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Farm to Table to Small Screen

When Patricia Wong started out as a consultant for Arthur Andersen after college, she never imagined she’d be a video star. But as the creator of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) video channel “Farm to Table Family” and personal YouTube channel “Farm to Table Baby Mama,” she’s become a familiar face among home cooks looking for advice on how to make baby food and family meals that everyone will eat.

Wong’s new career began as a lark two years ago, when the new mother and passionate foodie started posting videos with cooking tips on YouTube for friends.

Within a month, the engaging videos, shot and edited with basic equipment and the help of friends, caught the attention of PBS. “I was shocked when they approached me,” Wong says. “I created the videos for fun.” After discussions and a pilot, the media giant partnered with Wong to produce an entire season—24 episodes— of three- to four-minute cooking segments.

Filmed in her Los Angeles home and occasionally featuring her sons, ages one and three, Wong’s shows offer catchy music and written versus spoken instructions for healthy twists on classics such as pizza and pasta as well as fun meals like green eggs and ham. A second season is in the offing. Wong also has a website and blog, Farm to Table Baby Mama, where she posts recipes for her growing community.

A former financial analyst, Wong uses her marketing, finance, and business development skills frequently. “I am building an audience and a brand, and I’m in the midst of negotiating contracts with music labels, sponsors, and partners,” she says. “This is the perfect opportunity for my lifestyle right now because it gives me time to be with my children.” —MR

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Patricia Wong, MBA 07

Patricia Wong, MBA 07

Creator, Farm to Table Family
Los Angeles, CA