In Memoriam

Richard Erickson, BS 49, MBA 50, Cal Quarterback, CAA Executive Director

Richard Erickson, BS 49, MBA 50

Richard E. (Dick) Erickson, BS 49, MBA 50, a longtime Cal employee, passed away on October 15, 2018. He was 92. While at Berkeley, Erickson played quarterback for the Cal Bears football team that went to the Rose Bowl in 1949. After earning two business degrees at Berkeley, he spent the majority of his career at his alma mater, first as the third executive director of the California Alumni Association, where he served for 16 years, then as the first assistant chancellor for development. For his service to the university, Erickson was awarded the Glenn Seaborg Award, the Berkeley Citation, and the UC Berkeley Foundation Award.

James Ramsey Bancroft, MS 41, Loyal Haas Supporter

James Ramsey Bancroft, MS 41,

James Ramsey Bancroft, MS 41, a generous supporter of Haas, passed away on November 15, 2018. He was 99. Bancroft earned a bachelor's in economics at Berkeley in addition to a master's in business. He served in the Navy during WW II and afterwards earned a law degree and founded what ultimately became the San Francisco law firm of Bancroft, Avery & McAlister. He also started Bancroft Vineyard in Napa, renowned for its merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Throughout his career Bancroft was active in the arts and charitable causes, serving on numerous nonprofit boards and supporting many cultural, educational, environmental, and religious organizations nationwide. He was preceded in death by his wife (and Berkeley sweetheart), Jane Marguerite Oberfell, BA 47 (humanities).

Robert Offermann, BS 46
Warren Eijima, BS 48
Marie Petris, BS 48
June Reiner, BS 48
William Howard, BS 49
Richard Thompson, BS 49, MBA 61
Henry DeSeguirant, BS 50
Charles Eaton, BS 50
Rose Ellis, BS 50
Louis Lowd, BS 50
Arno Marra, BS 50
Donald Nelson, BS 50
John Bixby, BS 51
J Craig Karasky, BS 51
Kenneth Hagemann, BS 52
Daniel Hungerford, BS 52
Richard Thurber, BS 52
Robert Froeschle, BS 53
Walter Yewdall, BS 53
Merrill Hoffelt, BS 54
Bruce Hyman, BS 54
Michael Etemad, BS 55
Dwight Allen, BS 57
Herbert Lee, BS 57
Gordon Greenlee, BS 59
Joseph Russ, BS 59
James Barton, MBA 59
Reginald Gaylord, BS 60
Robert Rhodes, BS 60
Gareth Dorn, BS 62
James Gearhart, BS 63
Walter Leach, BS 63
Roy Thylin, BS 63, MBA 64
Edwin Laufenberg, BS 64
Edward Evans, MBA 64
C Todd Conover, MBA 65
Charles Cabrera, BS 66, MBA 68
James Moore, BS 66
Thomas Bates, PHD 66
Herbert Mager, MBA 69
Steven Schrepfer, BS 70
Frederick Ybarra, MBA 70
Grant Wong, MBA 76
Mark Mitchell, BS 80
Phyllis Joseph, MBA 80
Robin Wagner, PHD 82
Austin Ibrahim, BS 08
Don Conner, Friend
Diane Crossfield, Friend
Lorraine Imbody, Friend
Edwin Stokes, Friend
Georgia White, Friend
Jack Wulfmeyer, Friend

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