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A Gala Occasion

Event showcases inspiring alumni

Hundreds of alumni, students, friends, and guests celebrated Berkeley Haas and our remarkable alumni at the 15th Annual Haas Gala in November. The event honored four award winners whose work has redefined how we do business and who continue to improve Berkeley Haas: Business Leaders of the Year Susan Chamberlin, MBA 87, and Stephen Chamberlin; Leading Through Innovation Award winner Albert Lee, MBA 04; and Raymond E. Miles Service Award winner Tony Brekke, MBA 03. Classmates of the award winners came to support them and cheer their accomplishments. Above: Carter Reue, BCEMBA 11, and his wife, Kat Schuett, flank Amy Cheng, MBA 04. Cheng, a longtime volunteer and chair of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Council, welcomed guests to the event. In her opening remarks, she noted how the Haas Gala and the energy in the room showed the power of the network.


Business Leaders of the Year Steve and Susan Chamberlin, MBA 87, with Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82

Leading Through Innovation Award winner Albert Lee, MBA 04

Former Haas Dean Raymond Miles with Tony Brekke, MBA 03, the Raymond E. Miles Service Award winner

Shannon Campos, BS 95; Tim Campos, BCEMBA 10; Noa Elan and Romi Elan, MBA 14s

Old Blues

Jim Cherry, BS 66

The Helzel family: Florence; Larry, BA 68 (history); and Leo, MBA 68, LLM 92

Barbara McConnell, BS 56, and Jean Mitchell, BS 46

Jean, BA 59 (humanities), and Bob Cannon, BS 57, MBA 58

Kent Shew, BS 66

Irene, BS 66, and Buzz Boschken, BS 66, MBA 68

EMBA Commencement

Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82, and Harold Allen III, EMBA 16

Mercedes Broening, EMBA 16

EWMBA Academic Retreat

Axel Abellard, MBA 18

Chris Wong and Connie Lim, MBA 18s

Berkeley Haas Celebration in Silicon Valley

Amity Balbutin-Burnham and Beth Sordi, MBA 07s

Tootie Tatum and Donald Ball, EMBA 15s

David Larwood, BCEMBA 08

Jonathan Vasquez, MBA 15, Rumana Hussain, MBA/MPH 10, and Jacqueline Yuen, MBA 10

Elton Bell, BS 51, and Eric Bell, BS 78

Women in Leadership Reception

argo Alexander, BS 68, Cora Jane Flood award winner, and Haas Prof. Laura Tyson

Diane Dwyer, BS 87; Jo Mackness, MBA 04; and Monica Stevens, MBA 96

WIL Co-Chairs Chiaki Nakajima and Shipra Agarwal, MBA 17s, and Susan Chamberlin, MBA 87

Dean’s Speaker Series

Vincent Stanley, director of philosophy, Patagonia

Chris Larsen, chairman, former CEO, and co-founder, Ripple

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