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Haas’ Business Leader of the Year Joseph Jimenez, MBA 84, the CEO of Novartis, has taken special aim at cancer.
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Berkeley Haas’ marketing maestro reflects on past and future branding trends to celebrate his induction into the Marketing Hall of Fame.
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Danae Ringelmann and Eric Schell, MBA 08s, revolutionize the crowdfunding industry.
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Michael Berolzheimer, MBA 07, champions alumni entrepreneurs and investors.
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Haas List

Haas List

Berkeley Haas economists rule the financial world.

Haas News

Patrick Awuah, MBA 99, wins a genius grant; Philanthropy University debuts.

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Worldwide Events

Worldwide Events

Homecoming and more.

Power of Ideas

Demonstrating Tolerance

How nonverbal cues affect racial discrimination.

Power of Ideas

Personal View

High Expectations

Prof. Jenny Chatman, PhD 88, on life at Amazon.

Personal View

Your Haas Network

April Underwood, MBA 07 April Underwood, MBA 07

Head of Platform, Slack
San Francisco

Hardika Shah, BCEMBA 08/09 Hardika Shah, BCEMBA 08/09

Founder and CEO, Kinara Capital
Bangalore, India

Todd Osborne, BS 06 Todd Osborne, BS 06

Director of Product Management, Shoes of Prey
Santa Monica, Calif.

Rae Richman, BCEMBA 08/09 Rae Richman, BCEMBA 08/09

Head of Global Citizenship, Airbnb
San Francisco

Abhay Nihalani, MBA/MPH 10 Abhay Nihalani, MBA/MPH 10

Product Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare

Gleb Budman, BS 95 (Mech. Eng.), MBA 99 Gleb Budman, BS 95 (Mech. Eng.), MBA 99

CEO and Co-Founder, Backblaze
San Mateo, Calif.

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