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Two Alumni Collaborate on Nonagenarian's Lessons on Life

A collaboration by two alumni from different class years - Dave Barry, BS 38, and Lynne Levesque, MBA 77 - has culminated in a new book about Barry’s life titled You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play.

The book was co-written by Barry and Levesque, who have been friends ever since meeting 15 years ago at a kickoff luncheon for a new Haas Alumni Network Boston Chapter.

Barry, 94, had been writing off and on about his life and career for years and approached Levesque a year ago to help him complete the project. The resulting book is a combination of entrepreneurship story, business guide, life lessons, and family history with a historical backdrop dating back to World War I.

“Barry violates many of the rules of starting your own business,” Levesque says, noting he had no business plan when he founded his own consulting company after working for others for 16 years. Instead, he focused on building lifelong relationships, networking, and giving back to others.

“I feel obligated to share my stories because I believe we all have a responsibility to spread joy, happiness, and goodness as far as we can,” says Barry. “Looking back on my life, I know I’ve been lucky, but I also know it’s true that you can’t win if you don’t play. What really matters, though, is how you win and how you play.”

Levesque - whose own consulting firm focuses on creativity, leadership, and strategy - has enjoyed working with Barry so much that she plans to write another book that she hopes will feature more Haas alumni. Her working title: Leadership Lessons from Little Known Leaders. “Everybody knows the stories of Jack Welch and Steve Jobs,” she explains. “But there are a lot of successful leaders in small businesses who have stories that they want to pass on to the next generation.”

If you are interested in learning more about Barry’s book or participating in Levesque’s next project, email her at

Celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge

Just in time for the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, photographer Morton Beebe, BS 55, has published a dramatic coffee-table book on the iconic Bay Area crossing. The Golden Gate: San Francisco’s Celebrated Bridge showcases stunning images of the bridge, many taken from angles that show it in a new light. The book also features a short history of the bridge with old photos and quotes from Bay Area luminaries and visitors. Beebe is a world-renowned documentarian of the city whose photographs have been published in such magazines as National Geographic, Life, and Smithsonian.

Remembering a Forgotten Founding Father

John Hanson served as the first president of the Continental Congress chartered by the Articles of Confederation in 1781, yet he is often overlooked in American history books. Alumnus Peter Michael, MBA 71, a descendent of Hanson’s, aimed to change that with his new book, Remembering John Hanson. The book paints a portrait of Hanson as an American who twice helped save the nation’s 13 states as they struggled to unify. It also examines U.S. history in the 1780s, an era often overlooked by historians. Michael’s book is the first biography of the Maryland-born leader in more than 70 years.

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