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Social Entrepreneur Priya Haji, MBA 03

Social Entrepreneur Priya Haji, MBA 03

Priya Haji, MBA 03, the co-founder of Free at Last, World of Good, and SaveUp, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, July 14. She was 44. Born in Detroit, Haji earned a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and pre-med at Stanford. After earning her MBA at Berkeley Haas, she pursued her vision of improving economic opportunity and equality by co-founding three companies. Free at Last is a national model program for substance abuse treatment and HIV/AIDS intervention in the African-American and Latino communities. World of Good, a retail marketplace and wholesaler of sustainable and fair trade products, improved the lives of thousands of women artisans in 55 countries. It was acquired by eBay in 2010. SaveUp, where Haji was serving as CEO at the time of her death, is the nation’s first rewards game for saving money and reducing debt.

Haji was a consistent contributor to the Berkeley Haas community. She served as a mentor for the Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH) program and delivered a keynote address at the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) in April 2014. Haji won the GSVC in 2005 with World of Good. Haji’s honors include being named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum; a Social Innovation Leadership Award by the World CSR Congress, a non-profit organization whose annual conference celebrates corporate social responsibility; and inclusion in GOOD magazine’s GOOD 100, a list of people driving change in their communities in creative and inspiring ways. The Priya Haji Memorial Fund has been established to benefit programs and students interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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