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Thanks to advances in technology, organizations are blessed with a seemingly unlimited capacity for storing data. But with that blessing comes a curse: the immense challenge of managing and searching through vast amounts of information. As CEO of Recommind, Bob Tennant is on the forefront of helping companies overcome that challenge.

Recommind specializes in “unstructured data,” or text-based digital documents, helping law firms comply with subpoenas, hospitals find elusive medical data, and governments investigate fraud. Last year the SEC hired it to detect patterns in text and documents, such as emails between two people whose only reason for communicating would be related to fraud.

Tennant provided seed funding in 2000 to Berkeley researchers who devised Recommind’s underlying technology. Three years later he joined the company full time as he was completing the Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program.

Tennant enrolled in the MBA program after selling his startup, Beduin Communications, to Sun Microsystems and then taking an executive marketing role at Sun.

As an MBA student, Tennant added corporate finance skills to his already impressive resume. He knew how to market software, and he had a solid grasp on how software works at the most elemental level, thanks to a philosophy degree in symbolic logic from the University of Victoria.

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Bob Tennant, BCEMBA 03/04

Bob Tennant, BCEMBA 03/04

CEO, Recommind
San Francisco