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Deputy Dean Leaving Haas
Teach-In Update
State of the School Address, December 1
Undergrads Wow EDS In Case Competitions
Newsmakers: Berkeley Business Incubator in New York Times
Haas Enquirer: Roy Neitzke
Big Game BBQ
Haas Community Service Update
Marketing & Communications Announcement
MBA Lounge Gets Microwave
Campus Charitable Campaign Kicks Off
Happening Next Week

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Today Dean Tyson announced that Marybeth Schubert, deputy dean of the Haas School, will be leaving the school in December 1998.

Schubert and her husband have long planned a relocation to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and her decision to leave predates Tyson's appointment as Dean of the Haas School.

Schubert has been instrumental in developing and managing the strategic vision and priorities of the new administration at Haas. "The Haas School is losing a star performer," said Dean Tyson. "Marybeth's strong analytical abilities, unfailingly good judgment, and boundless energy and enthusiasm have benefited me personally for a long time, and in just a few months she has made a lasting contribution to the Haas School. I will miss her greatly."

The search for a replacement will start immediately, according to Jay Stowsky, associate dean for school affairs and initiatives.

Schubert has worked closely with Dean Tyson for nearly a decade. They first met in 1989 while Schubert was serving as project coordinator for the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE). In 1992 she declined an offer to accompany Tyson to the White House, but agreed to direct her research and public relations activities following Tyson's return to UC Berkeley in January 1997.

"I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to participate in the successful first months of this administration," said Schubert. "It's been fun and exciting to work with all the exceptionally talented members of the Dean's staff and the Haas faculty to identify the challenges and opportunities facing the school, and to work at improving all aspects of the school's performance."

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Dean Tyson is suspending regular classes at the Haas School and holding a special "Teach-In" on the Global Financial Crisis on Friday afternoon, November 20. The teach-in was prompted by the threat the East Asian financial crisis and its impact on the economies of Japan, Russia, and Latin America now poses to the US economy.

"I believe the Haas School, by virtue of its superb faculty and its location on the edge of the Pacific Rim and among the powerful high technology companies of Northern California, should take the lead in offering an innovative and meaningful academic discourse in response to these profound events in the world economy," said Tyson when she announced the teach-in.

Peter Tarnoff, who was Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 1993 to 1997 and now serves as president of the International Advisory Corporation, will give the keynote speech. Dean Tyson will offer her views on the macro economy as part of the first panel. Haas faculty will chair panel discussions examining the effects of the crisis on the consulting, real estate, high-technology, and banking/venture finance sectors.

The teach-in will be held at the International House auditorium from 1:00-5:00 p.m. With a capacity of 450 people, the I-House auditorium will be able to accommodate many more students than the Haas School's Andersen Auditorium. Seats are still available. Dean Tyson hopes to see as many students as possible from all four degree programs.

Free readers for the teach-in will be distributed on Friday, November 13th, from 12-1 pm in the BankAmerica Forum. Or you can pick up copies in the program offices and from the reception desk in the Dean's Suite of Haas located at S522.

For a complete agenda of the day's activities, click here.

For biographies of the keynote speaker and panelists, click here.

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Dean Laura Tyson is scheduled to make a State of the School address on Tuesday, December 1, at 12:30 pm in the Bank of America Forum.

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After years of frustrating defeats in case competitions, the undergraduate team representing the Haas School at the 1998 EDS Case Challenge in Plano, Texas brought home the 2nd place trophy. The traveling Haas team members, Rebecca Booth, Ed Chen, Gene Oh, and Felicia Woo, who competed with 48 teams from universities around the country, each won sizable cash awards. Faculty advisor Arturo Perez-Reyes accompanied the team to Texas.

What made this team more competitive? According to selection committee member George Cluff, "We played to win this year." The committee changed its selection process and prepared student participants for the rigorous case interview competitions. According to Booth, "We were able to work on two BA 190 case seminars as a team. I think it really helped that we got to know each other before we left for Texas. The most important ingredient, however, was that we respected each other's feelings and were open to different ways of seeing the world." Chen agreed, "Now I really understand how synergies can happen in a group. It was a wonderful experience."

The Haas team also impressed EDS recruiters. "Upon our return, we received a card from a recruiter asking us to call to set up interviews. So, there are definite opportunities available," said Woo.

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The Berkeley Business Incubator is featured in today's New York Times Cybertimes edition (Friday, November 13). The story, titled "Business School Nurtures Entrepreneurs," by Matt Richtel, discusses the merits of business incubators and entrepreneurial business study, and talks extensively about Haas School programs. The story features Jim Moliski, MBA 99, and his Internet start-up, MarketHome, and mentions second-years Scott Kucirek and Jaun Mini. All rent space in the Berkeley Business Incubator. Incubator director and Haas School professor John Freeman is also interviewed. To read the full story, click here or look for it on the Haas in the News bulletin board between the student lounges and the computer center.

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Although faculty assistant Roy Neitzke's days as an actor are over, he still maintains a theatrical flair. "I gave up acting with both hands," declared Neitzke, "when I developed a habit for liking to eat." Before moving to the Bay Area, Neitzke pursued acting in Los Angeles and worked at UCLA. Neitzke studied theater at Virginia Tech. In addition to appearing in commercials and a TV movie, Neitzke was once an extra in the opera 'Atilla'.

His role as a faculty assistant may not be as varied as those on the stage, but Roy is involved in plenty of faculty projects. For example, he recently assumed the responsibilities of assistant editor for the quarterly journal Review of Accounting Studies, edited by Stefan Reichelstien. Roy assists up to 8 faculty members with varied administrative tasks. He started with Haas as a TAP employee almost two years ago, and became permanent in his position last summer.

Most of Roy's free time is spent working on his golf game. "I decided to pick golf up again after a twenty-five-year hiatus," says Neitzke. Roy's favorite place to hit the links is in Bocca Raton, FL. In fact, he's heading out east this Thanksgiving to visit family and plans to play a few rounds at his favorite golf course. If you're interested in joining him for a round here in the Bay Area, give Roy a call at 2-5588.

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Enjoy all you can eat chicken, ribs, hamburgers, vegi-burgers, salads, sodas, cookies, and more! Beverages provided by Triple Rock Brewery, Golden Pacific Brewery, and Arica Wines. Live Jazz performed by Banda Fandango! at the Haas 100 BBQ and Microbewfest next Saturday, November 21, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm in the Haas School Courtyard. $10 Students/Faculty/Staff/Children; $15 Recent grads (93-98); $20 Alumni and Friends.

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Community service volunteers are moving into full swing at Haas. Here is a rundown on their busy activities and how you might get involved.


The Special Olympics of Northern California is holding a major regional event in Sacramento on the weekend of November 14th called the Fall Sports Classic. There will be multiple sporting events and over 1,000 athletes participating in locations throughout the city. The Special Olympics organization has asked Haas for 10 to 20 volunteers for a bowling event on Saturday, the 14th. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please reply by e-mail to Marc Stern, MBA 99, C4C Volunteer Activities Chair.


After the brainstorming meeting on Wednesday, a group of volunteers for hurricane relief came up with an action plan to raise $25,000 for the American Red Cross Hurricane Mitch Relief effort. Here is how you can help. Contact Roberto Matus, MBA 00, or Juan Mini, MBA 99, for more information. Corporate Donation Drive: We are asking that you contact your former employer or a friendly contact in a firm to ask for a $500 donation for the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Effort. This is how the donating party will benefit: (1) Helping save lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch (2) Tax deductible donation to the Red Cross (3) each $500 donation will get their company logo placed on the Sponsorship Board in the MBA lounge. A fund raising e-mail template will be sent to students that can be personalized and sent to company contacts specifying the details for participation. Personal Contributions: Personal donations will be accepted, although it's understood student's charity budgets may be tapped. Clothing Donation: Julia Knowles and Paula Ducay are organizing a clothing and blankets drive to send to Central America. A table will be set up in the courtyard from 12:30-2:00 pm tomorrow and next week to coordinate the corporate donation drive, personal contributions, and clothing donations. Please stop by and find out how you can help. Please act as soon as possible as funds will go to the Red Cross on Friday, December 4. We shall celebrate Haas efforts will be celebrated at the Consumption Function on Friday afternoon, by getting even with Mitch!


101 hours have been logged -- check out the results at P:\BA209\Community Service\MBA00-hours.xls. Together, Haas cohorts have performed 378 community service hours in one month, benifiting several causes and organizations including Young Entrepreneurs, FastTrac, BOSS, Rosa Parks, the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society and the Headwaters Institute. The competition continues with a $100 prize for each cohort that reaches one hundred hours and a grand prize for the most cumulative hours by the end of the school year.


Real Estate Challenges are an important part of the real estate program at Haas. The goal of the challenges is to bring new thinking into the real estate development community. The programs, open to MBA students, benefit low income housing and business park projects. "As a member of the last Bank of America Low-Income Housing Challenge Team, I have to say that the Challenge was one of my best experiences at Haas," says Nilmini Gunaratne. The application for B of A requires (I) A resume, and (II) A one-page essay that addresses the following questions: 1) What real estate challenge(s) do you want to participate in? 2) Why do you want to participate in the Real Estate Challenge? 3) What skills will you bring to the challenge team? 4) What other time commitments do you have Spring semester? Applications are due by 5pm, December 1st, to Nilmini Gunaratne's or Julie Richmond's boxes in the MBA lounge.


Place your donations in the bin to be located in the MBA Lounge for the 2nd Annual MBA Food Fight, a competition among 17 business schools to collect the most food for the national food bank network, Second Harvest. Locally, Second Harvest network member the Alameda County Community Food Bank will be the beneficiary of our efforts. The competition begins this week, and will end on November 20. In addition, we will be circulating envelopes during MBA classes to collect money. Money raised is converted into food at a rate of $.50/pound of food. An envelope for monetary collections will also be located in Sam Barbee's office, in S440.

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Need photos, Haas publications, or presentation folders? Please contact publications assistant Lorena Vargas at 2-4603 or email her at vargas@haas.berkeley.edu, with your requests. If you wish to speak to Ute Frey directly, please call her at her new number: 2-0342.

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The long awaited MBA lounge microwave has arrived, and remember, cleaning the microwave will be everyone's responsibility!

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Starting the week of November 9 -13, faculty and staff should be receiving their 1998 Charitable Campaign pledge packets in campus mail. This year's campaign departs from previous ones, reflecting employee suggestions. For example, faculty and staff get more donation choices with the 1998 Charitable Campaign. Employees may select one or more organizations to receive employee gifts. Pledge packets for employees will arrive in a large white envelope with a picture of the Campanile and the 1998 slogan "results UCan see" on the front. Please review the enclosed materials so you can help the campus help people and our communities.

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(free and open to interested students and faculty)


If you find yourself in one of the chapter cities listed, please join the extended Haas family. [top of page]

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