What's Next

We asked students from the class of 2014 about their plans after graduation and their biggest takeaways from Haas. Read their answers below, or watch them on video by clicking on their profile.

Interviews by Ronna Kelly | Photos by Jim Block | Video by William Harless

Skyler Soto, MBA 14 Skyler Soto, MBA 14

Target, Minneapolis

I will be going to Target to begin my career there as a buyer. Haas has prepared me with the confidence to think differently and to not be afraid to raise my hand. My favorite Defining Principle is Students Always. Coming to business school, you quickly learn how much you don’t know. To keep that humility and always be curious—that’s a real key to success to leaders today.

Ron Berman, PhD 14 Ron Berman, PhD 14

Wharton, Philadelphia

I’ll start as an assistant professor of marketing. Before Haas I was a venture capitalist. Because we’re so close to Silicon Valley, we got to interact a lot with companies and a lot of exposure to what companies do here. As a PhD you constantly Question the Status Quo, but I think Beyond Yourself is what’s unique about Haas. You get a feeling that everyone wants you to succeed, and you also help other people.

Pranahita Andolu, EWMBA 14 Pranahita Andolu, EWMBA 14

PricewaterhouseCoopers, San Jose

I just started a new job in management consulting. My focus is on operations. Before this I was in project management and engineering for 10 years. Haas opened the doors through their on-campus recruiting, and that’s how I landed this job. The highlight of Haas is the people. Everybody that I met stands true to Haas’ four principles, the biggest one being Confidence Without Attitude. This trickles down into every class.

Virginia Zimpel, MBA 14 Virginia Zimpel, MBA 14

Amazon, Seattle

I’ll be a product manager in the marketplace group. I did public relations before school. Coming to Haas, I wanted to work for a company that I’d always seen as pathbending—that was setting the way and changing industries. Amazon has changed not just one industry but many, and it’s exciting for me to be able to work in an environment that really is changing the world around us.

Nishan Budhraja, BS 14 Nishan Budhraja, BS 14

Bain & Co., San Francisco

I’m currently the president of Berkeley Consulting, which is this on-campus student organization that runs its own management consulting firm. It was one of the things that got me super-interested in consulting. I’m an indecisive person so getting to try out different fields and then pick one and dive in deep is what I really enjoy about consulting. That’s something that I am looking forward to at Bain.

Justina Nguyen, BS 14 Justina Nguyen, BS 14

CBS Interactive, San Francisco

I will be joining the audience development department, where I will work to attract users to CNET.com. Ideally I would love to have my own tech company or be in a higher place within a tech company. One of the best experiences I ever had with Haas is joining Berkeley Women in Business. Empowering women in the workplace as well as in academia is really important to me.