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Much about Adam Goldworm screams Hollywood hotshot. He produced his first movie at age 22. He’s developed TV shows, independent films, and big-budget flicks featuring the likes of Robert DeNiro and Bruce Willis. He’s the manager for a bevy of A-list writers and directors.

The one Tinseltown trait that Goldworm’s missing? Attitude—of the megalomaniacal kind.

The New Jersey native studied film at UCLA and then, at 22, became executive producer of Luckytown, a movie starring Kirsten Dunst and James Caan. Three years later he enrolled at Haas, afterwards taking a job with Industry Entertainment, a management and production company.

He worked his way up to executive vice president of television, where he helped pioneer a straight-to-primetime TV production model. With that model, he sold an anthology series, “Masters of Horror,” to Showtime; it won Emmy Awards. A similar series, “Masters of Science Fiction,” on ABC, was also Emmy-nominated.

In 2008, Hollywood Reporter named Goldworm to its “Next Gen” list of 35 executives under the age of 35 to watch.

Today, Goldworm represents some 30 writers and directors and oversees about a dozen active movie projects.

He is currently in postproduction on the film adaptation of the award-winning graphic novel My Friend Dahmer. In 2014, he ventured into theater production with Taste, an award-winning dramatization of a true story about a German man who agrees to be killed then eaten.

At the show’s L.A. premiere, Goldworm stationed a German sausage food truck outside the theater, a nod to the show’s cannibalism. “For me, the joy is that I get to do something different every day and impact the business in non-traditional ways,” says Goldworm. “I find ways to keep it exciting and interesting.” —Krysten Crawford

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Adam Goldworm, MBA 03

Adam Goldworm, MBA 03

Founder, Aperture Entertainment
West Hollywood, Calif.