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Dean's Letter

Goal Scoring

Four strategic priorities driving Berkeley Haas

Dean Lyons

Dean Rich Lyons, BS 82, and Berkeley Haas staff members sign the final two beams for the new North Academic Building. The space will allow for transformative new initiatives.

Here at Berkeley Haas, we’ve embarked on a five-year business plan aimed at further enhancing our reputation and increasing our financial strength. To this end, we are focusing on four strategic priorities:

  1. The strength of the Berkeley campus
    The Berkeley brand is a tremendous asset for us worldwide. We are leveraging our thought leadership and developing interdisciplinary programs that will give us even greater competitive advantage.
  2. Our Bay Area location
    If business schools didn’t exist, many people around the world would want to locate the first school in our geography— a huge and enduring advantage. We aim to leverage our location via relationships with local companies and by recalibrating our degree programs to better capitalize on our geography.
  3. A new, enterprise-wide approach to our alumni network
    Staff schoolwide are focused on ways to activate our alumni network— an audience not every department previously considered. Together we aim to provide you with more lifelong learning opportunities and to better communicate our network value, as well as help you connect more deeply with the school to enhance donor participation.
  4. The power of our four Defining Leadership Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself
    Our Defining Leadership Principles have given us a distinctive leadership brand that we are preparing to market extensively. They also provide a framework for talent development of our staff and faculty and will provide us access to an even broader base of talent.

These strategic priorities are already yielding exciting results. For example, we are leveraging the strength of the Berkeley campus with the creation of the Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program (M.E.T.) for undergrads, a collaboration with the College of Engineering (see p. 12) that will offer exceptional students the opportunity to gradate with degrees in both business and engineering. After four years, these students will be prepared to start their own companies, lead innovation inside established firms, or contribute to a social-impact venture.

We are also exploring a dual-degree undergrad program with life sciences and one with chemistry, to give students a “science in business” edge. Our Center for Executive Education has created a joint program with the School of Public Health that also fits into this theme.

These are just a few of the new initiatives that will continue to transform our great school. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

Sincerely Yours,
Rich Lyons, BS 82
lyons@haas.berkeley.edu | @richlyons

Transforming Gender Roles

With Haas partnership, Colombian multinational builds inclusive culture


Colombia-based industrial conglomerate Grupo Argos broke new ground as the first company in Latin America to name a woman as board chairman. The $4 billion multinational also extended the length of maternity leaves, adopted flexible work-life balance policies, and hired more women into traditionally male-dominated roles—from managing IT to driving cement mixers.

Now the company has embarked on a culture overhaul and has partnered with Berkeley Haas to bring science and practice into their vision. The multi-year partnership includes training, sharing of leadership expertise, and mentorship through the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education (CEE) and Berkeley Haas.

Grupo Argos’ CEO aims to not only make the company a leader in inclusivity but influence the region’s broader business culture.

Prof. Laura Kray and Assoc. Prof. Dana Carney have already has taught equitable leadership to scores of female Grupo Argos managers. The women, says Kray, initially had doubts about the work-life tradeoff and about themselves as leaders. “But they came out saying they are equal to men as leaders, they bring unique skills to the workplace, and it’s worth the sacrifice to stay in the game,” she says.

Veterans’ Day

Haas’ Silicon Valley Chapter hosts career fair for veterans

Google’s Nancy Baily helps Lee Poitier (left) with his résumé.

Google’s Nancy Baily helps Lee Poitier (left) with his résumé.

Gwyn Jones, MBA 11

Gwyn Jones, MBA 11

Shifting from a military career to a civilian one can be daunting for many veterans. So the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network sought to ease that transition by hosting a daylong veterans-only career fair in the spring. More than 50 veterans, ranging from ex-privates to an ex-lieutenant colonel, attended with 25 alumni volunteers assisting them.

Sponsored by Intuit, the event consisted of a career coaching session with Mauri Schwartz , MBA 85, as well as résumé and LinkedIn workshops, mock interviews, and a job fair with companies including Google, DuPont, Wells Fargo, Accenture, Visa, and PG&E. In addition, a panel of veterans from Cisco, Facebook, and communications technology company Calix offered career advice.

Air Force veteran Shakera Elrington said the event was executed with “couth and class.” “I am grateful that Haas alumni think so highly of U.S. military members and are willing to go to great lengths to provide us with keys to success,” she said.

Gwyn Jones, MBA 11, himself a UK army infantry veteran, organized the event along with other members of the Chapter including Victor Adint, MBA 98; Kristen Lee, BS 12; Karen Wolff, MBA 84; Aaron Kelley, MBA 11; Ilyse Pender, MBA 06; Abha Bhagat, MBA 10; and Vivienne Hsu, MBA 01.

“We wanted to create an ecosystem to help veterans get the skills they need, to give them confidence in the job market, and to give them the ability to speak corporate,” says Jones. “I think we did that.”

In recognition of Jones’ efforts, the Silicon Valley Chapter named him the first recipient of the William Ledeen Beyond Self Award.

Joining the Academy

Prof. Ulrike Malmendier Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Ulrike Malmendier

Prof. Ulrike Malmendier

Finance Prof. Ulrike Malmendier, a trailblazer in the field of behavioral economics, has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, an esteemed, independent policy research center that selects leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to address critical challenges facing society.

She joins five other Haas faculty members who are also members: Professors Philip Tetlock, Laura Tyson, and Hal Varian (now chief economist at Google), and Professors Emeriti Oliver Williamson and Janet Yellen.

Malmendier, the Edward J. and Mollie Arnold Professor of Finance, is known for her groundbreaking insights into how the personality traits of business leaders influence corporate strategies. She’s co-produced papers with colleagues that identify the characteristics and pitfalls of hubris at all levels, including the overconfidence and often subpar results of “superstar” CEOs and the overzealous eBay bidders who pay more at auctions than they would in stores.

Berkeley scholars have long been pioneers in behavioral economics, starting with Nobel laureates George Akerlof and Daniel Kahneman and carrying on with Haas professors including Terrance Odean, MS 92, PhD 97, and Malmendier.

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By the Numbers

Alumni Engagement Survey

Thanks to the 2,700+ alumni who responded to our 2016 Alumni Engagement Survey.

Believe Haas has a strongly positive external image (in press coverage, rankings, etc.).

Believe their Haas degree program was worth their time and investment.

Of alumni from 2006–2015 are aware of the Haas Defining Leadership Principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, Beyond Yourself.

Feel informed about their alumni benefits and services. Learn more at haas.berkeley.edu/alumni/benefits

Most important Haas career offering (all degrees): employer networking events.

Survey Insights:

  • • Most desired services: career resources, networking, industry-specific events, lifelong learning.
  • • Top motivations for giving to Haas: attracting the best faculty and brightest students and enhancing the school’s reputation.