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Dan Mucha , MBA 04
Director, Kindle Content,
Amazon, Seattle

Dan Mucha never judges a book by its cover. Whether a hard-bound novel or a chic Kindle, it’s what’s inside that counts. In January, Mucha became director of Kindle Content at Amazon. He is responsible for maximizing content selection with a specific focus on professional and educational materials. His goal is to put the world in the palm of your hand.

“The concept of buy once and read anywhere is a powerful idea,” says Mucha. Content can be downloaded to a desktop, e-reader, phone, and more. But “fundamentally, reading is about satisfying intellectual curiosity, regardless of format.”

Books have been a constant presence for Mucha. As a child, he delighted in The Adventures of Huck Finn and eventually became a world traveler himself. After his undergraduate studies, he lived in his family’s native Prague and co-launched an online city guide for Eastern Europe that was accompanied by a brick-and-mortar bookstore, The Globe.

After earning his Berkeley MBA, he worked at the McKinsey & Company, followed by multiple positions at MSNBC Interactive News, where he focused on business development and finance.

“Life feels like a series of chapters that makes it possible to reinvent yourself. A good MBA like Berkeley’s gives employers confidence that you can make leaps from one category to another,” says Mucha. “At Berkeley, it’s a nonhierarchical structure. In the workplace, the culture is based on ability and the best ideas win regardless of your title.”

Mucha’s professional and personal lives are coming full circle. He hopes that his work broadens horizons for others. Personally, the boy who once loved Tom Sawyer now reads Hemingway and is a father of two.
“I read to my daughters on the Kindle. I love that they use it and I also love that they sometimes still read big picture books,” says Mucha. “Ultimately, I just want them to get lost in the stories.”


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