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Haas Loyalty

Amy Cheng, MBA 03, greeting guests at the 2016 Haas Gala

Amy Cheng, MBA 03, greeting guests at the 2016 Haas Gala

Kudos and many thanks to Amy Cheng, MBA 03, who stepped down as Berkeley Haas Alumni Council chair on June 30. During her productive and successful tenure, Cheng served as the steward of all things Haas, graciously hosting our signature events, including the Gala, Homecoming, Reunions, and the Alumni Conference. An expert on loyalty marketing, Cheng helped the Haas Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) team improve alumni engagement. She also encouraged DAR to focus on Net Promoter Score as a construct and framework to use for benchmarking. Cheng, who is director of customer experience strategy at, also focused on the corporate matching program and was a champion for having all Haas alumni at make their gift and have it matched.

Faculty Spotlight

Daniel Asera, BS 69

Daniel Asera, BS 69

Daniel Asera, BS 69, a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, received the UNLV Faculty Fellows Building Block Award as an inaugural member of the school’s Faculty Fellows Program. Faculty honorees are nominated by students as ones they would like to be mentored by and collaborate with outside of the classroom. Winners receive a stipend and are invited to participate in numerous student events to mentor and counsel students as needed. Asera is currently president and founder of the Berkeley Haas Las Vegas Alumni Chapter as well as the Cal Alumni Chapter of Las Vegas.

Italian Intrigue

Book by Christine Evelyn Volker, MBA 78

Book by Christine Evelyn Volker, MBA 78

Christine Evelyn (Cordi) Volker, MBA 78, is celebrating the publication of her first international mystery, Venetian Blood: Murder in a Sensuous City (She Writes Press, 2017), in August. The book draws on her living experiences in Italy, banking knowledge, and imagination—such as the money-laundering empire of the dead man, a banker.

Haas Represents


Sangeeta Chakraborty, MBA 06


Diane Dwyer, BS 87

Two Haas alumnae have been appointed to the California Alumni Association (CAA) board, the governing body for all UC Berkeley alumni. The CAA aims to move the hearts of alumni and connect them back to the university. As board members, Sangeeta Chakraborty, MBA 06, and Diane Dwyer, BS 87, will seek to increase engagement, philanthropy, and advocacy.

Change Agent


Cathie Lesjak, MBA 86

Cathie Lesjak, MBA 86, of HP Inc. won a 2017 CFO of the year award from the San Francisco Business Times in the Transformation Agent category. The 12th annual award is given to the CFO who has contributed to a significant transaction, transformation, or turnaround of his or her company. Lesjak, who has been with HP since 1986, was honored for managing HP Inc.’s spinout from the 2015 split of tech giant Hewlett-Packard Co. At the time of the split, Hewlett-Packard employed some 300,000 people in 170 countries around the world.

Health Care Visionary


Sarah Krevans, MBA 83

Sarah Krevans, MBA 83, the president and CEO of Sutter Health, was one of six people nominated for the San Francisco Chronicle’s annual Visionary of the Year award. Krevans was noted for reinventing health care with offerings such as the Advanced Illness Management program, which provides in-home hospice care, and the ICU Liberation program, which aims to get people off of ventilators and up and walking sooner.

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