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Private Equity Record Breaker

2013 was an important year for Susannah Carrier, who heads fund marketing and investor relations at Silver Lake, a global private equity firm specializing in technology investing.

As the leader of the firm’s strategic engagement with current and potential investors –including sovereign wealth funds and state pension plans–Carrier led Silver Lake in raising the largest amount ever for a tech investment-focused private equity fund. Silver Lake closed on the $10 billion large-cap fund in April 2013. But that didn’t mean it was time for Carrier to take a breather.

“Once a fundraising is over, everyone says, ‘Oh, you can just relax now,’” Carrier notes. “But you are communicating information to investors and managing ongoing activity including deal co-investment all the time.”

Graduating from Haas in 1999, Carrier cut her technology teeth with banking jobs in San Francisco and London, when tech companies shifted to the forefront of corporate M&A and financing activity. Mentors encouraged her to apply her finance and communication skills (she had two broadcast journalism internships as an undergrad) to help private equity firms manage investor relationships. She joined Silver Lake in 2006.

A lover of the water, this mom of two recently organized a team sailing outing on the 1962 winner of the America’s Cup. While she appreciates the audaciousness of another America’s Cup winner, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, she admits she doesn’t like taking big chances, which is why her job is such a good fit.

“I am not completely risk averse, but I’m not crazy risk loving,” she says. “That’s why instead of running a technology company, I have the fun position of getting to talk about them all day long.”

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Susannah Carrier

Susannah Carrier, MBA 99

Head of Marketing and Investor Relations,
Silver Lake, New York and Menlo Park