The Berkeley Haas Deal Flow

Michael Berolzheimer, MBA 07, sparks countless opportunities for fellow alumni

Michael Berolzheimer, MBA 07, may just be a Berkeley entrepreneur’s best friend. Investor, connector, advocate, advisor. He’s eager to help alumni and student entrepreneurs find the people and resources they need to succeed.

As the founder and managing partner of Bee Partners, a seed-stage investment fund with nearly 40 companies in its portfolio, he’s invested in 12 companies founded by Cal alums—more than half of those Berkeley Haas alumni. Admittedly, he has a soft spot for Berkeley relationships. “It’s about values,” Berolzheimer says. “We believe strong values drive long-term success.”

Beyond investing capital, Berolzheimer invests time volunteering with numerous campus programs, including moderating CalFounders. The program connects Berkeley entrepreneurs, engaging more than 400 alumni founders and mentors for networking and frank discussions on the challenges of entrepreneurship. CalFounders functions as a confidential, informal advisory board. To join, visit

Michael Berolzheimer, MBA 07 Bee Partners

Michael Berolzheimer, MBA 07,
founder and managing partner,
Bee Partners
@BeePartners / @CalFounders

Berkeley Haas alumni help one another bend new paths. Here’s a look at how Berolzheimer has influenced the lives of several Haas alumni.


Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson, MBA 07

Co-Founder and CEO, TubeMogul

“Beyond being our first investor and betting on us when no one else would, Michael has been incredibly supportive, helpful, and patient over the years. He’s a consummate optimist and believer and inspires me every time we talk. He is the real deal and everything an entrepreneur wants in an investor.”


Danae Ringelmann, MBA 08

Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Indiegogo

Eric Schell, MBA 08

Co-Founder and CTO, Indiegogo

Ringelmann: “For most outsiders I spoke with, using the internet to make fundraising more egalitarian and inclusive was a crazy idea. But inside the walls of Haas, professors, staff, alumni, and students alike showered us with guidance and feedback to help us eventually prove the skeptics wrong.”

Bhavin Parikh, MBA 10

Bhavin Parikh, MBA 10

Co-Founder and CEO, Magoosh

“When Magoosh had only three months of runway left, Michael was the first investor to reinvest. He’s the only investor with whom I feel comfortable being completely candid about the challenges I’m facing. He withholds judgment and keeps all information confidential. He also makes himself very accessible whether it’s late night texts or weekend calls. Michael embodies the Haas Defining Principle of Beyond Yourself.”

Investors in Bee Partners

Ted Kuh, BS 82

Ted Kuh, BS 82

Lecturer, Berkeley Haas

“Michael has a very high level of integrity. He has established an impressive network among the entrepreneurial community such that he gets a first look at many high-quality opportunities, and is a super guy. Bee Partners has an excellent track record. They are very inclusive in their network, and it’s been fun to watch them add as much value as possible to their portfolio.”

Michael Torres, MBA 86

Michael Torres, MBA 86

CEO, Adelante Capital Management

“I was impressed with Bee Partners’ commitment to CalFounders. As an early supporter of the Berkeley Angel Network, I’ve learned that investment opportunities are not always accessible, and direct access to founders can be limited without a thoughtful general partner, like Michael.”

Investing in Haas

Bee Partners has funded seven Haas companies—six as the first investor (*):
TubeMogul*, Indiegogo, Magoosh*, Modify Watches*, Venture Scanner*, Identify3D*, Phonio*