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Enlightening presentations cap a valuable Alumni Conference

HAASx continued its tradition of short yet substantial presentations. Eleven alumni talked about the future of work and personal robotics, the trials and joys of entrepreneurship, facing fears, women in the workforce, fair trade, and how the Internet of Things will influence food. Marcos Kulka, MBA 01 (above), the CEO of Fundación Chile, talked about how his native Chile is questioning the status quo in the realm of natural resources—despite environmental challenges. His presentation invoked another HAASx speaker, Scott Adams, MBA 86, the creator of Dilbert, who advocated pursuing good ideas, not just passion. The other speakers were: Alex Abelin, BS 05, CEO & co-founder, LiquidTalent; Antoine Balaresque, BS 13, CEO & co-founder, Lily, Inc.; Kevin Brown, MBA 96, CEO & co-founder, Innit; Aaron Dallek, BS 06, CEO & co-founder, Opternative; Moses Lo, MBA 15, CEO & co-founder, Xendit; Laurie Peterson, MBA 11, founder, Build & Imagine Toys; Paul Rice, MBA 96, president & CEO, FairTrade USA; Kakul Srivastava, MBA 01, VP product management, GitHub; and Lisen Stromberg, MBA 91, CEO, PrismWork. Watch all of the presentations at

20th Annual Women in Leadership Conference

Speaker Staci Slaughter, EVP of communications and senior advisor to the CEO, SF Giants

Cindy Chang, EMBA 15, and Tamao Nakahara

Franklin Russell, MBA 16, and Freya Lee, MBA 17

Bernadette Geuy, MBA 12, and Angela Taylor, MBA 11

Dean’s Speaker Series

Danae Ringelmann, MBA 08, Indiegogo co-founder

Dr. Robert Lustig, founder, Institute for Responsible Nutrition, and pediatric endocrinologist, UCSF

Ursula von der Leyen, Germany’s minister of defense

Scott Galloway MBA 92, founder and chairman, L2, and clinical prof.,NYU Stern

14th Annual Haas Celebration in SF, with Energy Institute (EI) at Haas

Featured speakers James Cook, MBA 99, Stephanie Greene, MBA 12, Sheldon Kimber, MBA 07, and Brenda LeMay, MBA 01

Karen Melzer-West, BS 80, and Portia Meneau, MBA 10

Prof. Severin Borenstein with Irene Liang and Peter Kralev, MBA 17s

EI’s Beverly Alexander and Prof. Catherine Wolfram

Alumni Conference & Reunion Weekend

Speaker Steve Blank

Carla Mays and Melissa Wong, BS 01

Dean Suzuki, MBA 69, and David Sherman, MBA 85

Katherine Cope, Yuka Itami, Christine Izaret, and Jennifer Freas, all MBA 01s

Marco Gottini, Daphne Luong, Patanjali Chary, and Amar Parmar, all BCEMBA 11s

Susan Cronenwett and Helen Young, MBA 91s

Jennifer Eccles and Gregory Jackson, MBA 86s

Anshu Bahadur, Steve Hartman, Mani Ramasubramani, and Mark Osterhaus, all BCEMBA 06s

Pareen Shah, MBA 06, and son Undergrad Commencement

Undergrad Commencement

Speaker Kevin Chou, BS 02, founding CEO of Kabam

MBA commencement

Student speaker Luis Bellon, MBA 16, chopped off his ponytail on stage

MBA speaker Carrie Dolan, BS 87, MBA 97, CFO, Lending Club

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October 1

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October 9

Young Alumni Blue & Gold Bash

October 22
San Francisco

15th Annual Haas Gala

November 4
San Francisco

Evening with Dean Lyons & Prof. Kristi Raube

November 13
Santiago, Chile

Conference: The Intersection of Technology and Accounting

November 18
San Francisco

39th Annual Old Blues Reunion & Luncheon

December 8

18th Annual Berkeley Haas Celebration in Silicon Valley

February 1, 2017

15th Annual Berkeley Haas Celebration in San Francisco

March 8, 2017
San Francisco

Reunion Weekend

April 28–30, 2017