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Good Bets

Alumni gamble for Haas at Casino Royale event

The Silicon Valley Alumni Chapter hosted its annual poker fundraiser in January, but this year the chapter, led by Victor Adint, MBA 98, and Abha Bhagat, MBA 10, upped the ante. Blackjack, craps, poker, dancing to live music—even a sharp yellow Lamborghini to be photographed next to. The black-tie Casino Royale event had it all. All the games raised funds for Berkeley Haas. There was also a Students Always component. Haas Lecturer Greg LaBlanc presented on the state of the economy prior to the tables opening.

More than 30 active alumni chapters host events worldwide for professional development and fun. Get the most out of your alumni network by connecting with other Haasies via your local chapter or check out the events wherever you may be traveling. Haas alumni are there to share big ideas, discover business leads, and open the door to exciting new opportunities. Find your tribe:

Haas Gala

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Margo Alexander, BS 68

Leading Through Innovation Award winner Brett Wilson, MBA 07, and Jerry Engel, founding executive director emeritus of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship

Former Dean and Professor Emeritus Raymond Miles (center) with the Raymond E. Miles Alumni Service Award winners Brandon Doll, MBA 14, and Abbey Breshears, MBA 15

Yoav Gilat, BCEMBA 05, and Adi Aron-Gilat

Emily Walling, MBA 08, chair, Alumni Council, and Andrew Walling

Marina Gracias, BS 80, MBA 99, and Bernard Martis

Laura Teclemariam, EMBA 18; Suprita Makh, EMBA 19; Meghan Shah, EMBA 19

Old Blues

Ed O'Dea, MBA 64, and Paul McKnight, BS 50

Douglas Herst, BS 65

Dick Brooding, BS 49

SF Chapter: Tech & the City Event

Celso Garcia, MBA 20, and Brandon Yahn, MBA 12

Amy Cheng, MBA 04; Christine To, BS 13; Ann Hsu, MBA 98; Shazia Virji, BS 11

San Diego Chapter: Beyond Design Thinking Event

Chris Tousant, EMBA 17; Haas Senior Lecturer Sara Beckman; and Ayi Barat, EMBA 17

Dean's Speaker Series

Laurene Powell Jobs, Founder and President, Emerson Collective, at the first annual Chris Boskin Dean's Speaker Series in Business and Journalism

Berkeley Haas Celebration in Silicon Valley

Robert Brantley, MBA 14, and Orion Parrott, EMBA 14

Amit Shintre, MBA 20; Rajiv Vaidyanathan, MBA 07; Vic Perepelytsya, BS 11

Tatsuki Tomita, EMBA 15, and Cynthia Harris, MBA 93

Loretta Chen, BCEMBA 12, and Sonal Sinha, BCEMBA 10

Meili Hau, EMBA 19, and Laura Draxler, BCEMBA 07

Yusuf Ezzy, EMBA 18

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