The Power of the Haas Alumni Network



Phil Livingston, MBA 83

CEO, Martindale-Hubbell at LexisNexis


Former Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Phil Livingston considers getting cut from the team one of the most fortunate things to ever happen to him. That event gave Livingston the chance to earn his MBA from Berkeley, which literally transformed his career and his life. The fact that the Raiders won the Super Bowl in the single year he was with the team probably helps a little, too.


In addition to honing his intellectual chops, Livingston relishes how the school connected him to key people, like visiting lecturer and alumnus Mike Chetkovich, BS 39, MBA 40, who steered him onto a path of board service, and Jerry Weintraub, BS 80, MBA 88, who helped him get in touch with companies seeking strong board leadership.


“Jerry has introduced me to a number of people who have selected me to serve on their boards or connected me to opportunities in other ways,” says Livingston. “From the very beginning, when he recommended me to succeed him in the alumni relations office, he’s always been a strong networker and a great people person.”


In addition to serving as an executive for several small and medium-sized companies, Livingston has served on 24 boards throughout his career, including Cott Corp., Broadsoft Corp., Seitel Inc., and Catalina Marketing Corp. In August 2009 he joined Lexis- Nexis, a pioneer in electronic research services for legal professionals and journalists, with the goal of improving the customer experience. Although New York is 3,000 miles away from Berkeley, Livingston stays in contact with the school through the strong Haas Alumni Network on the East Coast and the signature events held there by the Alumni Relations team. He is also a longtime supporter of the school as a donor to the Haas Fund.







Jerry Weintraub, BS 80, MBA 88

President and Managing Partner,

Weintraub Capital Management


It’s hard to imagine a time when Berkeley Haas had no Development and Alumni Relations team, a group that now consists of 30 professional staff members. As the school’s first student alumni relations officer, Jerry Weintraub has fond memories of those days and what it was like to create an entirely new position.


It was the early 1980s, a time when the school was transitioning from receiving about half of its funding from public sources to a financial model relying upon increased support from private philanthropy. It was Weintraub’s job to get the message out to alumni and students about the importance of giving back to Haas, a message he clearly embraced given his generous, ongoing support of the school.


The position gave Weintraub the opportunity to meet many people in the school’s community, including Phil Livingston, MBA 83. Livingston was, as Weintraub recalls “big and boisterous and easy to recognize in a group - people gravitated towards him.”


When the time came for Weintraub to recruit his successor, he knew Livingston would be the perfect person for the job. Weintraub and Livingston have remained strongly connected over the years as friends, business colleagues, and fellow Haas alumni and donors. Today Weintraub is the president and managing partner of Weintraub Capital Management, a San Francisco-based investment firm he founded in 1992. Through his network Weintraub has helped Livingston uncover several opportunities to serve on corporate and non-profit boards.