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As one of the chiefs of staff for the world’s largest asset manager, Keitha Pansy views her work as something more than dollars and cents. It’s about relationships.

“At the end of the day, a person wants to work for a firm whose mission and principles align with their beliefs,” says Pansy, who for two years has held her chief of staff position at BlackRock, the New York-based firm that manages $5.1 trillion in assets.

Pansy oversees strategic initiatives and macro long-term planning on behalf of Mark McCombe, BlackRock’s newly appointed head of Americas and global head of BlackRock alternative investments. She’s been with BlackRock since 2007, previously serving as a director of business development on the defined contribution team and as a director ofportfolio implementation and design covering America’s fixed income.

It was at Haas where the self-described “master influencer” wavered from her original plan to become an investment banker, opting for work that allows her more opportunities to nurture trusted relationships with colleagues and clients.

While the finance industry has been criticized for its lack of diversity, Pansy, who is African-American, uses her relationship prowess to be a role model to those already in the field, as well as to Haas students.

“I’m a very direct individual, and I give advice that I believe is in the best interest of the person I’m mentoring,” she says. “I am a huge advocate of analysts and associates going back to school to earn their MBA. Almost 15 years later, my MBA from Haas continues to open up a plethora of opportunities for me in finance.” —AF

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Keitha Pansy, MBA 02

Keitha Pansy, MBA 02

Chief of Staff, BlackRock
New York City