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Sangeeta Chakraborty loves helping people succeed. As a Silicon Valley executive, she helps customers find life-changing software solutions, such as providing improved care in hospitals. And as the co-founder of the South Asian MBA Association (SAMBAA), she’s helping individuals grow in their careers.

SAMBAA fills a void in the professional sphere. Upon graduating from Haas, Chakraborty discovered there was no group connecting South Asian MBAs and business professionals. With support from Berkeley Haas Alumni Relations, SAMBAA was born and now seeks to mentor future leaders nationwide (not just from Haas) who understand South Asian business.

Chakraborty also chairs SAMBAA’s Women’s Leadership Network. Its events help women learn strategies for making sure they receive the recognition their work deserves and that they are unafraid to ask for the position and package commensurate with their contributions.

“South Asian women are trained to believe in karma, but the modern world doesn’t work that way,” says Chakraborty. “We need to be able to say what we’ve done in a confident and goal-oriented manner. It’s critical to take your future into your own hands and be a strong voice for yourself.”

Trained as a computer scientist, Chakraborty learned how to negotiate for her own professional success at Haas. She found her calling in business-development and customer-focused positions, first in startups and now as chief customer officer for analytics software company Ayasdi. “I’m proud to influence the company’s success by ensuring the customer’s journey is successful and that they get measurable value from the software,” she says. —MR

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Sangeeta Chakraborty, MBA 06

Sangeeta Chakraborty, MBA 06

Chief Customer Officer, Ayasdi
Menlo Park, Calif.