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It’s been five years since Berkeley Haas launched its Defining Leadership Principles. Here, a look at how this initiative has spread.
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Faculty and alumni win a $5 million grant for a forward-looking new energy-efficiency study.
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Berkeley Haas’ own Patrick Awuah, MBA 99, made Fortune’s list of the world’s 50 greatest leaders in 2015.
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Former Levi Strauss executive Mel Bacharach, BS 48, provides disabled access for Haas and Cal students.
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Up Front

Haas News

Haas News

Alumna aims to upset Stanford in rankings of entrepreneurship.

Haas List

Brand guru and Prof. Emeritus David Aaker named to Marketing Hall of Fame.

In the Back

Worldwide Events

Worldwide Events

HAASx talks at the annual Alumni Conference

Power of Ideas

The Need for Prestige

Prof. Cameron Anderson shows that all humans want high social status.

Power of Ideas

Personal View

Information Still Rules

Professor Carl Shapiro on how Information still Rules

Personal View

Your Haas Network

Jason Wang, BS 09 Jason Wang, BS 09

Co-founder & CEO, Caviar
San Francisco

Laura E. Flores, MBA 95 Laura E. Flores, MBA 95

Panama’s Ambassador to the U.N.
New York City

Brian S. Cohen, BS 81 Brian S. Cohen, BS 81

Operating Partner, Altamont Capital Partners
Palo Alto, Calif.

Joy Chen, BS 87 Joy Chen, BS 87

Chairman and CEO, H20 Plus

Paul Holland, MBA 90 Paul Holland, MBA 90

General Partner, Foundation Capital
Menlo Park, Calif.

Jennifer Kurkoski, MS 05, PhD 10 Jennifer Kurkoski, MS 05, PhD 10

People Analytics Manager, Google
Mountain View, Calif.

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