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Haas NewsWire, November 22, 1999

**Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no Haas NewsWire on Monday, November 29. Today's issue features upcoming events for the next two weeks.**


MBAs Pick New Student Leadership
Ameritech Supports the Consortium for Research on Telecommunications Policy
Nonprofit Management Welcomes Award-Winning Instructor
Happening at Haas

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Last week the MBA class of 2001 chose a new president and eleven new officers for the MBA Association. The new president is Sanjay Wagle, swagle@haas.berkeley.edu, who will begin his term in January of 2000. The other officers are:

VP Academic - Katherine Cope, cope@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Finance - Jorge Viera, viera@haas.berkeley.edu
VP International - Oswaldo Ramirez, oramirez@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Communications - Misha Cornes, mcornes@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Clubs - Heidi Gilman
VP Career - Leslie Davis, ldavis@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Alumni - Dan Israel, israel@haas.berkeley.edu
VP IT - Chris Crossen, crossen@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Admissions - Jinny Lee, jinlee@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Community - Laura Montez, montez@haas.berkeley.edu
VP Social - Keith Wilcox, wilcox@haas.berkeley.edu

Congratulations and good luck to the new MBAA team.

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The Ameritech Foundation has renewed its financial support of the Consortium for Research on Telecommunications Policy administered by the Institute of Management, Innovation, and Organization (IMIO) for the 1999-2000 year.

The Consortium for Research on Telecommunications Policy (CRTP) is a multi-university research and outreach program that is administered at the Haas School. It is designed to foster business and public policy research on regulatory and structural issues of regional, national, and international importance. Drawing on the fields of economics, business, and public policy, Consortium research explores the interactions between business decisions of major telecommunications firms and regulatory, legislative, and antitrust developments.

"We are grateful to the Ameritech Foundation for its continued generosity and are confident this new structure will raise the visibility and impact of the program, " says David Teece, director of IMIO. He explained that in conjunction with this funding from the Ameritech Foundation, the program has been substantially restructured. While the consortium continues its long-standing relationships with the affiliate campuses of Northwestern, Michigan, and Harvard, UC Berkeley now manages all fiscal and administrative activities through IMIO. Among other changes the consortium's annual general conference will be replaced by smaller, more frequent gatherings focused on emerging issues of telecommunications and internet policy.

For more information on participating in the consortium's research and programmatic activities, please contact Glenn Woroch, the consortium's executive director, at glenn@econ.berkeley.edu or David Teece at teece@haas.berkeley.edu. Additional Haas faculty members involved in the consortium include Michael Katz, director of the Center for Telecommunications & Digital Convergence, and Haas Professor Pablo Spiller.

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The Nonprofit and Public Management program is pleased to announce the return of Kim Klein to our popular spring semester fundraising and marketing class. Founder of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal and co-owner of Chardon Press, which publishes and distributes materials to help build a stronger nonprofit sector, Ms. Klein is internationally known as a fundraising trainer and consultant. Her text, Fundraising for Social Change, is required reading for nonprofit and public interest programs at leading universities nationwide. Her latest book, Fundraising for the Long Haul, will be released this year. In addition, she was recently named Outstanding Fund Raising Executive of the Year by the Golden Gate Chapter of the National Society of Fund Raising Executives. Ms. Klein will help students explore different fundraising avenues, including major donors, foundations, corporations, direct mail, and others.

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The Haas Business Incubator was featured in the November 15 Financial Times. The article, "The Route to Good Breeding" discussed the benefits of business incubators at Berkeley and the London Business School for their students. Professor John Freeman is quoted on the critical importance of the hands-on experience of the business incubator.

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