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Taking Risks in Academia

William Glick was drawn to research at a young age, inspired by his aunt, a professor at Penn and researcher well into her 80s who was constantly examining big questions and thinking critically about why and how things work. Glick, too, began asking questions, but over time his career evolved from studying organizations to leading them.

Glick’s first academic paper was published while he was still a University of Michigan undergrad. Berkeley only fueled his passion for research. Glick credits his work on job design and multilevel organizational research with mentor Professor Emeritus Karlene Roberts for sustaining him in his early career.

Several years after his first faculty appointment at the University of Texas-Austin, Glick’s transition to admin- istration was set in motion when he became director of the school’s business honors program. In 1995, he became chair of Arizona State’s Department of Management.

“Part of the transition was risk taking—never saying never,” says Glick. “And part of it was having fun and making an impact on an organization. You have to be able to see things that could be different, how to create that vision, and how to get people excited about it.”

In 2005, Glick became dean of the Jones School. Under his watch Jones has launched an MBA for Professionals Program, undergraduate business minor, PhD, and K-12 leadership program. A source of pride for Glick is the school’s increased efforts to attract and prepare military veterans for careers.

One of Glick’s favorite activities is spending time with each incoming class. He wants students to appreciate that their education is due partly to the philanthropic support
of people who believe in them and the school’s wider impact. “In turn, part of our role is to develop students into leaders who also have the passion to help and invest in others.”

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William H. Glick

William H. Glick, PhD 81

Dean, Jesse H. Jones
Graduate School of Business,
Rice University, Houston, Texas