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EVENT: Homecoming

Steve’s World

A Haas mentor reunites with former students

Haas finance Lecturer Stephen Etter (second from left), BS 83, MBA 89, discussed the state of digital education at Haas Homecoming in October. Several of his former students, who were on campus to celebrate their 10th Cal reunion at Alumni & Family Weekend, came to hear him lecture one more time.

Innovation Lab, Plaza Openings

Dean Rich Lyons with Mike Gallagher, BS 67, MBA 68, and his wife, Linda, who gave $1 million to create the Innovation Lab.

Lecturer Clark Kellogg, Senior Lecturer Sara Beckman, and Haas@Work Executive Director Dave Rochlin, BS 85.

Douglas E. Goldman, MD, BA 74, and his wife donated money for the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Plaza at Memorial Stadium.

East Bay Chapter Zoo Volunteer Day

Qing Li, MBA 06, with his wife.

Michael Degroot, BS 13; Dean Suzuki, MBA 69; and George Reitter, MBA 70.

Haas Volunteer Leadership Retreat

2013 Chapter of the Year: HAN-LA. Back: Chris Pawlik, BS 06; Dirk Clinton, BS 98. Front: Kamran Kamjou, BS 08; Elizabeth Pell, BA 10; & Brian Saltsburg, BS 94.

Marty McMahon, MBA 01, with Steve Peletz, MBA 99.

Dean Rich Lyons and Jay Kim, MBA 95.

Dutta Satadip, MBA 09; Vic Adint, MBA 98; Lindy Vejar, MBA 97; Tim Sandie.

HAN Lima’s Monica Wiese, MBA/MPH 05, and Sonali Joshi, MBA 05.

Sangeeta Chakraborty, MBA 06.

Haas/Berkeley Law Tech Talk

Panelist Libby Leffler, BS 06, of Facebook.

Robina and John Riccitiello, BS 81, former CEO of Electronic Arts, mingle before John Riccitiello’s talk.

Dean’s Speaker Series

Joe Jimenez, MBA 84, CEO of Novartis.

Gary Loveman, CEO and chairman, Caesars Entertainment.

Alicia Boler-Davis, senior VP, global quality & customer experience, General Motors.


Haas Lecturer Todd Fitch, BCEMBA 05.

Rich Lyons and Tara Marie Kramlich, BS 03.

Noa Elan, MBA 14.

Greg Patterson, MBA 00, and Jérémie Brunet, BA 16.

Kay and Clark Newby, MBA 91, and son, Sam.

New Silicon Valley Campus

Professor Ming Leung.

Marc Valer, MBA 16, from Barcelona.

Mahesh Vencata and Jason Eaves, both MBA 16.

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Back row: Ksenia Kouchnirenko, BS 03; Etter; Pasha Tsarinsky, BA 04; Ilya Klets, BS 02, MBA 09; Trent Hegseth, BS 12; James Whitfield. Front: Rumesha Ahmed, BS 03; Oksana Ushkalova, BS 03; and Sam Snyder, MBA 11.

Upcoming Events

36th Annual Old Blues Luncheon

December 5

Alumni Reception for Undergraduate Study Tour

January 3
Bangalore, India

Haas Celebration in Silicon Valley, Menlo Circus Club

February 5

Haas Celebration at Gap Inc. Headquarters

March 18
San Francisco

The Economist Ideas Economy: Innovation Forum

March 27

MBA Reunion Weekend

April 24–27

All-Alumni Conference

April 26

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