followed by a reception to allow potential teams to network.

Prior to the launch, a special Rules Forum will take place featuring seven entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and philanthropists who are highly experienced at implementing and growing businesses with dual bottom lines, who will assess the competition's judging criteria. They will make recommendations to ensure that the social impact claimed in the business plans is genuinely attributable to the business' operations and that the method of quantification of that nonmarket impact is valid.

Last year's inaugural competition exceeded all expectations, drawing sixty-six teams representing MBA students from 23 of the nation's top business schools to submit plans. Fourteen thousand dollars was distributed among the top three plans, including a ten thousand dollar first prize. In addition, these three teams won the opportunity to have their plans reviewed by a group of 150 "socially responsible" angel investors, called the Investors' Circle. One of the teams, Visible Hand, a web-based facilitator of "best practice" development initiatives in the third world, has received $500,000 in seed funding.

The winner from last year was easyDiabetes, which provides a centralized, Internet-based diabetes data management system that minimizes the costs of medical complications associated with the current diabetes information management systems. In Year 5 its revenues are projected at $26M, and its cumulative cost savings to society are projected at $96M. The runner-up was Ripple Effects, an interactive software program that helps troubled teenagers develop social skills. Ripple Effect projects revenues by Year 3 at $10M, and direct quantifiable social impact in Year 3 at $17M, based on reductions in school absentee rates and social skills curriculum expenditures, and on tax revenues from statistically increased wage potential among customers of the product.

The entry criteria for the competition are: each team must have at least one current MBA student from any accredited graduate school of business in the US (not just Haas); the plans must be for businesses that incorporate a social or environmental bottom line into their regular operations and their mission; and plans must be for an original, innovative idea for a startup business that is profitable and has a quantifiable social or environmental bottom line.

The schedule for the competition is:

For more information on the competition, please visit http://groups.haas.berkeley.edu/socialventure/.

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The next Fisher Center for the Strategic Use of Information Technology E-Business Executive Seminar features Tom Gable, chairman and CEO of the Gable Group, who will address the pitfalls of dot-com marketing and PR. The lecture, "Stuck in the Bozo Filter: Reputation Management -- How startups can escape fuzzy branding and bad media relations," takes place on Friday, November 17, 2000, at 5:00 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Room. The event is free and open to the public. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gable will review the nine easy ways to kill a startup with PR, provide "worst of PR" examples the media hate, and explain a few secrets of proper positioning -- methods companies have used to make a difference with intelligence and personality. "Startups can't cross the chasm or ride the tornado weighted down with fuzzy branding and bad media relations," writes Gable, "There is no denying the power of good public relations to launch a company from the ground up, build the brand, and support a company's business and marketing plans over time. But in today's fast-moving economy, clutter abounds. News about a company is often ignored if it doesn't have a big number attached to it, tell a bigger story, or have a unique twist."

For more information, go to http://groups.haas.berkeley.edu/fcsuit/Tom_Gable_abstract.htm.

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Alan Patricof, chairman and general partner of Patricof & Co, delivers the second of this year's series of Business Faculty Research Dialogues on Wednesday, November 29, at 12:30 p.m. in the Wells Fargo room. The event is free and open to the public. The topic for the series is "The Shakeout in Cyberspace: What's Next for the Dot-Coms?"

Alan Patricof founded Patricof & Co. Ventures, Inc. in 1969 in the US and expanded the firm to Europe in 1977. He now serves as chairman and general partner. Patricof & Co. is an active investor that most often takes a lead investor or sole investor position.

Patricof is actively involved in the venture capital and small business communities. In 1995, he served as chairman of the White House Conference on Small Business Commission. In 1992, he served as chairman of Entrepreneurs for Clinton/Gore. He also has served as a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission of the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Capital Formation Subcommittee of the Competitiveness Policy Council.

Mr. Patricof holds a BS in finance from Ohio State University and an MS in finance from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

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"Beyond 2001: Trends, Developments and Opportunities in Communications Networking" by Arun Netravali, president of Bell Labs, is the topic of the second annual Lucent Lecture at 4:00 p.m. on November 30 in the Wells Fargo Room. This event is open to faculty, staff, students, and alumni on a first-come, first-served basis.

Netravali will discuss the predicted changes in the underlying science and technologies of silicon, optics, wireless, and software that will bring us an immense variety of natural, network-based communication services. He believes that these services will connect people, institutions, and enterprises with one another and with every conceivable kind of information and product to improve personal and business productivity and vastly expand human knowledge, wisdom, and commerce. Netrivali is regarded as a pioneer in the field of digital technology and led the research and development of Bell Lab's high definition television effort. He previously was executive vice president of Research, and since 1995, has been responsible for Bell Labs' basic research efforts in areas relating to physical sciences and mathematics.

The Management of Technology program, a joint program between the Haas School of Business, the College of Engineering, and the School of Information Management and Systems, sponsors the annual Lucent Lecture.

Bell Labs is the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies. The Annual Lucent Lecture Series in Networking and Communication was established in 1999. The series brings leading technologists to the Haas School of Business. Lucent Technologies annually awards a three-year fellowship to a Ph.D. student in the networking and communications field. At this year's lecture, Ph.D. student Gwendolyn Kuo-Fang Lee will be awarded the Lucent fellowship award by Mr. Netravali.

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Meg St. John has been appointed the assistant director for the Evening MBA Program. She holds an MBA from the University of Washington and BFA from Syracuse University. Her most recent work experience was as a marketing research analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She will be handling marketing, admissions, and student services for the Evening MBA Program. She writes, "I live in North Berkeley, I like to sail and snowboard, and I have four cats." She can be reached at 510-642-1406 or via e-mail mstjohn@haas.berkeley.edu. Her office is in S460.


Cindy Jennings is the new graduate admissions advisor in the MBA Admissions office. She previously worked at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda in Law Admissions and as a career counseling intern last academic year at Counseling & Psychological Services in the Tang Center. She holds a BA from Cal and a master's degree in counseling from Saint Mary's College. Cindy lives in Oakland. Her interests include hiking and reading (she would appreciate any good book recommendations). She also enjoys attending Cal football and basketball games. She can be reached at 510-642-1405 or via e-mail at jennings@haas.berkeley.edu.

Tiffany Marie Grimsley joins MBA Admissions as a graduate admissions advisor. She holds a BA from UC Santa Barbara in communication studies and black studies. Prior to coming to Haas, she was an executive assistant for MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement), based in the University of California Office of the President. She has also taught at Berkeley High School. In her new position, she advises applicants on admissions procedures. She is also developing evaluative surveys to be used by admissions and working with Cindy Jennings to develop a network of MBA alumni to help us more effectively involve Haas alumni in MBA admissions activities and events. Tiffany was born in Berkeley and grew up in El Cerrito. "I have lived in the Bay Area my entire life, with the exception of the 5 years I spent in Santa Barbara and a 3-month student abroad program in France," says Tiffany. She may be reached at 510-642-1405 or via e-mail at grunsley@haas.berkeley.edu.

Pam Maestas is the new receptionist in the MBA Admissions office. She previously worked as an administrative assistant for an owner of multiple small businesses in El Sobrante. She volunteers for "Greyhound Friends for Life," a rescue group for retired racing greyhounds, and currently has two greyhounds (Xena and Cisco) in charge of her house. She can be reached at 510-642-1955 or via e-mail at maestas@Haas.Berkeley.EDU.

All of these new staff members have cubicles in MBA Admissions, S440.


Steven M. Holden, the new recruiting systems manager, spent the past three years at Wells Fargo in Customer Service and spent fifteen years prior to that in the hospitality industry. He describes his job duties at, "Making sure as many people as possible get to meet recruiters at the right times." Steven writes, "I have almost as much fun with data as I do playing Civ II. I spend entirely too much time on my computer. Or on the phone. Or both. I read a lot and love walking through campus on the way to catch BART. Everyone here has made me feel very welcome -- thank you." He can be reached at 510-64 3-2024 or via e-mail holden@haas.berkeley.edu. His office is in S330A.


Maria Gallo has joined the Career Center as an administrative assistant. She will handle reception and library duties. She was a bilingual teacher for nine years and holds a UC Extension TESL Certificate. She is from Argentina and is the spouse of an MBA student. She may be reached at 510-642-8124 or via e-mail at mgallo@haas.berkeley.edu.

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Scott Galloway, MBA 92, and his company, Brand Farm, and Ian Chaplin, MBA 92, were featured in the November 28 issue of Business 2.0.

MBA Student Mathew Fogarty was quoted in the November 14 issue of Business 2.0 in an article titled, "VC On Campus."

Paul Newman's visit to the Haas School was mentioned in Fortune Small Business magazine on November 13. He was one of the heroes mentioned in the article, "Heroes of Small Business From Apple's Steve Jobs to Kinko's Founder ."

Pete Sealey, adjunct professor of marketing, was quoted in Red Herring on November 10 in the article, "URLiquidation." Sealey commented on the new practice of dot-coms trying to sell their domain names along with other assets when they go out of business. Sealey said that if the original business model didn't work, the domain names don't have much value.

Janet Yellen, the Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Professor of Business Administration, was quoted in the Boston Globe on November 9, on the effect of gridlock in Washinton D.C. on the financial markets.

Florian Zettelmeyer authored an article on online car buying in MBA BulletPoint. Read the issue at www.mbabulletpoint.com.

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