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Bright Thinker
Solving the Planet's Energy Problems


BrightSource Energy CEO John Woolard, MBA 97, spoke about the challenges of decarbonizing the world’s power supply at the All-Alumni Conference in April. Woolard explained how he founded BrightSource to make a meaningful dent in the world’s reliance on carbon-emitting sources of energy. BrightSource is now building the world’s three largest solar power plants and has plans to build 10 more - “all on a scale that can make a difference,” Woolard noted.


Watch Woolard’s talk at insights.haasalumni.org.


Barcelona Symposium

amit_parikh Adunct Prof. Henry CHesbrough; Greg Greeley, MBA 98, VP, Amazon EU; and Tammy Beaulieu, MBA 92
arumugam Rodrigo Rato, MBA 74, former International Monetary Fund chief.



mckelvey Adobe CEO Shantanu Naraye, MBA 93, at MBA commencement
belle Acumen Fund Chairman Emeritus Margo Alexander, BS 68, at undergraduate commencement


Haaski Open & Auction

schmilijnsky Mark French, MBA 98
roizen Cal parent Dennis Gee; Kathy Andrews of Haas; ERic Wold, BS 94; and David ckles, MBA 73


All-Alumni Conference

guha Neva Ignaton, MBA 02; Robyne Eldridge, MBA 02; and Greg Patterson, MBA 00
keni Dean Rich Lyons
gleeson Michael Kan, MBA 97, and family at the Reunion Picnic


Women in Leadership Dinner

martinez Cora Jane Flood Philanthropy Award recipient Susan Chamberlin, a former Haas faculty member
lutz Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, BA 84, and Professor and Former Dean Laura Tyson
odonnell Jen Lyons, MBA 96, and Mary Catherine Birgeneau


Haas Malibu Event

mathias Jennifer Ma (right), BS 04, with friend
berson Haas alumni tour the winery
madrigan Mark Rosenthal, BS 82


South Bay Chapter Event

hall Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, BS 81, speaks on digital entertainment


NYC Future of Finance

strawhat Lisha Bell, BCEMBA 13, and Dean Rich Lyons
maxon Alumni, students, and guests listen to a panel discussion
quinn Kris Larson, MBA 88, Anne Nogami, and Deborah Stern


Menlo Circus Club Event

mezis Shimanti Guha, BCEMBA 12, and Brian Best, MBA 96
ngin Jennifer Lao, BS 10; Ron Pragides; Larry Pier, MBA 13; Stephanie Chen, BS 11; and Jared Stasik, MBA 12


Latin American Business Conference

wilcox Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures
luber Francisco Carvalho, Carlos Faconha, Valeria Landi, Juan Manuel de los Rios Wakeham, all MBA 12


NYC Welcome Party

miles Members of the newly relaunched NYC Alumni Chapter celebrate with students.





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